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Title: Canny/Wood
Post by: Bump on Friday 04 January 13 07:31 GMT (UK)
Dear list,

I am searching for information on an Eliza Canny from Ennis, Co.Clare who married a Lambert Wood on approximately 22/11/1827 in Ennis.
I would love to be able to confirm this date of marriage and a date of birth for Eliza.
Any other information about the family would be gratefully received.
With regards,
Title: Re: Canny/Wood
Post by: shanew147 on Friday 04 January 13 08:03 GMT (UK)
You didn't mention a denomination of your Lambert & Eliza , but if they were RC, then the parish for Ennis town is Drumcliff and records are available on the parish website at :  Unfortunately marriage records for this parish only go back to 1837, so a little too late for a marriage of your Eliza and Lambert. Baptism records for this parish go back to 1841.

see : Introduction to Irish Records (,442233.0.html)

also worth checking the Clare resources (,391413.0.html) topic at the top of this board and also the Clare Library ( website.

Title: Re: Canny/Wood
Post by: yt2 on Tuesday 25 February 14 00:18 GMT (UK)
Hello Joanne

I have an Eliza Canny in my family tree from the same general area. My Eliza was b. 1805,  and was one of 9 children born to Denis Canny and Ellen O'Brien of Clonmoney House. Co Clare. Clonmoney House is on the southern outskirts of Hurler's Cross, a few miles south of Ennis on the Limerick Road. However I don't have much about Eliza and my records show her as marrying Robert Fetherston.

You'll find my Eliza Canny at  (

If she turns out to be the Eliza you're looking for, PM me ... I have quite a bit of information about this family.

Good luck