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Title: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: bmk923 on Wednesday 08 May 13 02:16 BST (UK)
I don't have much information, but I'm looking for information on the Barron family from The Rower, Kilkenny.  They had a daughter Marcella.  i'm guessing she was born between 1830-1842.  She married James Doyle of Whitechurch, Co. Wexford.  Marcella was related to the Barrons (Post Office) of Campile.

Marcella and James Doyle had two children, Michael born 1861 and died that same year.  Then they had Elizabeth Mary Doyle in 1862 (my great great grandmother).
Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: annclare on Wednesday 08 May 13 10:29 BST (UK)
Have you looked at Griffith's Valuation (land tax records). in the parish of The Rower- there are four entries for Barron c. 1850 - A David Barron in the townland of Ballilogue and also having land in Grange townland and a Walter Barron in Russellstown- either could possibly be connected to Marcella Barron.

See Link

Also looked at baptismal records on (pay site) and didn't find any record for a Marcella in the relevant timeframe.
Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: bmk923 on Thursday 09 May 13 21:45 BST (UK)
Thank you!  Maybe her name is really Margaret.  A Margaret Barren married James Doyle in 1860 in Kilkenny.  Seems probable, as their daugher Eliza was born in 1862.
Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: Irish4u2 on Tuesday 26 May 15 20:04 BST (UK)

I am also researching this family, some of whom apparently migrated to California, etc., one from
Townland Ballylogue, Kilkenny.  Would love to hear from you.  Have information to share.
Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: Jack2227 on Thursday 28 May 15 18:09 BST (UK)
Couple of headstones in the Rower cemetery (might be related)
Mary Barron (Ciss) (nee Corcoran)-Ballynunnery The Rower
4/12/1997 (85)
John Barron-5/11/1982 (75)
wife-Mary Bridget (Bridie)
14/2000 (97)
Margaret Barron-Carrenrow
29/10/2002 (86)
Bridget Doyle-Kylemore
21/8/1958 (78)
sister-Mary Doyle-15/1/1961 (82)
Thomas Doyle-25/6/1967 (82)
Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: Jack2227 on Thursday 28 May 15 18:30 BST (UK)
I have heard it called-The Rower Inistoige. (headstones from Inistoige)
Erected by Ellen O Keefe in memory of her father
Patrick Barron-12/5/1857 (48)

her brother-William Barron-10/6/1884 (43)

her brother-Edward-2/1/1890 (50)

Margaret Barron-(wife of William) 1886-1940


Baby William-1905

Patrick Barron-1921-1928

Nellie Kinsella-1904-1928

Lil Barron-1929-1930

Willie Barron-1909-1979

children of John & Ellen Barron
late-Coolmore and Dublin
Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: healyjfch on Friday 29 May 15 08:05 BST (UK)
The Rower Inistioge ( Parish Name)

Weather permitting I will look for Marcella Kealy Headstone (nee Barron.)
Marcella is buried in Bennettsbridge. She came from The Rower.

June Bank holiday weekend here in Republic of Ireland.

Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: conahy calling on Friday 29 May 15 08:37 BST (UK)

Link to Graveyard inscriptions at Bennettsbridge.  Includes a  Marcella Kealy who died in 2004 age 85.
Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle The Rower
Post by: healyjfch on Sunday 31 May 15 11:49 BST (UK)
Marcella Kealy nee Barron in Bennettsbridge Graveyard

In Loving Memory of Michael Kealy  Marian Place died  Nov 1987 aged 74 yrs
His wife Marcella died 23rd Mar 2004 aged 85 yrs
His mother Catherine 8 The Ring died 19th July 1955 aged 82 yrs
On bottom of stone
Erected by their Loving  Family RIP
Title: Re: Barron/ Doyle
Post by: John l Barron on Saturday 09 December 17 04:49 GMT (UK)
Our Barron’s were very close, Ballincurragh, Granny, Dunkitt, oldest we have found Walter, lived in Granny, had a farm and rock quarry,, was a high constable of poundage in 1826 his son John W. Barron B about 1785: his  wife Johanna Roach died in Fredricktown Missouri 1866, their son Michael Roach Barron born 1810 Granny, much more on Barron wiki, names of relatives are James, Edward, Ellie -married a Cahill, Lucy, Patrick ,  William, margaret, another ellinoir that married a Fogarty. All this from family letters 1823 to 1900.  John w and his son michael were tithe comissioners picked by the Catholic Church members  John W disappears 1850  all lived just north of Waterford in southern Kilkenny. Seeking any further info, glad to share these letters.    John l Barron