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Title: Navy Discharge Book No?
Post by: Cheskauk2013 on Saturday 09 November 13 17:44 GMT (UK)

I am wondering if it is possible to use this number to find any records?

The number is Cecil Alexander No.R.321979 also he failed to join the WAIMANA in 1950,Auckland,New Zealand. Cecil was born in Govan,Glasgow abt 1926.

I would really appreciate it if anyone can find any records of him from his time in the Navy (I am stuck  ???) I do have a letter from the Ministry of transport and Civil Aviation dated 1957 which is where i got the info. There is also this photograph:

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Title: Re: Navy Discharge Book No?
Post by: seaweed on Sunday 10 November 13 15:05 GMT (UK)
He was a Merchant Seaman. Records can be best obtained via a visit to the National Archive. You cannot view them on line.
This would be his Seamans "pouch" gives some info and may contain a photograph.
What you really need is his Form CRS 10. This will tell you the name of the ships he sailed on together with places and engagement and discharge. If he joined the MN before 1946 it should be contained within this block of 60 names.
If he joined after 1946, which would seem more likely then it should be here.
Once you have obtained these documents, you can then search crew agreements and logbooks to try and discover  why he failed to join WAIMANA. I suspect female involment some where along the way. It was big problem in the late 40's early 50's. Britain was still recovering after the war, with rationing and other restrictions. NZ  would seem an attractive alternative to any young man.
The crew agreement and Logbook of WAIMANA official number 131795
Cataloged by O/N.
A day spent at Kew should be enough to glean all this information.
Title: Re: Navy Discharge Book No?
Post by: Cheskauk2013 on Monday 11 November 13 17:19 GMT (UK)
Wow!  :) Thank you very much. I am a real newbie at this and find it fascinating that a number could turn up so much.

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