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Title: Ann of Llanddeusant in 1876
Post by: graf on Friday 14 February 14 16:04 GMT (UK)
Looking for census details for ANN born 1802 in Clynnog Caernarfon living in
LLANDDEUSANT Anglesey as a widow in 1876 having buried a husband and two
children. I don't know her married name, but her maiden name was WILLIAMS.

Title: Re: Ann of Llanddeusant in 1876
Post by: MikeDavies38 on Thursday 08 May 14 19:48 BST (UK)
There was an Anne Jones, a widow born c1802 in the 1871 census living in Llanddeusant with her son, William age 26.
Title: Re: Ann of Llanddeusant in 1876
Post by: EmyrBorth on Friday 16 May 14 16:52 BST (UK)
Had a look at Clynnog Parish Register; the parish extends well inland, beyond Pant Glas on Caernarfon/Porthmadog road.
There are 3 possible baptism records 1801 - 1803:
15/11/1801  Anne daughter of William Morris by Mary Roberts his wife born at Garog Booth(?) and baptized November 15th;
13/03/1803  Anne daughter of William Samuel of Brynhafod Bach by Elizabeth his wife;
06/06/1803  Ann daughter of William Williams of this village labourer by Mary his wife.

The next record for William/Mary gives residence as 'Siop', and one after that gives Williams occupation as 'Shopkeeper'.
There is a record of a wedding which appears to be that of Ann, daughter of William/Mary:
23/04/1832 William Williams of parish of Llanbeblig Bachelor and Ann Williams of this parish (Clynnog) Spinster.
Names of fathers aren't given, but often they are the witnesses. In this case William Williams and Thomas Hughes.
1841 Census, Llanbeblig, there is a family, all born in county, William Williams 30 Labourer, Ann  38,  William 4, Cathe?  4months.
1851 Llanbeblig, William Williams 41,  Pauper? Carrier, born Llanrug, Ann  50 born Clynnog, William 14 shoemaker's apprentice, Catherine 10, John 7 (children born Llanbeblig).

In 1871 Llanbeblig there's a William Williams 34  Shoemaker, Ann  32 with 2 children, all born Llanbeblig.
Title: Re: Ann of Llanddeusant in 1876
Post by: graf on Sunday 18 May 14 11:44 BST (UK)
Thanks to both MikeDavies38 and EmyrBorth.

I am visiting the UK this month, so I am a bit slow in replying.  But I have
now been able to look at the census records.

Ann Williams d/o Samuel Williams and Elizabeth had a brother Samuel Williams
christened at Clynnog in 1807.  He became a baptist minister and is well
documented, dying at Llanedern Glamorgan in 1876.

In an 1877 obituary of Parch Samuel Williams in Y Greal, written by Robert
Jones of Llanllyfni, who knew the family, it was said that:

His father died when he was very young and left a wife and two small
children, including a daughter Ann, who was still alive in 1876, having buried
a husband and two children and was a baptist at Llanddeusant in Anglesey

[trans. from the welsh].

The 1871 census entry referenced by MikeDavies38 shows that  Anne Jones of
Congl gam, Llanddeusant had a 26 year old son William Jones who was a baptist
preacher, so that is a positive indication.  On the other hand the census entry
gives her birth place as Llangollen in Carnarvonshire, which is
puzzling, since I don't know of such a place. Neither can I find them in
earlier censuses.

Gongl gam was probably very near the baptist chapel of Capel Horeb, which is in
the hamlet of Tre-ffynnon in the south of Llanddeusant near the boundary with
the parish of Llantrisant.

From aerial images, there still appears to be a chapel and cemetery at Capel
Horeb, so I will search there for further clues.
Title: Re: Ann of Llanddeusant in 1876
Post by: EmyrBorth on Wednesday 21 May 14 13:47 BST (UK)
Anne Williams (13/03/1803) and William Williams (1807) were children of William Samuel, NOT Samuel Williams, and Elizabeth his wife, Of Bryn Hafod Bach, parish of Clynnog. Under the Welsh system the children had 'surname' Williams. There is a burial, 14/08/1810, Owen son of William Samuel of Bryn Hafod Bach, an infant. A baptism, 09/06/1805, John son of William Samuel of Bryn Hafod Bach and Elizabeth his wife. A burial 24/11/1813, William Samuel of Bryn Hafod Bach age 63.

1861 Census, Bridge St., Llangefni, Anglesey, you have:
Anne Jones  Widow  59  Pauper   Carnarvonshire, Clynnog;
Elizabeth Jones  daughter  Unmarried  19  Servant   Carnarvonshire, Llanllyfni;
William Jones  son  unmarried   17  labourer   Carnarvonshire, Llanllyfni.

Been unable to trace family in 1841 and 1851 Censuses. There is an Elizabeth Jones aged 9 in 1851 Census, Llanllyfni, grand daughter, born Llanllyfni.

Perhaps Llanllyfni Parish Records will provide info, if they remained Church members rather than turned Nonconformists.
Title: Re: Ann of Llanddeusant in 1876
Post by: LynRoberts on Sunday 15 January 17 09:31 GMT (UK)
Horeb Baptist chapel still stands in the village of Elim (formerly called Tre Ffynnon) near Llanddeusant. Horeb postcode is LL65 4AH. The chapel has now closed down and was bought by someone from England but the graveyard is still there and is still looked after by the Baptists.  Horeb was not the original baptist chapel in the village, the original is now a little shed belonging to a house called Tyn Ffynnon Uchaf.
Title: Re: Ann of Llanddeusant in 1876
Post by: graf on Wednesday 18 January 17 11:31 GMT (UK)
Since I first posted here, I have obtained a copy of a short manuscript
dated 1907 about the baptists of Llanddeusant. Written by Rhys
Williams (RW), the son of Rowland Williams (Rd Wms), an early baptist
minister, it contains the following passage which I have tried to
transcribe. It mentions the sister of Mr Samuel Williams of Nant-y-glo
(in Monmouthshire) and their father William Samuel.  However the handwriting,
spelling, lack of punctuation and my poor knowledge of Welsh prevents
me from getting a precise understanding of the text. Can anybody help?

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