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Title: Certificates Needed
Post by: Sycamores on Wednesday 16 July 14 21:00 BST (UK)
My daughter and I have the family history bug. We keep hitting a brick wall though. We get so far online and then find we need to visit different places round the country to find out more. Does anyone know of a service that matches people like us geographically? Where we could research in our areas (Swindon and Bristol) for information and we could ask people to search in their areas for us? (The genealogist services are too expensive for us) 
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Title: Re: Certificates Needed
Post by: keyboard86 on Wednesday 16 July 14 22:02 BST (UK)
Hi and welcome to Rootschat, without mentioning anyone potentally still alive, have you any names/ births/marriages/place of birth, that can lead back to at least the 1911 census?

Title: Re: Certificates Needed
Post by: KGarrad on Wednesday 16 July 14 22:02 BST (UK)
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Title: Re: Certificates Needed
Post by: Pennie on Wednesday 16 July 14 22:07 BST (UK)
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Sorry, I don't know of any "arrangement" like that mentioned - but have you considered the following:

1)  Try posting your FH queries on the relevant county board on this website - you will be amazed at the resources people have available.

2)  If you would like to "repay" that help, then why not have a look on the board that covers your own home county and do some look-ups?

(This is what I do, and whilst the arrangement is not truly "reciprocal" I'm a firm believer in "what goes around, comes around".) 

3)  There are several free websites - (for births, marriages, deaths post-1837), (use the website to check which extracted parish records they have) and (which has transcriptions of many parish records).

4)  Some of the major pay-to-view websites may seem expensive, but often cost not much more than a couple of pounds per week - a much cheaper option than having to travel around the country!