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Title: William Barnett
Post by: eileentez on Sunday 03 August 14 01:24 BST (UK)
Can someone help me in my. search for William Barnett. William was my husbands grandfather. I know he died in 1972 and his mother's name was Mary. As far as i know William was born in approx 1891 According to his marriage certificate in 1912( to Honor Massey )  his father was Elijah Barnett. This is where i am stumped because although i can find other Elijah Barnetts i dont seem to have the right connection. Williams mother married a James Mills in 1901 and on her wedding certificate she is widowed so I can only imagine Elijah died in about 1900 does anyone know of this family ?? I would be grateful for any information.. Photos would be even better
Title: Re: William Barnett
Post by: deeiluka on Sunday 03 August 14 05:33 BST (UK)
Welcome to RootsChat, Eileen.    :)

It would help if you could give us an idea of the area to search.   :)

I presume this is the marriage of William and Honor.....Dec Qtr 1912, district of Dudley, 6c/67 ?

And this the re-marriage of William's mother .....Jun Qtr 1901, District of Dudley, 6c/50. ?

Dee   :)
Title: Re: William Barnett
Post by: garstonite on Sunday 03 August 14 05:52 BST (UK)
just for other members info ,to save looking them up -
the marriage - William married Honor 1912 - registered Dudley  6c 67

as Elijah has died and Mary has remarried by 1901
could this be William Barnett in 1901 census ?
Sedgely is in the North Borough of Dudley ...
this is only possibles - I can only find one Elijah Barnett death 1890 - 1901 and that is in 1901 dec qtr aged 55 in Holborn London ??? so the june qtr marriage of James Mills and Mary Barnett would rule that death out - I wonder if Elijah was a sailor and died at sea ??
.Eileen - we need as much info as you can post please .
I am presuming that William Barnetts parents were Elijah Barnett and Mary Ann Harper who married in 1884 dec qtr registered Calne 5a this William Barnetts parents ??

Title: Re: William Barnett
Post by: AMBLY on Sunday 03 August 14 06:28 BST (UK)

Same search last year on above link... working  my way through it... but

Page 2: Works out
Mary's maiden name was MARSH,
Her father (off the 1901 Certificate to MILLS) was Noah MARSH,
She poss. married Emmanuel BARNETT  1892 who possibly he died 1893
Remarried James MILLS 1901  and her sister Parthena is a witness to the MILLS marriage


Title: Re: William Barnett
Post by: garstonite on Sunday 03 August 14 06:30 BST (UK)
Thanks Ambly - so we are looking for a marriage and a death of Emmanuel Barnett - not Elijah ...that would explain a lot ..
 sep qtr 1892   Emmanuel Barnett to Mary Marsh    Dudley  6c 52
Emmanuel Barnett b dec qtr 1893 
Emmanuel Barnett died mar qtr 1894 aged 0   both in Dudley

can`t find a death for him 1892 - 1901 though ?

ADDED DEC QTR 1892  William Barnett    Dudley  6c 58 - I wonder if this is our William Barnett ?
Title: Re: William Barnett
Post by: AMBLY on Sunday 03 August 14 06:45 BST (UK)
There was some dates for Emmanuel on that topic (I just added them above).

If Mary MARSH, dau of Noah,  is William's mother and  William was born abt 1890,  before  Mary married  in 1892 to Emmanuel BARNETT who died 1893, then perhaps:

1) Emmanuel was William's natural father  but William never knew him, and the "Elijah" name he gave in 1912 is a mistake or a best-guess.
2) Emmanuel was not his father, but he used the surname after his mother married him and he therefore,  gave BARNETT  as his father's name in 1912.  Elijah could be the forename of his natural father, cobbled together with BARNETT - or again, he was mistaken as to Emmanuel's correct name.

If William was born before Mary married - he might be registered as MARSH.

If I'm looking at the right death?  William BARNETT died 1872 registered in Dudley, Birth Dec 1889 (so abt 83).  If he was born Dec 1889, his birth could be registered Jan 1890, in the Mar Qtr 1990.

There is a William MARSH birth registered in Dudley, Mar Qtr 1890, 6c, Pg 48