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Title: Alderbury marriages
Post by: LMFAO on Monday 22 December 14 18:28 GMT (UK)
Is it possible that there could be an error on the IGI?
I am looking for a marriage between John England and Frances Bundy. Their first child was baptised in March 1826 in Downton.
The only marriage I can find for a John England [nothing at all with reference to Frances Bundy] is to a Elizabeth Masters but there is also a marriage for Elizabeth Masters to a William Fry 7 days apart.    
William Fry Elizabeth Masters 01 Oct 1825 Alderbury, Wiltshire, England
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04801-1 , System Origin: England-EASy , GS Film number: 1279262 , Reference ID: item 7-11

John England Elizabeth Masters 08 Oct 1825 Alderbury, Wiltshire, England
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04801-1 , System Origin: England-EASy , GS Film number: 1279262 , Reference ID: item 7-11

I can find William Fry and wife Elizabeth on census returns so I assume that their marriage is correct
John England died in 1829 and his wife Frances re-married in 1831.

Many thanks for any thoughts you may have.
Title: Re: Alderbury marriages
Post by: genealogist1000 on Wednesday 24 December 14 16:20 GMT (UK)
There could have been an error, but in my opinion it's more likely that both Elizabeth Masters are two different people. Many people shared the same name. I can find no Elizabeth Masters born in Alderbury, so it's likely that they were two different people with the same name from different parishes who happened to get married in the same place!

On a second note, how do you know that Frances' surname is Bundy?

I will look on ancestry and search the marriages up for you, as they may provide further details.

After searching: According to the Wiltshire marriages on ancestry, both Elizabeth Masters were from Alderbury, however this means they may have just been living there. Elizabeth Masters who married John England's marriage says 'consent of parents', which means they were probably minors, maybe under 18 or 16, I'm not too sure.

I can find no people surnamed Bundy who married in Alderbury 1800-1830 apart from a Danny Bundy who married a Uriah Williams 1815. They may have married in a different parish, one that is not online yet. Also, online family trees say her name was Fanny, not Frances
Title: Re: Alderbury marriages
Post by: artifis on Thursday 25 December 14 09:51 GMT (UK)
I have found IGI prone to making incorrect links or assumptions if two people of the same name marry in the same location within a short period of one another so it's always good to check other sources as well, particularly the original records if possible.  As an example I found that a couple married and their eldest daughter married a man the same name as her father - not related - but IGI missed this and had the original woman having children over a 40+ year period!
Title: Re: Alderbury marriages
Post by: trish1120 on Thursday 25 December 14 12:00 GMT (UK)
I agree Submitted Entries on Familysearch need to be treated with caution. But they are a guide sometimes to info you can confirm by other sources.

I cannot find a Frances/Fanny Bundy Marriage to John England, well not in Wilts anyway
The 1831 Marriage is Extracted on F/S.
I have looked at Census for Fanny Scovell 1851/1861 where she is born c 1803 Downton or Redlynch, Wilts.

There is a Submitted Entry on F/S, looks well researched to me;
Uriah BUNDY Married Mary MOODT, 08 June 1802
Childrens Christenings;
FRANCES, 26 March 1803***
SARAH, 26 June 1805
CHARLOTTE, 11 May 1807
GEORGE, 01 April 1810
JOSHUA, 20 Sept 1812
PHOEBE, 30 July 1815
HARRIET, 22 March 1818
JOHN, 25 Dec 1822

What i want to query is please:
Does the 1831 Marriage show Fanny is a Widow?

Did John/Frances have Children?
There are no Bundy Children with Stephen/Mary (strange) in 1841;
Stephen Scovell    30
Mary Scovell    35
James Scovell    8
Mary Scovell    5
Henry Scovell    2

I correct myself;
Priscilla BUNDY, 12 is next door
Also nearby;
George Bundy, 30
Charles Bundy, 35

Trish :)
Title: Re: Alderbury marriages
Post by: trish1120 on Thursday 25 December 14 12:19 GMT (UK)
John/Fanny-Frances Christened;
PRISCILLA England, 5 March 1826 Downton
THOMAS England, 12 Oct 1826 Alderbury

1841 Thomas England is with his Bundy Grandparents in Downton;
Norah BUNDY, 60, Brick ? (image is URIAH)
Mary Bundy, 60
John Bundy, 15, File Maker
Thomas ERSLAND, 12, Clay Tramper?****
Next Door
Joshua Bundy, 20, File Maker + presume Wife Elizabeth 20 and Son Mark age 1

Although a Tree on Anc has Fanny dying 1867 she died 1872.
1871 Census she is a Nurse in Eling, Hampshire, down as Fanny Scovell age 63

If no Marriage can be found it is possible John/Frances never Married.

Does a Birth Cert of one of the Scovell Children confirm she was was Formerly England, nee Bundy?
Title: Re: Alderbury marriages
Post by: dorsetfolk on Friday 21 October 16 11:22 BST (UK)
I'm new to RootsChat. I know it's been a long time since you posted this, but can you tell me if the Alderbury records are online, as I've ancestors from Coombe Bissett. Thanks a lot.
Title: Re: Alderbury marriages
Post by: ribbo39 on Friday 21 October 16 11:43 BST (UK)
Hello dorsetfolk,

A warm welcome to Rootschat where I'm sure you'll find a lot of help from Rootschatters on this forum. As a start I suggest you may like to have a look at the Wilts OPC at this address;

Some parishes have an "on-line parish clerk" who may be able to assist you. There are some transcripts on both parishes you mention by scrolling to the bottom of the pages and in Combe Bissett they do have a OPC.

You will probably have to register first which is free and then have a look at Alderbury and Coombe Bissett.

In other aspects feel free to post requests here - i'm sure there will be lots of help.
Do you wish to post names and years of the people you're interested in?