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Title: John Martindale - marrying out of the faith? - COMPLETED
Post by: jbml on Sunday 31 January 16 12:06 GMT (UK)
John Martindale, son of John and Martha, was born in Devonshire Court in the parish of Buttolphs Aldgate on 23 July 1695.

His parents are clearly John Martindale, Tobacconist, son of John Martindale of Newchurch Parish in the County of Cumberland, Farmer Deceased and Martha Taylor daughter of Alexander Taylor of Chiswick Parish in the County of Middlesex Shoomaker deceased who were married at Horsleydown Meeting House, Southwark on 31 May 1694.

So far so good ... but what became of John Martindale the son?

Is he the John Martindale who, according to Boyd's 1st Misc. Marriage Index 1415 - 1808 married Mary Pocock in the London Diocese in 1720? This looks like a marriage out of the faith - certainly John and Mary's son John Martindale appears to have been baptized in the established church on 29 November 1726.

I don't know a lot about Quaker history (yet), but my gut instinct is that this is rather early for a "marriage out". Or were things different in London??

I really want to credibility-check this attribution before I go off chasing the Cumberland records. On the other hand, Martindale is a Northern name, and the Middlesex Martindales have to have travelled South at some point. Identifying the migrant was always likely to be a headache - but if the 1695 Quaker birth and the 1720 marriage DO correspond, then I've been given the details on a plate! (Thank you, Quakers, for writing so much down!!)

Any thoughts or observations much appreciated.
Title: Re: John Martindale - marrying out of the faith?
Post by: jbml on Sunday 31 January 16 17:02 GMT (UK)
Problem solved ... what became of the son was that he was buried on 13 October 1708!

So ... back to the drawing board it is!