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Title: Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997)
Post by: briankaess on Wednesday 01 June 16 01:46 BST (UK)
  Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997) hailed from the Natural Bridge, Virginia, and lived in Illinois and Texas. She was married to Talmage E Dawson (1894-1974) twice and divorced him twice. One of her marriages to Talmage was Dec 11 1952 in Cook Co, Illinois. The other unknown (or 2nd) marriage was between 1930-1960 in Cook County, illinois. During these marriages, she was known as Margaret J Dawson.
  I am looking for the date on the unknown marriage to Talmage.
  Margaret Jane Swartz was also married to Norman Allen Langley (1905-1980) in abt 1976 in the Chicago area, most likely, since that is where they settled down. Margaret Jane Swartz died as a Widow of Norman Allen Langley and was often known as Margaret J Langley
  Looking for info on that marriage date as well.
Title: Re: Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997)
Post by: shellyesq on Wednesday 01 June 16 20:56 BST (UK)
A previous thread about Talmage Dawson indicates that he was married to someone else for part of the 1930's -

There is a marriage index at which is available with free registration.  I only see one marriage for Talmage & Margaret there.
Title: Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997) relationship to Pres. George Washington
Post by: briankaess on Friday 19 August 16 22:43 BST (UK)
A possible link for Margaret Jane Swartz to Pres. George Washington.
  Margaret Jane Swartz is the daughter of Gayry Elizabeth Gibboney Major (1888-1935). Gayry Elizabeth Gibboney Major is the daughter  of John Edward Major (1848-1913). John Edward Major is the son of Emily Marian Bright (1821-1858). Emily Marian Bright is the daughter of Margaret Peggy Willis Tinsley (1789-1850). Margaret Peggy Willis Tinsley is the daughter of  James Tinlsley (1761-1853). James Tinsley is the son of Captain William Wyatt Tinsley ( 1742- 1816). Capt. William Wyatt Tinsley is the son of Margaret Taylor (1705-1782).  Margaret Taylor is the daughter of Martha Montague Thompson (1679-1762). Martha Montague Thompson is the daughter of Eleanor Montague (1632-1680). Eleanor Montague is the daughter of Peter Montague II (1603-1659). Peter Montague II is the son of Peter Montague I (1580-1639).
  Therefore, Peter Montague I (1580- 1639) is the 9th Gr. Grandfather of Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997).
   Now, Peter Montague I appears  as a common ancestor to both Margaret Jane Swartz and George Washington. Let us proceed to demonstrate the connection.
 Peter Montague I (1580-1639) is the Father of Peter Montague II (1603-1659). Peter Montague II is the Father of Peter Montague III (1631-1695). Peter Montague III is the Father of Mary Montague (1665-1743). Mary Montague is the Mother of Mary Ball (1708-1789). Finally, Mary Ball and Capt. Augustine Washington are the parents of George Washington (1732-1799), First President of the USA.
  If these connections are valid, then Margaret Jane Swartz is a 4th Cousin 6 times removed to George Washington.
Title: Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997)
Post by: briankaess on Saturday 17 October 20 23:36 BST (UK)
Margaret used to like to say about the Illinois Lottery, 'I could use a little bit of that money.' She would play now and then but was not addicted to gambling.
Title: Re: Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997)
Post by: amondg on Sunday 18 October 20 09:25 BST (UK)
1940 census Margaret 24 is still single and living at home with her father in Washington DC.
1930 age 15 living with her family in Maryland.

Talmadge wife Sadie Huseman was buried 1936 in Kansas. Ref 1930 census.
When he signed up for WWII ( April 27th 1942)he gave a Mrs. Earl Bennett of Waverly Coffee County Kansas as his nearest contact. He was working at the government printing office Washington DC

8 September 1917 Talmadge E Dawson married Mabel E Atchinson/Acheson in Concordia Kansas.
1920 census on Pine Street Wilmington Kansas

According to a family tree they divorced 1924.
Title: Re: Margaret Jane Swartz (1914-1997)
Post by: brigidmac on Sunday 18 October 20 16:09 BST (UK)
Have you any records with alternative spellings for SWARTZ surname .? Could parents have been Schwartz or Schwartz ?