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Title: Pratt: County Durham, 'London' & South Mimms
Post by: Okkie on Sunday 28 August 16 20:04 BST (UK)
My 2x gt grandparents Sarah Wall & Charles Pratt married on 10th March 1859at Teesdale Register Office, Barnard Castle, County Durham.
Sarah was a local lass but numerous relatives insisted that Charles was from 'London', although on his marriage certificate he's recorded as a 25 year old bachelor working as a Sawyer in nearby Egglestone, County Durham. He gave his father's name as John Pratt, a sawyer.
I've not had too many problems tracing their descendants, & sure enough on every census from 1861-1911 Charles is recorded as having been born in 'London'/'Paddington' & 'Marylebone'.

I've found a baptism on the 11th March 1832 at Marylebone, Christ Church of a Charles Pratt son of John & Susan Pratt, of Burne Street. His father was a sawyer. There were two earlier baptisms by the same couple of an Eliza Ann in 1827 & a William in 1829, when the couple had been living in Chapel Street. On every baptism John is referred to as a Sawyer.

It took me a while to find Charles Pratt in the 1851 census, but I think I have him at South Mimms Village, visiting a young widow Louisa Boon & her family. 

Looking for him in 1841 I found, what I believe to be the family in South Mimms. Charles is a 10 yr old, his brother & sister are also present & his father John is listed as a sawyer. His mother now seems to be listed as Susannah rather than Susan. Trouble is I cannot find any of this family, except Charles, on any census after 1841. What happened?

I did find a burial of a John Pratt, aged 39 at St Nicholas, Elstree on 2nd June 1844, but I've no idea if this is the explanation for the family's disappearance.

Nor can I locate the marriage of John & Susan/Susannah.

Please could you suggest where to look next as I've hit a bit of a brick wall.

Thank you
Title: Re: Pratt: County Durham, 'London' & South Mimms
Post by: jorose on Sunday 28 August 16 21:18 BST (UK)
I think Eliza may have married George Harris in 1855, Bromley, Kent. Not sure where they are in 1851 but in 1861 she is with husband and mother Susannah is in the household.

1861, no kids:
1871 (Susannah still with them, daughter Emily b. circa 1862)
1881 (Susannah no longer with them, daughter is listed as Emily M):
1891 (daughter still with them):

A possible death record is for Susannah Deane Pratt, aged 79, died in Bromley in 1879.
Another is for Eliza Ann Harris, aged 67, 1894 in Bromley.
Daughter, Emily Mary Harris, marriage in 1896 Bromley; probably to Robert Henry Alexander, who appears to have been married before - two young kids from the 1896 marriage with them in 1901 and one much older daughter:

Going backwards, I wonder if this is Susannah and Eliza together in Hertfordshire in 1851?

Interestingly she's listed as still married here; but also in 1861, and even 1871! Once might be a mistake, but perhaps John went missing - e.g. went overseas and was meant to send for them, but never did.
Title: Re: Pratt: County Durham, 'London' & South Mimms
Post by: Okkie on Sunday 28 August 16 21:53 BST (UK)
Thank you, I'll have a look at this. It's so helpful to get some ideas.
Title: Re: Pratt: County Durham, 'London' & South Mimms
Post by: Okkie on Sunday 28 August 16 22:01 BST (UK)
Oh dear!

If this is the correct Susannah, she states her birthplace as 'NK' on the 1851 & 1871 census .. & 'On the sea' on the 1861 census.