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Title: Mallow Cork help please
Post by: Eden66 on Wednesday 07 December 16 03:23 GMT (UK)
Hello ,

I'm wondering if anyone can help or advise on  Mallow Cork parish records in regards to Church Baptisms or Christenings etc ?
I have a slightly unusual situation as i have a Cornish ancestor by the unusual name of Thomas Menheniott - a typical cornish surname but  found also under variants such as Menhenick/Menhinick/Menhenitt/ Menhenet etc etc .
He served in the 20th Of Foot regiment 1809 - 1821 during the Peninsular War  but his service records show his regiment  spent a number of years throughout  Ireland but based mainly in Cork .
The issue is  this ,   Cornish census records state his wife Mary  as bn in Ireland and their 4 (known) children all  listed as bn  Mallow Cork .  circ 1818-1830 .
I have tried for many years to find out more about the family and would dearly love to find birth or Baptism records for the children i know and any others i may be unaware of .
The known children and approximate birth dates are -
Catherine/Kitty  c 1818-9
Ann   c1823-4
Sarah  c 1825-7
John  c 1828-30

After leaving his army service in St Helena  he  returned to Ireland  but
evidently at some time after 1830 returned  to Cornwall where the family were found in 1841 census & onwards .
Naturally i'm also keen to know more about Mary and her Irish family but never had any idea about her maiden name , until i recently found a record which i strongly believe is them .
The overiding problem is the unusual surname causing them to be found  under  potential  spelling variants , such as  this  marriage record -

Diocese of Cloyne - Mallow Cork Ireland  Roman Catholic
27th Dec 1815
Thomas Minionet
Mary Roarke (or Rourke)

I believe this is highly likely to be  my Thomas & Mary  as i'm not aware of any Irish name which resembles MINIONET  and the location and era would  fit with the known family info .
However i would be interested if any Irish researchers  might recognize or be familiar with Minionet or similar as an Irish name ?

Basically this enquiry is - despite finding the marriage record (above) , i'm finding it very difficult to locate Baptism or Christening records for Cork and particularly Mallow .
Does anyone know if these records survive  for the years ( 1816-1830) and are they available to search ?

Apologies for the length of this post but if anyone can offer info any  help or advice on the above i would be very grateful for any suggestions .

Kind regards
Title: Re: Mallow Cork help please
Post by: Sinann on Wednesday 07 December 16 08:00 GMT (UK)
Mallow RC Registers

27 Nov not Dec 1815
Left hand page.