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Title: Rusty French
Post by: brianz on Friday 30 December 16 15:48 GMT (UK)
Can anyone help with this Baptism please my French is not up to it.

All I can make out is that there appears to be the Baptism of twins Elias and Joane and the Father is Pierre  and mother Sibble  i need help with the rest please. This may of course be all wrong.
Title: Re: Rusty French
Post by: arthurk on Friday 30 December 16 19:59 GMT (UK)
The extract you've posted doesn't actually say they are twins, and after the first few names, the rest (I think) are witnesses. There are a couple of words I don't recognise, which I've put in brackets and bold - (bold).

Elias and Jeane
son and daughter of M Pierre Delme and Sibbele his
wife. For witnesses M Jean Delme and M Jacques
du Cane and Mlle Anne Renolds (vefue) of M Joshaph (?)
de la Motte and Jeanne du Cane wife of M Christophe
le Theuillier Mme Eliza Bett Delme (vefue)
of Samuel du Bois (suplee) Mme le Theuillier

It's not best practice for translation/transcription, but for easier understanding I've changed the forms of address to the now more usual M, Mme, Mlle, and capitalised what appear to be surnames, hopefully correctly.

"Vefue" might be an old form of "veuve" (widow), but since one appeared to be Mlle and the other Mme, I wasn't sure of this.

Title: Re: Rusty French
Post by: brianz on Friday 30 December 16 20:43 GMT (UK)
Many thanks just what I wanted, the comment about Twins was only a guess.