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Title: Wilson family of Alkington Hall
Post by: Jayson on Tuesday 31 January 17 14:04 GMT (UK)

I've only just started researching this family, and, with the assistance of researchers on this forum, have found out quite a bit already.

But I'm hoping to establish contact with anyone who has a connection with this family or someone who knows anything more about them and Alkington Hall.  From the info I have it appears that William Wilson (born 1791) was living at Alkington Hall from 1816 onwards.  I'm guessing he occupied the property as a tenant farmer.  The family were still there in 1881.  I think William was the son of Thomas Wilson who died in 1812.  He too was described as a farmer of Alkington.

Alkington Hall was built by the Cotton family but I'm not sure if they still owned it when William Wilson was farming there.

Jay :)   
Title: Re: Wilson family of Alkington Hall
Post by: chempat on Sunday 05 February 17 09:15 GMT (UK)
If you have the family still there in 1881, then you must know the names of several children/grandchildren of William, and can look to see if they are in any family trees on Ancestry, and if anyone on here has them in their Surname Interests, in Your Tools, below.
Title: Re: Wilson family of Alkington Hall
Post by: ShaunJ on Sunday 05 February 17 09:39 GMT (UK)
Have you contacted the current occupants?  It looks like there is still a Wilson connection.
Title: Re: Wilson family of Alkington Hall
Post by: Timothy Biddle on Sunday 03 March 19 17:50 GMT (UK)
William Wilson was my three times great grandfather. As far as I can gather his parents were Thomas and Mary. My line travels through their daughter Mary who married Richard Jones from
Pooltown Farm Overpool. The present owners are the Fearnalls. I have met Mrs Fearnall but have been unable to arrange a visit although not quite sure why.
As far as I can gather the Wilsons were tennant farmers.There are a number of newspaper articles relating prizes at Agricultural shoes. There are two family graves in the churchyard in Whitchurch.
I donít have a lot else apart from acquiring Wilson as a middle name and  census incormation but would very much like to find out more
Look forward to hearing from Timothy
Wilson Biddle

Title: Re: Wilson family of Alkington Hall
Post by: Jayson on Tuesday 05 March 19 18:18 GMT (UK)
Hello Timothy!

How interesting! It seems we are related. William Wilson was 4xgreat grandfather. He farmed at Alkington Hall and presumably took the tenancy after his fatherís death in 1812. He was baptised at Whitchurch in 1791. William appears to have had nine siblings born between 1778 & 1794.

My line comes through his daughter, Jane. She was baptised at Eastham on the Wirral Peninsula on 17 May 1815. Janeís mother was Catherine (Kitty) Pickering of Eastham.

Jane was married twice. First to George Bayley; secondly to George Harris from whom I am descended. He was the son of George Harris of Aston Hall, Wem.

It appears that Mary Wilson and Richard Jones were cousins as Richardís mother was Martha Pickering; his father was Robert Jones. Richard and Mary married at Whitchurch in 1846 and his abode was Eastham.

Hope the above is of interest?

Title: Re: Wilson family of Alkington Hall
Post by: Timothy Biddle on Thursday 07 March 19 12:48 GMT (UK)
Hello Jay
Thank you for your very interesting reply. There are a few questions that come to  mind if you wouldn't mind my asking.
I am a retired dentist and started genealogical research predigital age when micro film was the cutting edge of technology! I have moved on though. Before I retired I was working as a locum and spent a few months in Whitchurch. (We live in north Wales.)
While I was there I made contact with Elaine Fernall of Alkington Hall. She was very helpful and agreed to a visit to the farm but needed to ask her son who I understand runs a contracting business. Unfortunately after my initial chat she went off the radar.
I did walk past Alkington Hall many years ago. It is an imposing old building.
I found two Wilson graves in St Alkmunds churchyard Whitchurch.:
Thomas Wilson died Dec  1876 aged 58
Elizabeth Wilson 30th April  ?1909 aged 52 ( I have photos)
Do you have the details of William Wilson's siblings?
It would appear he was married twice. I didn't know he was married to Catharine (Kitty Pickering)
In the 1851 census his widow was Martha
Presumably Jane Wilson (your relative) had lef thome by the time of the 1841 census as the eldest child was Thomas aged 25
I wonder why Jane was baptized in Eastham and not Whitchurch
Very interesting that Richard Jones (I have his photo) and Mary Wilson were cousins. I had no idea.
As you know Richard's father Robert farmed in Overpool at Pooltown farm.(now demolished)  My late father who lived in Meols on the Wirral remembers staying there. His grandfather Wiiliam Wilson Jones married quite late to Martha Lamb from Bidston (although the Lamb family were farmer from Great Sutton and prior to that from Northwich)
William Pickering ba 30/3/18 married Richard Jones' sister Martha
One of Richard Jones daughters Martha Pickering Jones ba15/1/1847 married Robert Jones from Arrowbrooke farm. Both are buried in Eastham churchyard (I have a photo)
Thanks again for your info.
Looking forward to your reply
Title: Re: Wilson family of Alkington Hall
Post by: Jayson on Monday 11 March 19 11:44 GMT (UK)
Hello Timothy

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you with this.

How interesting that you got to visit Alkington Hall. I havenít had chance to visit myself, however it looks like a lovely old building from the images available online. The house seems to have been let to various farmers over the generations. I have been meaning to travel to Whitchurch to see the graves you mention but with other commitments I havenít had time.

As well as the christening of William Wilson, I found the christening of his siblings viz.

Children of Thomas & Mary Wilson

1778 Apr 7 John
1780 Aug 8 Catherine
1782 Aug 1 Fanny
1783 May 28 Thomas
1787 Jan 30 Mary
1788 Jan 26 Mary
1789 Jun 16 Sarah
1791 May 21 William
1794 Jul 28 James & Ann

Thomas Wilson married Mary Boulton @ Whitchurch 16 Sept 1777

Yes, by 1841, Jane Wilson was married and living with her husband, George Bayley. I think she had at least one child by him before he died and she remarried George Harris.

In answer to your question re Janeís christening at Eastham. In those days it was common practice for a child to be christened in its motherís home parish. Looking at Janeís entry I noticed the christening of a William Wilson Jones s/o Joseph (a farmer of Great Sutton), & Mary Jones earlier the same year - 1815. Perhaps a relative of yours?

Catherine (Kitty) Wilson was buried at Whitchurch on 23 July 1832.

Hope the above is of interest.


Title: Re: Wilson family of Alkington Hall
Post by: Timothy Biddle on Monday 11 March 19 21:34 GMT (UK)
Hello Jay
Thank you very much for your detailed reply. It is great to be able to add to my findings and confirm others. William Wilson Jones was my great grandfather. He moved to farm in Moreton and at the age of sixty put the entire farm on the train and relocate to Saxmundham Suffolk.
His daughter Hilda was my paternal grandmother
I plan a visit to Shropshire Record Office to look at the Alkington tithe amap. I shall let you know if anything interesting shows up. I attach a few photos. Will look out my Alkington Hall slides
Best wishes