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Title: BRACKENBURY North Walsham
Post by: elricks on Sunday 14 May 17 01:24 BST (UK)
Morning all - Happy Mothers Day.

I am attempting to find where Charles BRACKENBURY (differing spellings) and Mary PEARSON came from and went to.  There are many BRACKENBURY families in North Walsham and surrounds, but no sign of these 2 people except for 5 Christenings between 1779 and 1791 in St Nicholas, North Walsham (see below, all in North Walsham unless noted).

We can link Charles and Mary to North Walsham until 1796 (death of a 12 year old daughter). This assumes the family stayed together. Possibly even as late as 1801 when an illegitimate grandson was born.

Occupations of later generations - a son (Charles James) was a mason and bricklayer, then grandchildren were fisherfolk.

I have not found a marriage, nor deaths, for Charles and Mary |||| except a Charles BRACKENBURY died in Great Yarmouth 4th October 1808, a married man aged 72. Charles and Mary nee PEARSON had grandchildren who were born in Great Yarmouth 1814 and later.

Children of Charles and Mary nee PEARSON were --

Mary Chr 27th Nov 1779. Had an illegitimate son Benjamin 1801 in North Walsham.

Charles Chr 9th Dec 1781, died aged 9 Dec 1790

Ann Chr 27th July 1784, died Sept 1796

William Chr 29th Sep 1786

Sarah Chr 12th July 1789

Charles James Chr 20th June 1791 (6 months after brother Charles died). Married Margaret GEDGE in Norwich 1813, Children born in Great Yarmouth 1814-1821. Death not found, but the widowed Margaret married again (groom Samuel BURRAGE) 1822 in Great Yarmouth.
Title: Re: BRACKENBURY North Walsham
Post by: trish1120 on Sunday 14 May 17 05:38 BST (UK)
Also Baptiseing St Nicholas, North Walsham same time frame as Charles/Mary were;
(Looked for other Brackenberrys who could be potential Siblings to Charles)

JOHN Brakenbery 2 Oct 1778 to MATTHEW/MARY
THOMAS Brakenberry 27 March 1781 to THOMAS/ANN
(there are more Children just posted these 2)

These were;
Matthew Brakenberry/Mary Williamson married 18 Sept 1774 same Church
Thomas Brakenberry/Ann Loads married 31 Jan 1779 same Church
(A CHARLES Brakenberry was a Witness to Thomas/Anns Marriage)

Now also Baptised at St Nicholas;
THOMAS Barkenberry 26 May 1734 to JOHN/JANE
CHARLES Brakenbury 12 Nov 1736 to JOHN/JANE******
MATTHEW Braconbury 6 May 1743 to JOHN/JANE
(there are more, some who may have died)

*****So fits with the 1808 Burial you found.

John BRAKENBRRY, Widower, married Jane SIMSON, Widow, 7 Sept 1726 St Nicholas

MATTHEW was Buried 6 May 1816 age 73

All on FreeREG using new and old site.

Worth investigating :)
Title: Re: BRACKENBURY North Walsham
Post by: trish1120 on Sunday 14 May 17 05:52 BST (UK)
If that is the right Charles he was quite old at Marriage and when his last Child was born.
Mary must have been younger say c 1745-1750 to be still having a Child in 1791
Title: Re: BRACKENBURY North Walsham
Post by: elricks on Tuesday 16 May 17 03:57 BST (UK)
Thanks for the reply. I agree with your conclusions re the Charles who died in Yarmouth 1808.  I would have linked him EXCEPT I believe the Charles who was born in North Walsham to John and Jane married Catherine EVERETT in 1762.

I have not found any children for this couple, nor a death for Catherine.

One scenario would be that Charles married Catherine then moved out of the area.  Did or did not have children, then Catherine died. Married Mary PEARSON, then moved back to North Walsham to have children.  In this scenario, Charles and Mary may have had other children before moving back.

For Charles to have died in Yarmouth, family must have moved from North Walsham to Yarmouth sometime 1800-1808, the 1800 date a little fuzzy due to the illegitimate grandchild's birth in North Walsham.

I can say for sure this scenario fits in with events recorded for Charles and Mary's children and grandchildren.  If I could find the Charles and Mary PEARSON marriage which showed ages or even the fact Charles was a widow I would make the link in my database.

Title: Re: BRACKENBURY North Walsham
Post by: trish1120 on Tuesday 16 May 17 07:56 BST (UK)
Yes I agree Shirley with you and without extra conclusive evidence it is all hard to prove.
Title: Re: BRACKENBURY North Walsham
Post by: Pam Tookey on Thursday 10 May 18 17:28 BST (UK)
Hi, Have you solved the problem of William and Mary Pearson as they are in my tree so I may be able to help you.
Hope to hear from you regards Pam
Title: Re: BRACKENBURY North Walsham
Post by: elricks on Saturday 12 May 18 03:54 BST (UK)
Pam, the William and Mary in question are?? - parents of Mary PEARSON who married Charles BRACKENBURY c 1779.

If yes - - maybe the d of William and Mary born 1737 in Witton, but that would make her 54 when Charles James was born.

This is William and Mary nee HARDINGHAM married 1732 in Gunton, then had children in Whitton until 1743