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Title: SENNETT SINNOTT SYNNOTT - cheaper YDNA 12 marker testing now useful
Post by: corinne on Wednesday 19 July 17 09:56 BST (UK)
Any S-NN-Ts (particularly with Welsh or Irish origins) interested in DNA but put off by the cost of testing?

Having established that the genetic signature for S-NN-T's of Anglo-norman Co Wexford descent is a relatively rare E haplogroup, and that there are five different mutations among project participants in the first 12 markers, it is now useful to offer a 12 marker Y-DNA test as a preliminary screening tool.  This test is available through a join request to the Sennett/Sinnott project at at a cost of $59USD (compared to the $149 cost for the 37 marker test).

Please encourage any of your male friends/family who have an unbroken male line connection to this surname to test.   We have some exciting results confirming common ancestors back as far as the 15th century now, but the more people in the project the easier it will be to fill in the gaps of the genetic tree and link your S-NN-T family back further.

(NOTE:  the recommendation for a 12 marker Y-DNA test is only for this particular group of surnames  - Sennett, Sinnott, Sinnett, Synnott and variants - and this surname project.  In most other surnames you need at least 37 markers to provide useful results - if in doubt, check with the surname project administrator)