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Title: Richard Maunders born 1765
Post by: KRusty46 on Sunday 08 October 17 13:17 BST (UK)

Hi everyone
Have spent several years researching the Maunders/Manders and have come to a dead end with Richard.  He was born in 1765 and died in 1821 and is buried at All Saints church in Cadney Lincolnshire. He married in 1793 to a Mary Howden.  If anyone has any info about his place of birth that would be fantastic. :) I have lots of info to share (have a scroll 13ft long!!) Many thanks.
Title: Re: Richard Maunders born 1765
Post by: Schoch on Sunday 08 October 17 15:07 BST (UK)
Not a very common name at that time (Richard) and with the spelling variations of Maunder(s) etc. I can see why you are finding it difficult to locate anything.
This one is an outside chance, you may already have seen it though.

Name:   Richd . Maunder
Gender:   Male
Baptism Date:   29 Jul 1764
Baptism Place:   Berkswell,Warwick,England
Father:   Robt. Maunder
Mother:   Martha
FHL Film Number:   428965

Good Luck

Richard (another one)
Title: Re: Richard Maunders born 1765
Post by: trish1120 on Sunday 08 October 17 16:01 BST (UK)
Welcome to Rootschat.

Richard does not seem to name Children Robert/Martha.

Children were to RICHARD/MARY;
Ann MANDERS, 07 Mar 1794,Wrawby : St Mary
Thomas MAUNDERS, 09 Aug 1795, Cadney : All Saints (poss buried 4 Jan 1816 age 19)
John MAUNDERS, 18 Apr 1798, Cadney : All Saints
William MAUNDERS, 01 Mar 1801, Cadney : All Saints
Elizabeth MANDRES, 10 Jul 1803, Cadney : All Saints

As you say Rchards 1821 burial has him as age 56 (1765)

Having said all that the only Richard to be found on-line is the one Schoch (Richard) posted.

Hopefully someone else can come up with something for you :)

Title: Re: Richard Maunders born 1765
Post by: KRusty46 on Sunday 08 October 17 19:29 BST (UK)
Thank you both for that prompt response.  Yes, I had found a Richard born in in Berkswell, Warwick (have even enjoyed a day in the graveyard), but of course there is nothing else to definitely link him to 'my Richard' and the family didn't seem to stray far from the area.
John Maunders born 18/4/1798 (son of Richard) is my 4 times great grandad via his daughter Mary Ann Manders and I have followed everyone's siblings as far as possible to find a crossways link to no avail.  I am trying to find a link between my Maunders and the Manders Menagerie of the 1860's, my grandfather John Manders Stark lived in Hull and when the fair came to town used to go off to visit his Mander cousins who worked there.  It's a classic tale of my mother should have asked more questions when her father was alive :-[. Thanks again and if you need any info re Maunders I may well have it. :)