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Title: George Palmer
Post by: chloerog on Sunday 19 November 17 03:44 GMT (UK)
Looking for the death of George Palmer born in 1850- Surrey, England. Death around 1937- buenos aires argentina (or so Iíve heard, been stories that this is where he died) I canít find any info on if he  died here or not.

Other info
Mothers Maiden Name: Harris
Occupation: Boiler Maker
Catherine Powell 1845-1896 married-12 Apr 1869, Parish Church, West Ham, England
 George Henry Palmer, B-1869
Mary Ann Elizabeth Palmer, B-1871
Carrie Palmer, B-1875 D-1910
Rose Palmer, B-1881
Emily Palmer  B-1885
1871-East Ham,Essex, England
1881-West Ham, Essex, England

Title: Re: George Palmer
Post by: AMBLY on Sunday 19 November 17 04:17 GMT (UK)
Hi Chloerog

Just checking - you already have the 1891 Census for his wife and children in West Ham where Catherine is described as a deserted wife?
1891: RG12/ Piece 1324/ Folio 114/ Pg 39

Also do you have the first name of his mother, and the name of his father? Was it this family in Kent in 1861 : Parents Mary Ann, and John? 
RG 9 / Piece 397/ Folio 70 / Page 31


Title: Re: George Palmer
Post by: chloerog on Sunday 19 November 17 10:14 GMT (UK)
No I do not have that census, I will have to look for that. And I only know his mother maiden name not first names unfortunately.  :(
Title: Re: George Palmer
Post by: AMBLY on Sunday 19 November 17 13:11 GMT (UK)
In the 1881 CENSUS you already have for George, with his wife & children he is:
Head: Geo PALMER 29, Boiler Maker, b Merstham, Surrey.

This is the 1891 - CENSUS: at 28 Lower Road, West Ham, Essex - George is missing:
RG12  Piece 1324 / Folio  114 / Pg39
Head: Catherine PALMER 44, m (deserted), Charwoman, b Chelmsford Essex
Son: George H PALMER 21, m, General Labourer (Boiler Maker), b Canning Town, Essex
Dau-in-Law: Louisa H PALMER 20, m, b Limehouse, Middlesex
Dau: Rosie PALMER 9, b Canning Town Essex
Dau: Emily PALMER 5, b Canning Town Essex.

The following is a good fit to be George baptism &  prior to his marriage

1850 - BAPTISM: at Merstham St Katherine, Surrey
On 24th November 1850 - George PALMER,
Son of Mary Ann and John PALMER, Labourer, Merstham

1861 - CENSUS: at 42 Butcher Row, Deptford St Nicholas, Kent
Head: John PALMER 42, Bricklayers Labourer, b. N.K. Sussex
Wife: Mary A PALMER 38, b Cheam, Surrey
Son: George PALMER 11, b Merstrum, Surrey
Son: Henry PALMER 9, b Merstrum, Surrey
Son William PALMER 7, b Merstrum, Surrey
Son: Ned PALMER 5, b Croydon Surrey
Dau: Harriet PALMER 4,  b Croydon Surrey
Dau: Caroline PALMER 9?m, b Croydon Surrey

1871 - CENSUS: at Railway Terr(ace) , Feltham, Middlesex
RG10 / Piece  1303 / Folio 69 / Page 28
Head: Mary PALMER 50, widow, b Cheam Surrey
Son: William PALMER 17,  Engine Driver, b Surrey
Son: Ned PALMER 15, Bricks, b Surrey
Son: Charles PALMER 7, b Kent
Lodger: William PORTSMOUTH 19, Bricklayers Lab, b Feltham, Midx

George 1850, Henry John 1852 - mms HARRIS, Reigate Reg District
Ned 1855, Harriet 1857, Caroline 1859 - mms HARRIS, Croydon Reg District
Charles 1862 - mms HARRIS, Greenwich Reg District


Title: Re: George Palmer
Post by: AMBLY on Sunday 19 November 17 13:30 GMT (UK)
All of this may be a total co-incidence - but worth examining even if to eliminate:

Birth: 26 Jul 1905, Baptism: 27 Dec 1906
Birthplace: Ingeniero White, FCS
Name: George Frederick WHITTAL
Father: Levi
Mother: Ana nee PALMER
Baptised at: Christ Church, Barracas al Norte
Sponsors: George Harris PALMER and Elizabeth PALMER

BIRTHS 1899:
There is a birth in Barracas, Argentina of Ana Harris PALMER in 1899.
Her father: Jorge H PALMER, English, and mother: Eliza CONEY, English

Ana was listed first. On the same day, was baptised her 3 siblings:
Guillermo Tomas PALMER
Maria Ester PALMER

Clearly the Ana PALMER (Mrs WHTTAL) of 1906 cannot be the Ana Harris PALMER born 1905. 

Title: Re: George Palmer
Post by: chloerog on Sunday 19 November 17 15:57 GMT (UK)
Thank you for all that info will defo look into it.
wonder why he deserted his family, very strange. Another mystery to add the the collection  ;D.
Title: Re: George Palmer
Post by: george99 on Sunday 16 May 21 17:16 BST (UK)
Hi chloerog. I have also been trying to find info on George Palmer, he is my wife's Great grandfather.

the family details fit with your info; the story is he went to Argentina (alone), died around 1937 owning lots of land etc. the family were trying to connect with his estate, but the solicitors (in London) was bombed !
I was told that there was a notice in a newspaper around 1937 re his demise & will, but have found nothing so far.  Could you please say why you are interested in GP ?  Any info may be of use !!