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Title: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: ankerpep_52 on Wednesday 09 May 18 22:11 BST (UK)
In the 1861 census it states that James Dryden was born in P'cock Cornwall. I am unable to locate this.  He was born in 1811, so unable to search it throught the BMD districts. I would apreciate any help with thanks, anker_pep52 Canada
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: CaroleW on Wednesday 09 May 18 23:01 BST (UK)
What does it say in 1851?   Was he still alive in 1871?
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: Ayashi on Wednesday 09 May 18 23:17 BST (UK)
1851- Ancestry has it transcribed as "Roadhead" but a correction by a user makes it "Roundwood". On the original image I can certainly see the "-wood" at the end. Still no idea.

Worth noting- I believe the marriage is James DRYDEN to Hannah AVEY nee HARTLEY 1840 St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, his father was Thomas DRYDEN.
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: CaroleW on Wednesday 09 May 18 23:34 BST (UK)
Could it be Poundstock abbreviated
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: CaroleW on Wednesday 09 May 18 23:41 BST (UK)
Could 1851 be Ruan Major/Ruan Minor?
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: Ayashi on Wednesday 09 May 18 23:43 BST (UK)
I did wonder that, although there's definitely another c in there.

1871- James is alive but not with his family. The ancestry user infers that his entry is as a lodger in a house in London, place of birth simply "Cornwall".

To further the marriage- father Thomas is a gent. Residence at time of marriage is Walcot Square?
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: ankerpep_52 on Friday 11 May 18 03:15 BST (UK)
Carole and Ayashi: To answer your queries. Hannah married Thomas Avey in Doncaster Yorks, St Georges in 1834. Son Thomas born 1835 & died 1836- Thomas died 1838. She is my grt grt grandad's sister..She married James Dryden Nov 1840 at St Marys, Lambeth Surrey. 1841 Census of Cornwall states he was not born in the county.  1851 Census, I believe residence was in Exeter, St Leonard Parish-address 3 Baring ? Terrace, and born Roundwood Cornwall.??  1861 Census residing Twnshp. of Litchurch Derby. 1871 James was lodger, 2 Conant Pl, St Anne, Limehouse Ldn.born Cornwall & lodging with the Allen family. His name was listed as Jas. Dryden., Hannah was in St Werburgh Derby, 53 Abbey ST, with 4 of her children.  In 1876 James was admitted to the Derby Lunacy, listed as a pauper. and death 4 July 1876. The 6 children were all born in Devon, Surrey and Deryshire. They moved alot. It may be that he didn't know for sure where he was born. Where did you find James' fathers information and in which county was he from?  Thanks for your replies as James place of birth still is a conundrum. Janet
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: trish1120 on Friday 11 May 18 09:57 BST (UK)
Image of the Marriage is on Anc.

Is it possible he was older and dropped his age?

P'cock could be Feock.
Census has a Sarah Dryden born c 1813-1818 born Feock. She never marries and on one Census she is born Truro.
Cant find a Baptism for her though.

FreeREG has a unnamed Male Dryden Bapt 21 Apr 1805, St Uny, Redruth

Several children for them;
JOHN GREEN 03 Feb 1807
JOHANNE    24 Jul 1808
MARY 19 Feb 1819 born 1815
ELIZABETH 19 Feb 1819 born 1817
WILLIAM HENRY 26 Feb 1822 born 1820
(may be others as I didnt use soundex option)

Last 2 have Fathers occp as Merchants Clerk

Marriage is also on FreeREG 25 Jan 1801, Johanna MARDON/Thomas DRYDEN

1851 Census we have;
Anna Edwards, 42
Marianna Edwards, 11
George D Edwards, 10
Henry S Edwards, 8
JOANNA Dreaden, 70, Mother, Widow, Annuitant, born Bow, Devon
Grace Johns, 28
Charles Hale, 3
Elizabeth Vivian, 19

Joanna DRYDEN married Frederic Stackhouse Davey EDWARDS 1836 (FreeREG)

Burial, 11 Jul 1843, St Mary, Truro
THOMAS Dryden age 65

1841 Census
Thos Droydon, 62, Accountant
Anna Droydon, 60
Elizabeth Droydon, 24
Thomas/Joanna NOT born in County

Elizabeth married 1844, Father Thomas. General Agent.

So given occp's for Thomas her certainly could be named as a Gent on a M/C

Worth mulling over at least!

Trish :)

Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: trish1120 on Friday 11 May 18 10:16 BST (UK)
Possible Burial for a JAMES Dryden 17 Dec 1805 St Uny, Redruth
No other info given.

So is this the unnamed Male 1805 who I though may be yours or someone else entirely.

If it was the 1805 Bapt they may have named another Son James c 1811.
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: trish1120 on Friday 11 May 18 10:30 BST (UK)
I see Familysearch.Org has the 1805 Baptism as James Marden Dryden.

CornwallOPC has a THOMAS 29-Jul 1803 to Thomas/Joanna.

Tried to find a Will for Thomas who died 1843 with no luck.

There are definitely some missing Baptisms for Thomas/Joannas children.

A GEORGE Dryden married Sarah Jane White 1840 London.
His Father Thomas, occp Agent
(M/C is on a Tree on Anc.)
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: osprey on Friday 11 May 18 23:45 BST (UK)
Thomas who died 1843 did make a will, it's indexed on the Cornwall Record office website and the wills themselves can be accessed via FamilySearch. Thomas leaves everything to his wife Johanna and after her to all his children, share and share alike, no names given, so no help there!

Agree with you that there seem to be some missing baptisms and that Thomas who died in Kenwyn seems to be most likely father. His address in 1841 was in Lemon Street so probably comfortably off.

Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: ankerpep_52 on Sunday 05 May 19 17:23 BST (UK)
Hello to Osprey, Trish 1120, Carole W, and Ayashi.
  I wish to thank you all for you considerable research into this Hannah and James Dryden family.  As to where James was born, you spent much time and effort to find answers. I appreciate all that the members of Rootschat do to aide others in their research. My attention in the last several months has been elsewhere, so my research has been very sporatic.  Hannah and Jame's childre were all born between 1842 and 1855, so will be following their
families forward.  Again-Thank you. Janer (ankerpep_52)
Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: Little Nell on Sunday 05 May 19 21:16 BST (UK)
Since this has come back up on the radar, I wonder if P'stock is Porthoustock.  The locals pronounce this as 'Prowstock.'  Similarly the village just up the coast - Porthallow - is pronounced 'Pralla.'

Just a thought.

Title: Re: P'cock Cornwall
Post by: ankerpep_52 on Monday 06 May 19 04:22 BST (UK)
Hi "Little Nell"--This area ofP'cock, has stirred up alot of imagination(a true genealogist) but no one seems to have the answer, and I do not have any idea of the names of villages or bergs in England.  This has been a contest of wits, and so many thoughtful possible answers.  Thanks again.  Janet. (ankerpep_52)