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Title: Llanwern
Post by: Ann Laurette on Friday 27 July 18 19:05 BST (UK)
In the thirties my mother then Kathleen Mary Jones lived with her parents Henry and Margaret Ellen at Highbury,Llanwern.Grandfather Henry died 1932when his widow and daughter moved into Newport...does anyone have any idea whether or not the house Highbury still exists?
Title: Re: Llanwern
Post by: MarMnkly on Saturday 28 July 18 22:48 BST (UK)
Hi Ann I have no local knowledge, but the house listings in the last census seems to run in the following order - all of which seem to be large houses on Station Road, Llanwern:
Sherbrooke; Braeside; Higham; Highbury. A google search of all the house names (e.g. Braeside, Station  road, Llanwern) bring up both Braeside and Higham and images.
So possibly Highbury adjacent to Higham?
Mar  :)
Title: Re: Llanwern
Post by: Ron in France on Sunday 18 October 20 11:08 BST (UK)
Hi Ann Laurette
As I have only just stumbled upon this post and it's over two years old, you have undoubtedly found out all you need to know about "Highbury" Llanwern. But just in case you are interested, I lived there from 1948 to 1960, and there is a photo of the house I took in the 1950's on the information page for my father on my website: (
Best regards
Ron Davies