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Title: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: kshaw on Tuesday 08 January 19 17:22 GMT (UK)
I wonder if anyone can help me... I have been having a great deal of trouble with this branch of my tree.

My great grandmother was Alice Elvira Rouleau b. 25 May 1898 in Neepawa, Manitoba. She was the 9th child of Francis Xavier Rouleau 9 Aug 1848 Quebec and Hannah Eliza Stephenson 30 Aug 1861 Guelph, Ontario. They were married 9 Aug 1880 in Brantford, Ontario.

I have found out a great deal about Hannah's family but Francis is proving very hard. The family records say that Francis was the second child (first son) of Joseph Rouleau (born between 1790/1800 L'Isle Verte, Quebec.) and his second wife Marie Taschereau (or Tachereau). However, I can't find any record of their marriage.

It also appears that his first wife (Euphrosine Patonie 1806 - 1874) was still alive during the years that he was 'married' and having children with Marie.

The Rouleau's were a well known Catholic French- Canadian family as were the Taschereau, so it seems unlikely that this was an affair.  Normally while doing family research I would look at this and say it was the wrong 'Joseph', but I have records linking Francis with 2 of his half-brothers. Charles Borromee 1840 and Edouard Hector 1843.

I was sent old family documents that confirmed and contradicted my findings and records. The family document say that Francis's father was called Michal or Joesph Rouleau with all the other information the same. I found no record of a Michal Rouleau but did find a family tree listing Michal as Francis's father.

The other possibility is that Francis himself was not who he said he was. Can anyone help me untangle this web?

Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: polarbear on Friday 11 January 19 18:02 GMT (UK)
Hello there.

I am wondering if you are looking at the correct Joseph Rouleau as the father of your Francis? From what I can see, a Joseph Rouleau and a Euphrosine Patoine (?) (various spellings) are together as a married couple in the 1851, 1861, and 1871 censuses of Quebec? Joseph's 1878 burial record indicates he is the widower of the deceased Euphrosine.

I noted your conflicting records as well. Am also wading through your other info. Seems to be a very tangled web, for sure.


Edited to add: finally found Euphrosine's burial record. It indicates she is the wife of Joseph Rouleau and a Joseph Rouleau is one of the signing witnesses. Curiouser and curiouser.
Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: kshaw on Friday 11 January 19 19:11 GMT (UK)
This is where it gets confusing...

 My great grandmother, Alice, left behind (past in 1990 aged 92) a detailed family tree with all her siblings their families, her parents, and names (with spotty info) of their parents (as listed in the first post).

Along with the tree was a bio of her father's life growing up as the eldest son of the second marriage. I have noted many mistakes, as far as dates being off and locations. But the details have all checked out. The biggest was Francis and two of his brother's (along with another man) starting a French town in Alberta called Rouleauville. It is now part of Calgary. Roughly 20 years ago my grandma (Alice's daughter) was invited to come to the unveiling of a monument to mark the area that was once Rouleauville. Francis's face is on the monument along with that of his brothers, Charles Borromee Rouleau 1840-1901 and Edouard Hector Rouleau 1843. Yet in all the info I can find about Rouleauville it talks about only the two brothers and there is mention of a Minister brother once but not by name.

I started working on this branch about 10 years ago, correcting the errors and ran into the Joesph Rouleau paradox. I couldn't make head or tails of it as it seems that Francis's middle name changes over the years and I couldn't find his birth, death, or marriage records. I am now back trying again after a 7-year break... hoping that more records have been digitized.

To give a bit more insight (if it helps), according to my great grandmother, Francis never talked about his family... he was supposed to be a priest and was sent to a convent, but after an incident where at 12 or 13 he was whipped by one of the priests (for falling into a river and getting wet) he left. His family tried to send him back, but one of his brothers took his side and was sent to a lunatic asylum where he later died. So Francis left home and went to Toronto at 13ish... in the end, he paid his own way through Uni and became a Baptist Minister at Bloor Street Church (roughly 1880).

A family member just today found Francis gravestone which reads "Rev. Francis E. Rouleau"

Any help would be amazing as I've combed through every census looking at every for Francis Rouleau along with birth/ marr/ and death. I know there is a trove of Bap. records in Quebec but my French isn't what it once was.

edited to add: Yes, I to have her burial. I have collected info on all the children of that marriage. Either Joseph was living a double life or Francis is related in a different way.
Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: bbart on Friday 11 January 19 23:07 GMT (UK)
I have been tracking your web of confusion for days, keeping careful notes, and then, without having hit the save button, the computer crashed..... so most of what follows is from memory:

Your Francis had two sons born in Nova Scotia.... they have delayed birth registrations showing that at the time of their birth, Francis was a minister.  One did not know where Francis was born, the other stated that Francis was born in St. Ferdinand.  The son that died in Enderby  BC shows Francis's birth as on a British ship....?  Going back to the Nova Scotia records.... one spells Francis' middle name as Xavier, and the other as Exavia, so that could explain the middle initial E on his grave.

If you haven't seen these birth registration, they are fully readable at  . Just put in the surname Rouleau, and they are the only two births to come up. Note that they are multiple pages, so don't miss them all!

I was tracking a Francis/Francois/Frank Xavier Rouleau born to Ignace Rouleau and wife Marie Fontaine.  Francis was baptised in 1849.  If this was him, he was married once before marrying Hannah. He had a sister (I think it was Josephine) that married into another Rouleau family, so I was on the hunt to see if Ignace was a brother to Joseph to explain the connection to those brothers of Rouleauville, Calgary.  Maybe they were actually cousins, or brother in laws?

There was a Joseph mentioned on either Francis' baptism, or Ignace's marriage, but I can't remember which!

Sorry if this is all confusing, but I thought I should post before the bits in my own memory vanish just like my notes did!  When I stop fuming at my computer, I'll sift through it's memory to see if I can find anything of value that I was looking at.

Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: DonM on Saturday 12 January 19 12:44 GMT (UK)
According to Brant's BMD's Hannah died Feb 13, 1947 in Brantford.

I went to high school with several Rouleau's and there are many still living there.  Have you made contact with any of these?


Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: kshaw on Saturday 12 January 19 19:49 GMT (UK)
bbart - Thank you and I'm so sorry about your computer... I've been there!! I have records for most of Alice's siblings (that's where much of the confusion has come from). I looked into that same pair but couldn't find out much about them so thank you for whatever you do find. I'm fully willing to look into any possibility at this point.

Don - Thank you, no I haven't reached out to anyone in that area. I'm just jumping back into this search myself so I haven't looked down that avenue yet. I would like to have a bit more pointing towards one (or two) family(ies) before attempting to contact living relatives. It's different if I find people also researching but right now I don't feel I know enough to reach out like that. But thank you for the suggestion and by all means if you are still in contact with people feel free to ask them if this matches their family.
Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: kshaw on Thursday 31 January 19 14:17 GMT (UK)
According to Brant's BMD's Hannah died Feb 13, 1947 in Brantford.

I went to high school with several Rouleau's and there are many still living there.  Have you made contact with any of these?


Hi Don, how where you able to see the article? I tried but it only showed me the index, since I don't stay anywhere near Brantford I'm not able to go in.
Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: *Sandra* on Sunday 03 February 19 15:18 GMT (UK)
Rouleau burials Mount Hope Cemetery (Section: IE), Brant County, Ontario

ROULEAU, Albert John   1882 - 1917

ROULEAU, Annbella   1887 - 1965

ROULEAU, Francis E   1849 - 1915

ROULEAU, Hannah E   1861 - 1947

ROULEAU, Lucille M   1894 - 1995

ROULEAU, Percy   1867 - 1970

ROULEAU, Winona K   1903 - 1994

Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: *Sandra* on Sunday 03 February 19 15:36 GMT (UK)
Percy W Rouleau married Annie B Smith (Annabel on the list above - 1887 - 1965) - 18 March 1914 - Portage LA Prairie, Manitoba.

Percy and Annie appear on the 1916 census Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

Percy and Anna appears on Canada Voters List 1962 - 46 Sarah Street Brantford.

1965 only Percy Rouleau (retired) listed at 45 Sarah Street. Brantford.

1957 Percyand Mrs Percy  - Percy is listed as a carpenter - 46 Sarah Street Brantford.

1958 Percy and Mrs Percy - Percy was a builder - 46 Sarah Street Brantford.


Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: *Sandra* on Sunday 03 February 19 15:58 GMT (UK)
Just a few voters lists.......there were more.

Canada Voters List 1962/1963 - Winona Rouleau and Lucy Rouleau (both nurses) 80 Mary Street Brantford Ontario.

Canada Voters List 1965 - Winona Rouleau and Lucy Rouleau -  381 Sheridan Street Brantford. Ont.

Canada Voters List - Winona Rouleau -  Lucy Rouleau  Apt 1 - Eagle Street Brantford.

Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: RunKitty on Sunday 03 February 19 17:14 GMT (UK)
8 Jan 1932, Globe and Mail newspaper has a marriage announcement (copied from Brantford paper on 7 July 1932)

Grace Deatta Rouleau, daughter of Mrs H. Rouleau of 76 Brock Street, married Robert Middleton, son of Mr and Mr B Middleton of North Park Street.  The marriage took place at the home of Mrs H. Rouleau (bride's mother).  There are some other family members mentioned... Rev. Roy Stevenson, cousin of the bride, from Chicago, assisted with the ceremony.  The bride's cousin Mr George Deklienhans of Kitchener, gave her away.  Bridesmaid was Miss Winona Rouleau, sister of the bride. 

Title: Francois-Xavier Rouleau Part 1
Post by: denby on Wednesday 26 June 19 18:00 BST (UK)
Hello K. Shaw and others responding on this question,

I also saw a similar question as this on Rootsweb, and think I may have the answer to your question.

First, the Francois Rouleau, son of Ignace and Rosalie (Fontaine) Rouleau is not your man.  He
was born at St-Jean-Chrysostôme, QC on 5 July 1849, and married at St-David (Lévis), QC on 30 Jun 1884 with Léa St-Laurent, daughter of Louis and Anastasie (Lamothe) St-Laurent.  This François died before 1890, as his widow remarried at St-David, QC on 28 Jan 1890 with a Hyacinthe-Elisée Dionne, son of Honoré and Mathilde (Guimond) Dionne, and widower of Célina-Elmire McClure.

Not to be discouraged, however, as I have another candidate for you. You mentioned that your Francis Rouleau was born in AUGUST 1848; the only other François-Xavier Rouleau that I could find was born in August but two years earlier in 1846.  Remember, all information was given by surviving members of the family, not by the deceased themselves, and they could have been off by a year or so.

The François-Xavier Rouleau I found was born at St-Nicolas, QC on 13 August 1846, the son of Michel Sauvage dit Rouleau and his SECOND wife, Marie Thibault.  I have the family traced back as follows  (see part 2)

Title: Francois-Xavier Rouleau (Part 2)
Post by: denby on Wednesday 26 June 19 18:01 BST (UK)

1   Thomas SAUVAGE, blacksmith (Jacques & Élisabeth Récié)
   b circa 1683 Rouen, FR [par St-Godard]; d Grand-Pré, Acadia
   Anne LAPIERRE (François & Jeanne Raimbault)
   b Grand-Pré, Acadia ca 1693
   m Grand-Pré, Acadia 13 Sep 1717

2   Jacques-Christophe SAUVAGE (Thomas & Anne Lapierre)
   b Grand-Pré, Acadia circa 1729; d St-Charles (Bellechasse), QC 14 Sep 1765 (36y)
   Marie-Geneviève COUTURE (Pierre & Marguerite Bouffard)
   b St-Laurent (Ile d’Orléans), QC 24 Sep 1728; d St-Gervais, QC 14 Feb 1806 (78y)
   m St-Valler, QC 7 Aug 1758

   Note: Geneviève was the widow of Jacques Rémillard (m 1754) at her marriage to Jacques-Christophe; after his death she remarried in 1767 Pierre Rouleau; thus the name: Sauvage/Savache dit Rouleau

3   Jacques SAUVAGE (Jacques-Christophe & Marie-Geneviève Couture)
   b St-Vallier, QC 30 Apr 1759; d Ste-Claire (Dorchester), QC 30 Jul 1826 (67y)
   Angélique RICHARD (Michel & Marie-Angélique Mercier)
   b St-Vallier, QC 6 Feb 1762; d Ste-Claire (Dorchester, QC 25 Jul 1854 (92y)
   m St-Vallier, QC 21 Jun 1784

4   Michel SAUVAGE dit Rouleau (Jacques & Angélique Richard)
   b 178_; d St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 23 Aug 1851
   Marie-Louise TURCOT (Jean-Baptiste & Marie-Anne Drouin)
   d St-Nicolas, QC 14 Nov 1830 (36y)
   m (1) Ste-Famille (Ile d’Orléans), QC 17 Jan 1815


   i- Michel,  b Ste-Famille (Ile d’Orléans), QC 5 Oct 1815; d St-Nicolas, QC 29 Oct 1820 (5y).    

   ii- Marie-Nicolette,  b Ste-Famille (Ile d’Orléans), QC 2 Mar 1817.

   iii- Marcelline,  b St-Nicolas, QC 4 Jun 1819; d St-Nicolas, QC 17 Nov 1820 (17 mos).

   iv- Flavie,  b St-Nicolas, QC 25 Oct 1820; d St-Nicolas, QC 29 Dec 1820 (2 mos).

   v- Marie-Esther,  b St-Nicolas, QC 10 Dec 1821.

   vi- Jean-Chrysostôme, b St-Nicolas, QC 26 Jan 1823; d St-Nicolas, QC 21 Jul 1823 (6 mos).             

   vii- Marie-Rosalie, b St-Nicolas, QC 3 Jan 1824; d St-Nicolas, QC 4 Jan 1824 (1d).

   ix- Marie-Rose,  b St-Nicolas, QC 5 Jun 1825; d St-Nicolas, QC 24 Jul 1825 (7 wks).

   x- Ambroise,  b St-Nicolas, QC 17 Oct 1826.

   xi- Joseph, b St-Nicolas, QC 27 Jun 1828; m Laurierville, QC 14 Feb 1854 Marie-
      Désanges CÔTÉ (Louis & Marie-Louise Côté).

   xii- Louis,  b St-Nicolas, QC 1 Aug 1829; d St-Nicolas, QC 2 Aug 1829 (1d).

   Michel SAUVAGE dit Rouleau (Jacques & Angélique Richard)
   b 178_; d St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 23 Aug 1851 (73y)
   Marie THIBAULT (Ignace & Victoire Demers)
   b 1806;
   m (2) St-Nicolas, QC 17 May 1831


   xiii- Émilie,  b St-Nicolas, QC 20 Feb 1832; d Lauzon, QC 8 Sep 1888 (56y); m St-Gilles (Lotbinière), QC 12 Aug 1850 Jean-Baptiste MARTEL (Jean-Baptiste & Hortense Michon/Phichon).

   xiv- Marcelline,  b St-Nicolas, QC 6 Jul 1833; d St-Gilles, QC 12 Oct 1872 (39y); m St-Gilles (Lotbinière), QC 27 Jul 1857 Louis BÉLAND (Joseph & Marie-Josèphe Bergeron).

   xv- Caroline,  b St-Nicolas, QC 12 Jun 1835; d Disraeli, QC 22 Dec 1893 (58y); m Laurierville, QC 9 Aug 1859 Augustin DUBOIS (Augustin & Marie-Charlotte Daigle).

   xvi- Rosalie,  b St-Nicolas, QC 21 Feb 1837; m Laurierville, QC 13 Apr 1858 Joseph CÔTÉ (Louis & Marie-Louise Côté).

   xvii- Sara,  b St-Nicolas, QC 24 Jun 1839; m St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 16 Jan 1866 Joseph DUBUC (Joseph & Marguerite Bibeau).

   xviii- Adeline,  b St-Nicolas, QC 19 Dec 1840; d St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 31 May 1868 (27y); m St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 4 Mar 1867 Augustin LESSARD (Augustin & Isabelle Binet) widower Marie-Josèphe Huard & Euphrosine Gosselin.

   xix- Nazaire,  b St-Nicolas, QC 5 Apr 1842; m St-Ferdinand (Mégantic), QC 13 Oct 1879 Adéline BOISSONNEAU (Benjamin & Luce Fournier).

   xx- Honoré,  b St-Nicolas, QC 20 May 1844.

   xxi- François-Xavier,  b St-Nicolas, QC 13 Aug 1846.

   xxii- Virginie,  b St-Nicolas, QC 11 Apr 1849.

I could be wrong but based on my over 40 years genealogical expertise, I think this is the François-Xavier you’re searching for based on three things :

1- He was born in AUGUST.

2-He was born of his father’s SECOND marriage.

3-He appears with his widowed mother and brother Nazaire and sister Virginie in Halifax South,  Mégantic County, Québec in the 1861 census; but is gone from this family unit in the 1871 census of the same place, leaving but his mother, brother and sister in that household.  Perhaps he went west to Ontario and Manitoba.   

1861 census Mégantic County (Halifax South) (pp 1-2)

Mary Roulo (farmer), widow, 54y
Nazaire Roulo, 20y
Francis Roulo, 14y
Virginie Roulo, 11y

1871 census Mégantic County (Halifax South, Family 106)

Nazaire Rouleau, farmer, 27y
Marie Rouleau, widow/mother, 66y
Virginie Rouleau, sister, 22y

Hope this helps,

Dennis Boudreau
Title: Re: Joseph Rouleau's family
Post by: kshaw on Wednesday 08 July 20 19:40 BST (UK)
OH wow!! Thank you, I've not been on here for ages and completely missed your lovely posts.

I need to go through everything and I'll post back later. Thank you again x