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Title: Hans Behr - Possibly in Glasgow in the 1940's
Post by: robson1 on Tuesday 15 January 19 19:44 GMT (UK)
I'm searching, on behalf of my mother, for a 'Hans Behr'. He was German and had a relationship with my Grandmother Daphne in the 1940's. Daphne was from the Beccles area of Suffolk, England, but moved to Perth, and then on to Glasgow, Scotland. My mother resulted from this relationship and was born in 1948. We don't know if this relationship happened in the Beccles area of Suffolk, England, or if this occurred in Perth or Glasgow, Scotland, as the move happened around this time.

We only relatively recently found out that Hans Behr was the father of my own mother, her name being Carol, and that for a time he was sending money and letters to my grandmother, but this didn't continue beyond a few years. As a result we know very little.

We would really love to find out any information about Hans, any family he may have, and the life he lived, and so on.

If anyone could help, or help usher me in the right direction, as I've never done anything like this before, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have posted this in the Europe forum and the Suffolk forum as well in the hope of finding someone that knows something.

Thank you.

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