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Title: 1913 Will, Nevada
Post by: Bellevue on Monday 11 March 19 21:04 GMT (UK)
I found a great uncle of mine and from a newspaper article it mentions his will.

"From the Carson City Daily Appeal, Apr. 8, 1913
Big Estate By Priest
The holographic will of the late Father O'Donnell has been filed for probate and he makes bequests to relatives and old friends as follows..........."

This is his grave

I am wondering if it is possible to view this will online, if not - then can I get a copy of it from the relevant authority?

Thank you very much
Title: Re: 1913 Will, Nevada
Post by: Erato on Monday 11 March 19 21:30 GMT (UK)
It seems that in 1913 Carson City was the county seat of Ormsby County.  That county was later eliminated and Carson City became an independent municipality, which is to say it functions itself as the equivalent of a county.  Presumably the probate records from the defunct county are stored in Carson City.  This is the home page of the Carson City government: