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Title: LOUTTIT family
Post by: squirejay on Saturday 29 February 20 15:06 GMT (UK)

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I see from the last entry it is some time since it was posted but I  am back on the trail of the ancestors relating to Elizabeth Mcrae, with the link through her sister Catherine who married ROBERT GEORGE REID MOWAT in 30 July 1917
His father was Donald LOUTTIT Mowat who married Elizabeth Reid on 10 Sep 1886

His father William Mowat married Margaret LOUTTIT on 13 Feb 1846 and she being the daughter of John LOUTTIT who was married to Margaret FORBES.
I am looking for more details of this marriage , when and where it took place and any further details of their other children if any one has any information
I am aware that the name LOUTTIT is usually found in this county and in Orkney Islands

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Title: Re: LOUTTIT family
Post by: MonicaL on Saturday 29 February 20 19:33 GMT (UK)
A possible brother to Margaret Louttit looks to be Donald born c. 1819. See

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Post by: crisane on Saturday 29 February 20 19:59 GMT (UK) has 7 possible children for a John Louttit and Margaret Forbes.
Have you looked on ScotlandsPeople for John and Margaret's marriage?

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Post by: trish1120 on Sunday 01 March 20 11:53 GMT (UK)
Cant find a Marriage but by Census John born c 1783 Dunnet and Margaret c 1786 Dunnet

1851 Census
John Loudit   68 Joiner and Farmer of 24 Acres
Margaret Loudit   65
William Loudit   40 Son
James Loudit   23 Son
Christina Meal   19 Servant
Margaret Murray 7 Great Grandchild (Grandchild)

1861 Census
John Loudath   79 Joiner
Margret Loudath 77
William Loudath   50
Margret Murray   18
David Murray   18
John Murray   15
Robert Campbell 57

1841 Census
John Loudd   55 Joiner
Margaret Loudd   55
Helen Loudd   25
Elizabeth Loudd   20
Margaret Loudd   15

HELEN Loutitt married John MURRAY 4 February 1842

Possible Marriage for ELIZA Loutitt 12 Nov 1842 to James FALCONER

John LOUTIT  christened 1783 Dunnet to James LOUTIT and Margt BRUCE

Margaret FORBES christened 30 September 1784 to John or Donald FORBES and Helen BARNEY

Trish :)

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Post by: Mart 'n' Al on Sunday 01 March 20 13:34 GMT (UK)
In case it is any use to you, I have an ancestor who was master of a ship, the Jennie Loutitt.