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Title: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Sunday 29 March 20 05:26 BST (UK)
Most of our broadcast news in relation to Covid-19 particularly is NZ related understandably. TVNZ has foreign correspondents based to cover their broader areas and much of what we get I heard first on RC threads in this section when I'm attempting keeping up  ;) ... and also from some friends living outside NZ.
Our Europe Correspondent is based in London, we also have one in New York and one in Sydney, so hearing bulletins from them and also reading some news on line,  news of those affected hugely is coming through but many countries very little, have seen some graphs.
Good to get the updating feed from other rootschatters, a lot from the UK naturally and from parts of Australia, also snippets from Canada and the USA and Erato's reports from Ecuador to keep relatively informed of situation and measures in place.

NZ is SHUT, quite strict enforcement with being now on day 4 of lockdown.

1st confirmed case death this morning sadly,  woman early 70's with significant health issues, first thought to have had influenza before diagnosis and reported as stable in hospital since last week and then onto ventilator. I imagine the whole country was hoping as I was that all the hospital patients so far would pull through and at this stage others are stable or discharged.

We get a daily update at 1 pm, with number of confirmed and probable cases plus those in hospital and those recovered, done 24 hourly at 9 am. 

As at 9.00 am, 29 March 2020               Total to date      New in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand    476                            60
Number of probable cases                              38                              3
Number of confirmed and probable cases    514                            63
Number of cases in hospital                        9 (28 total to date)    -
Number of recovered cases                      56                              6
Number of deaths                                        1

Take care out there ... mare
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: Mckha489 on Sunday 29 March 20 05:38 BST (UK)
Hi Mare,

I live in Matamata where today a cluster has been announced,  makes it seem a bit closer!

Anyway news,  this site gives links to many online newspapers. The Guardian is running a good blog.  Also El Pais (the English version) we have been reading because our son is holed up in an apartment by himself in Madrid.  It gives a European perspective which is quite informative.

Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Sunday 29 March 20 05:53 BST (UK)
Thanks for that, a real worry for any family with members trying to stay safe elsewhere. We're a 'bubble' of two in South Auckland with most of our family in Auckland and Northland.

I hadn't heard of the cluster in Matamata even though we have a few friends there but haven't checked social media much this afternoon ;)
One couple of friends there just got in before Friday midnight extension for locals to be home, awaiting ferry crossing in their campervan Friday morning, they were stopped in Taupo for questioning before finally getting home 9 pm.

Stay safe ...
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: kiwihalfpint on Sunday 29 March 20 06:13 BST (UK)
Thanks for that Mckha, I hadn't heard either, have family in Matamata, nothing had been posted on their FB page.  Scary, it is, and hope it doesn't decide to hike up my way and Mare's.

Stay save.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Sunday 29 March 20 07:42 BST (UK)
That link is really helpful, thanks again Mckha ... and 10 mins ago one friend in Matamata shared a post of Know Your Pharmacist NZ of 7 hours back re the Alert of 13 cases, no mention of it on evening news.

added ... and already updated to 19  :(

   "     ... which is possibly incorrect  :-\ as his post now removed/unavailable, will leave it to media announcement, NZ Herald article on line mentions 15, which of course whatever number is still a huge concern for those in contact.   
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: kiwihalfpint on Monday 30 March 20 00:07 BST (UK)
Just been announced on the lunch time news .... stay safe Mckha.

Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: Erato on Monday 30 March 20 00:22 BST (UK)
Ecuador:  Just short of 2000 cases and 58 deaths here, most of them in Guayas Province [Guayaquil] on the coast; about 175 cases in Pichincha Province [Quito].  Very stringent lockdown orders which are respected in my neighborhood but, from what I see on TV, openly flaunted in some places.

ps - Rodolfo did deliver a nice bunch of bananas but they're still a little green so he'll have to wait for his banana bread, after which he will get a request to deliver more flour.  Other than that and the dog food, I'm pretty well fixed.  I haven't gone any further than the front gate in over a week and didn't even go that far today.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Monday 30 March 20 02:36 BST (UK)
Thanks for latest update Erato
                            ... and the relief that I can cross bananas off any list of concern for the minute  ;)

In the main, NZer's seem to be adhering to the enforced tighter restrictions but as everywhere, some think they are a law unto themselves when it comes to interpretations and what they can and can't do. From the 1 pm report, which included the Police Commissioner today alongside the Director General of Health, their site set up for reporting non-compliant members of public and some business was over 4000 in the short time it was up had crashed but now back up, 3 arrests for consistent public breaches and many others spoken to not keeping social distancing and no doubt will be many more. Those determined to do the right thing eager to dob in those being seen to be without a care presumably.

Yes, HP, I caught the midday news report too, a popular tourist spot now with Hobbiton tours etc but so far they're doing a great job with tracing from individual cases and the few outbreaks. There were several BBC correspondent stories in that bulletin today from Europe. So lovely to have the contrast one towards the end of the two celebrating their 112 th birthdays, a man and a woman in UK and locations not that far apart, living through some very big events since 1908!
 I'm trying to keep informed without overloading on the news, good though to have the perspective and follow to a degree, what is rapidly escalating in various places and their procedures for dealing with it. Certainly helps for us to properly realise the implications of not isolating ourselves or closing borders, and to accept that we're doing the right thing imposing such strict guidelines in our little cocoon in the far corner!

Added ... Most impressed with our General Director of Health, his workload has been huge this year and realise he's on a more than OK income but he's worth every penny and more than his weight in gold. The clear concise delivery day by day and his 'passion for prevention' in a such calm manner.

Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: Erato on Monday 30 March 20 03:03 BST (UK)
I never heard of Matamata, NZ.  This is matamata to me:
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Monday 30 March 20 03:16 BST (UK)
I never heard of Matamata, NZ.  This is matamata to me:

Educational thanks and very much in your line of interest. 

In English we tend to pronounce it mattermatter, Maori sounding a bit more like muttermutter ...

Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: roopat on Tuesday 31 March 20 16:37 BST (UK)
I've been checking the website (note it ends with info, I believe there's a variant which may not be safe to use)

It lists all available statistics for every country. Not all countries are reporting or testing in the same way, so the figures given are just a general guide, but it's interesting.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Wednesday 01 April 20 13:30 BST (UK)
Thanks Pat, It's interesting to get a general guide as you say, how other countries big and small are coping ... or not as the case seems to be with some.

We also have a Pacific Correspondent, a journalist based here in Auckland, her report today said there were 7 countries or territories in the Pacific region now with Covid and total of around 130 cases and 2 deaths where the biggest rise has been, in Guam. They have about 70 cases, French Polynesia has around half that  and New Caledonia half again, a handful in Fiji and just a couple in others, all doing very best to contain. Tonga and Fiji policing their island nations with arrests for breach of curfew.

At home; in day 7 of lockdown, also 7 day Civil State of Emergency rolling over another 7 days, widening range of testing and more sites, continuing contact tracing of cases. 61 new today, 708 confirmed and probable, 82 recovered, 1 death and 16 in hospital.

Quite a few BBC reports in news bulletins again today, including the goats taking over the empty Welsh streets  :)

ps Also heard from a friend in NSW that the main two Sydney centric TV shows very much focus and bias to NSW, what government doing there is excellent but not really  covering what is happening in other Australian states and having to look for info elsewhere ... at least we do hear about other parts of our country but perhaps they feel it's more big city biased too  :-\
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Sunday 05 April 20 05:55 BST (UK)

That site has been ideal for quick comparisons, thanks Pat, definitely up to date with NZ on time daily too. We've now gone into 4 figures today, 1039. Cluster cases, including Matamata, have increased in size as they go about tracing and testing contacts, though hopeful that still in containment mode with no spikes showing unrelated to earlier cases.

Don't need much more than that really, just the basics and fact. Not really into debate and opinion too much, politics definitely should be put aside in an emergency situation and good to see that opposition is backing Govt. decisions quite quietly while they're dealing with it day to day as capably as possible, firstly to stabilize and control and in teamwork with the other professionals involved without onlookers calling the shots. An advantage of course to have some knowledge and experience of other countries before us to avoid making too many mistakes in process but learn and amend as we go. Full co-operation would be great and it is with majority and applauded, still minority who think otherwise  ::)
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: a chesters on Sunday 05 April 20 06:46 BST (UK)
Just to show how some people are treating the virus, Manly beach, North Steyne, and Freshwater beach have been closed by the police and the council due to the lack of "social distancing" by the twerps who think a beach is a good place to get together. :-X :-X :-X

So everyone has to suffer, due to lack of consideration by a few.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Monday 06 April 20 06:16 BST (UK)
Complacency with some like that in NZ too, AC and had seen reports of gatherings at yours.

It is supposed to be GO HOME, STAY HOME since lockdown, some decided home for the duration would be their 2nd homes at the beach which was really against directives. Of course it's added pressure on services at holiday spots and many are remote from doctors and hospitals. More people have been turning up in the middle of the night, as reported at one popular spot, obviously not to avoid traffic on the roads   ;) ... so they do know they're doing wrong!!

With Easter Weekend coming up and some no doubt expecting to still take off for their holiday, while the rest of us have cancelled, there will be more policing and roadblocks hopefully.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: a chesters on Monday 06 April 20 06:49 BST (UK)
Gold Coast council in Queensland have closed their beaches, due to the lack of social distancing by the idiots.

OK the weekend was warm and sunny, but..............................
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Friday 01 May 20 04:28 BST (UK)
1st May, day 4 of slight easing of restrictions of lockdown, 11.59pm Wednesday 25th March 2020 - 11.59 pm Monday 27th April 2020. Allowing for businesses not operating under essential services to return to work where possible under the Covid alert guidelines but otherwise advice to stay home stay safe and same conditions of lockdown.

Plans put in place for some children to return to schools if necessary where parents working etc but small percentage seem to have taken it up, no doubt most prefer to wait for next safety level. School where younger daughter works had 15 intending to attend, country school where older daughter teaches only had 5 so didn't open and other arrangements made.

Unbelievable the impatience of some with queues for takeaways of all things!! Unfortunately also out of lockdown there are those who have become complacent, with reports of more breaches but they're being policed or at least warned of prosecutions.

NZ has been quite successful with the tracking and tracing and keeping a fence around clusters, many recovering, still returning travellers in quarantine with the odd one adding to confirmed cases and continued testing being done around the country.  So sad that 2 of our aged care facilities have accounted for the majority of the vulnerable deaths and some staff among confirmed cases.

As of today, our number of confirmed and probable cases is 1479.
Confirmed  1,132 
Recovered 1,252
Deaths 19

Pacific Islands have done well with their restrictions to keep out the virus, Fiji had 18 confirmed cases, New Caledonia the same and both with few cases active. Samoa and Tonga have escaped the virus at this stage, however they along with Vanuatu copped the force of Hurricane Harold in early April with NZ sending aid, utter devastation in Vanuatu.

In other news, we've had the lovely updates of Capt. (Col) Tom Moore and his fundraising efforts regularly along with his 100th birthday celebrations 30..4.2020. Heartwarming stuff  :)

Oh, and my weekly shopping trip this morning was quick and easy, warmed up the car with a slightly longer and scenic route home. 8)

Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Wednesday 27 May 20 06:01 BST (UK)
Seeing as the current general discussion thread is getting very long, will add to this one again instead.

Our headlines have been replaced somewhat by political news, leadership coup of opposition on Friday 22 May and the first few days hearing of said new leader, NZ general elections are coming up in September.

PM has been focussed on job in hand re Covid19 and we gather that is reported globally with our optimistic success at suppressing the virus and no signs of community spread, so cautious easing of restrictions. We're reminded regularly of the virus having a 'long tail' which relates with our last confirmed case nearly a week ago associated with a cluster who was isolating though having previously tested negative weeks earlier. Now a case from the Ruby Princess some weeks on also, a couple of our earlier cases stemmed from the cruise ship too.

Australia has had similar numbers to us, taking into account population size, and there is talk of a Trans-Tasman bubble in the not too distant future. We are being encouraged to make use of our travel industry within the country now that we've been able to move around more for a couple of weeks, Queen's birthday weekend coming up and many will be looking forward to catching up with family and friends or recreation away from home. Australian state borders still closed though I believe, heard their PM mention possibility of getting to NZ before another state! ... it'll be a while I expect as we get our own borders virus-tight.

Other Pacific nations may be interested in joining a bubble, Fiji would be keen to for their tourism industry as well. Samoa has been particularly worried and cautious having had a measles outbreak and loss of life last year, so far avoided Covid19 but concerned at having international fishing boats in the waters and infected seamen reportedly on board and not wanting them ashore.

I expect most of us here are keen to hear the daily updates and fingers crossed we'll have another day of zero new cases, I certainly am! When 4 old cases of returning travellers were added to our total that were previously in Uraguay numbers it made the total jump more than it had done for a while. Currently at 1,504,  confirmed cases  1,154, probable cases 350 recovered 1,462,  active cases are 21 and our death total is 21, none in hospital as from today. 

We're on 'level 2' restrictions now, as from 11.59pm Wednesday 13th May with first stage allowing more back at work if they couldn't work from home, shops allowed to open, hairdressers etc and cafes and restaurants with seating and serving guidelines.
Pubs and bars had to wait another week so they've now had their first weekend open, limited to 100 patrons and distancing guidelines.
Schools were allowed back Monday 18th May, numbers gradually increasing with some choosing to hold back.
Gatherings of 10 people maximum but some exemption for funeral numbers to 50 on application, that is being increased as from Friday 29th May to 100 people maximum for all gatherings and again under the Covid guidelines.
Adjustments and review at 2 week intervals seems to be the plan, with a  date of 22 June in mind for next level  :-\ Know there is call from many to open up sooner, mostly though accepting the wisdom of decisions made for us. (  :P I don't always read the hater and nasty comments but there are plenty on forums etc   ... always some who could do it better  :-X yeah right )

Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Wednesday 27 May 20 06:03 BST (UK)
Golly that was a bit long!   

Erato, I read your update on general thread re your concern for helpful deliverers, pleased to hear the better news, things still rather grim in Ecuador going by numbers.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: a chesters on Wednesday 27 May 20 06:31 BST (UK)
Australia has had similar numbers to us, taking into account population size, and there is talk of a Trans-Tasman bubble in the not too distant future. We are being encouraged to make use of our travel industry within the country now that we've been able to move around more for a couple of weeks, Queen's birthday weekend coming up and many will be looking forward to catching up with family and friends or recreation away from home. Australian state borders still closed though I believe, heard their PM mention possibility of getting to NZ before another state! ... it'll be a while I expect as we get our own borders virus-tight.

NSW is now fully open for intrastate travel, for "recreation".

Queensland is still closed :-X, with a POSSIBLE opening of the border in September :o :o

By that time the "schoolies" will have made arrangements for the end of year 12 "celebrations" to be held in NSW, to the great detriment of the Queensland tourism industry.

PM could well be correct in NSW and Victorian people being able to visit New Zealand before Queensland. ::)

OH and I had the possibility of two (2) tours through Queensland in the next couple of months, a coach load of up to 50 people. All of whom would spend quite well in the outback areas visited, where they are in desperate need of tourists.

Politicians :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: Erato on Wednesday 27 May 20 06:39 BST (UK)
On tv, I can see that in many parts of Quito and around the country people are not following the rules.  But in my neighborhood - an older, middle class, commercial/residential area near the touristy night club and restaurant zone and a red light district - there is virtually no one out on the streets.  Everyone who is out wears a mask and all of the businesses are closed except the nearby minimart, the corner store and two fruit and vegetable dealers [Rosario/Rodolfo and Margarita].  I have been able to keep supplied with food from those sources.  I've also had a hand from Elmer who is normally the municipal parking attendant in this sector but who is currently out of work because there's not supposed to be anyone parking on the streets.  Elmer has always supplemented his income by functioning as the neighborhood handyman and I have always employed him to do minor chores - he is a wonderfully cheerful, reliable and helpful guy.  He has come by a couple of times to see what needs to be done.  So life goes on.  I won't venturing out for a while, though.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Wednesday 10 June 20 13:54 BST (UK)
I think everywhere has examples of rules flauted, some here now disputing how legal the prosecutions for breaches of covid were.
A bit earlier than predicted with restrictions lifted here midnight Monday 8th June, with some caution still and to stay home if unwell, as clear of active cases now but always the risk of a flare again via importation and some do want borders open asap particularly to pacific regions ... not likely though anytime soon.

It does seem a bit strange to be allowed the freedom to be out and about, most we know of our age group at least are taking things fairly quietly but happy to have family come and go and starting to go to meeting groups and usual activities again. Central city is quieter than usual and appears working from home has had some continued appeal.

Masks have been subject of much debate, I had seen many people using them or a substitute and disposable gloves as well ... too many also discarded willy nilly roadside etc! ... however, we were getting from our Director General of Health that apart from PPE for healthcare and essential workers it was a matter of choice but he felt could be problematic if not used correctly, WHO now advises use of masks. Husband was supplied with PPE when he returned to work 3 weeks ago, only had to wear masks a couple of visits, neither of us wore one during restricted period though.

Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Monday 22 June 20 14:43 BST (UK)
After 3 weeks of no active cases we now do have the trickle of new confirmed cases via the border this past week and currently nudging double figures with active cases now at 9. It was predicted but a reminder of how important testing is as symptoms have not been obvious or asymptomatic on arrival, tracing contacts of quarantined cases immediately followed and hopefully restricting any community spread.

Following the Worldometer graphs of global figures and aware of record number of new infections in recent days, most incidents of international interest do make the news here too, new spikes in meat processing places, protest gatherings, presidential rallies and the like.

Our borders are still closed to visitors and for the foreseeable future, Australia also now avoiding opening interstate borders particularly with Victoria having an increase in infected numbers.

 Repatriation of NZers has been quite high in recent weeks, as other countries open their borders, going into isolation at hotels for 14 days, some pressure on facilities with numbers but other options available for more to come. Reports of slip-ups in isolation management have of course made the media and attention given to rectify the situation and systems to follow with more testing in place, day 3 and day 12 of isolation. Risk of contact for those at different stages of isolation has been one of the issues, also lack of testing, some relocating during the isolation period to another facility and early compassionate exemption now unavailable.

Have noted some opinion on local social media ( try to keep that in moderation! ) when referring to the borders so many type it as boarder ... I suppose though we do have our own boarders for 14 days as they cross the border, keeping them in board in hotels.

Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Wednesday 02 September 20 13:33 BST (UK)
Erato it appears numbers are on the decrease in Ecuador now, they seemed very consistent daily over past months, a turning point I hope.

Clarifying some fake knowledge shared by USA president recently, yes NZ has indeed had a community outbreak, worrying but not the massive one he suggested or anything like his own country but it did put us into a stricter lockdown temporarily in Auckland on August 12 – 30. Politics had become foremost in NZ news with election date 22 September and over 100 days without community cases, however the date has been postponed a month and now will be 17 October. Yet another new leader for main opposition party after the recent coup and change of leadership and reshuffling, with health intervening for him, also resignations from some of the team and others retiring and desperately rebuilding. Have our share of dirty politics and media frenzy along with party tactics as well of course.

The defence on the handling of C19 by Government has been high with intense scrutiny and opinion, particularly with perceived issues in border management but being stepped up all the time and backed up by advice of health officials and scientists. For the businesses and the economic recovery another lockdown wasn't welcome but we were aware community cases could occur and would be acted on quickly, still unclear origin in relation to initial infection in this cluster.  With contact tracing, epidemiology has the spread  of cases linked to each other via workplaces, families, church and school etc but genome sequencing has it unrelated to the earlier confirmed cases, quite a mystery for the moment but plenty of research being done.
The QR code uptake has been higher this time, as has the testing and also masks have been made mandatory on most public transport and strongly advised for general public use. Restrictions have eased again a little for Auckland, still new cases appearing within the cluster but the earlier ones recovering, a few have been hospitalised on wards and a handful in ICU and currently 2. Rest homes are still out of bounds for visitors, group gatherings to remain low but schools and shops in Auckland area back and roadblocks lifted on regional borders.

 A few isolated cases outside of our sprawling city, border cases go to managed isolation or quarantine mainly in Auckland but also facilities other cities. This past week a number of border cases of residents on Air India via Fiji ... still low numbers Fiji and a couple of deaths but India unfortunately the hotspot at the moment!
Flight Auckland to Tonga week of  2nd lockdown cancelled, caution with residents returning and Pacific population in Auckland affected greatly this cluster, first flight home for residents and essential workers now arranged to leave this week if undergone strict isolation and testing. 

Victoria in Australia have also been dealing with their worrying influx of C19 and border closures to other states.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Tuesday 13 October 20 05:35 BST (UK)
Our TVNZ US correspondent has settled into her new role following a delay on her departure to New York back in February to replace the correspondent finishing her 2 year stint with some big stories in her placement and returning early in year with her cameraman partner and young daughter. Travel and setting up apartment in Manhattan became possible late in August and it has been pretty full on with presidential campaign reporting over C19, until infection infiltrated the White House with the associated daily news headline dramatics of the incumbent living day by day with his presentation and statements!

European correspondent for TVNZ is based in London and took appointment just over a year ago, so had a few months to explore UK and beyond with his family of 3 school aged boys before having to worry about C19 restrictions. Interviews with some passers by in this morning report showing mixed views and confusion on introduction of more restrictions for England.

Here at home our restrictions are again at the lower level with Aucklanders able to join the rest of NZ once the August cluster showed signs of containment and no further community cases. Unfortunately a respected senior doctor and one family losing 2 brothers in their 50s were the casualties of that cluster, increasing death total to 25 but thankfully few hospital admissions of others. Testing of entrants across the border during 14 day managed isolation accounts for other additions to infection rate with a few some days and others none, occasionally several off one flight and connected by contact or family. Currently 1 new one today, 7 more recovered and total of 39 active cases.

Talk has been of opening borders again, particularly in the Pacific region but with some caution and  as circumstances change with some areas. Travel will permitted in a partial bubble  between NZ to NSW and NT in Australia from Friday 16 October providing passengers have not been in any Covid hotspots, on return to NZ they will have to stay in a self funded quarantine facility for 14 days.

NZ elections just a few days away now, billboards will come down on Friday 16 October but about a third of elible voters have cast their vote early, significantly higher percentage than usual. Campaign has been a bit messy in places and with some mudslinging but quite bearable! Roll on the weekend though please!
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: Mckha489 on Tuesday 13 October 20 06:32 BST (UK)
You left out the hand sanitiser Mare.   ;D ;D ;D

The lurking threat of Covid-19 has also prompted the prominent display of QR codes for the government’s contract-tracing app – as well as large bottles of hand sanitiser – at polling places.

The the hand sanitiser, in a particularly New Zealand turn of events, has gone viral by local standards on social media, with many viewing it as a metaphor for the country’s comparatively pleasant electoral campaign. One Twitter user described it as “awesomely fragrant”; another deemed it “absolutely delightful”, and a third called it “delicious.”

Riordan, the Electoral Commission spokesman, said the sanitiser was selected for its price and the fact that it was made in New Zealand.

“The pleasant fragrance was an unexpected bonus,” he said.
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: a chesters on Tuesday 13 October 20 06:42 BST (UK)
Showing just how inflexible some politicians and bureaucrats can be, a man had serious brain surgery about 10 days ago in Sydney, from Charlie Teo, the best in Oz. When they went back to Queensland, despite the ***%$# knowing he had brain surgery, with the stitches obvious, he was forced into hotel quarantine. After serious media intervention, they were finally "allowed" to quarantine at home.

As though they would be gallivanting around the state :P
Title: Re: Foreign Correspondence
Post by: mare on Wednesday 14 October 20 04:56 BST (UK)
You left out the hand sanitiser Mare.   ;D ;D ;D

 ;D ;D  If it had its own voting papers would be the winner on the day then  ;D

Questionable blanket approach, AC.