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Title: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: california dreamin on Tuesday 05 May 20 20:27 BST (UK)
Will start this off today as for some very odd reason I just feel exhausted!

Such a sunny start to the day.  I can't help but feel we have been really blessed whilst 'locked' down...  Usual morning routine and a bit earlier to the park. Spiderman was playing football with his father today! A bit quieter than usual but maybe because I was slightly earlier.  I don't know if I have mentioned the lovely horse chestnut trees in the park before, but they are looking splendid. The large 'florets' are stunning and always remind me of a children's poem I used to read to my children which compared them to 'candles'.  A nice walk today - I always feel I have accomplished something for the day once home.

Today was the dreaded shop. Ugh.... a constant tannoy reminder in the shop not to dawdle as people are waiting to get in.  I don't know, the wait to get in wasn't really that bad but it's just depressing.  No baking supplies at all flour, yeast, cooking choc, vanilla flavouring, baking powder....  so that was a great disappointment.  Someone was shopping with a child, which I have no problem with, except she was dancing here there and everywhere in the aisles so it was hard to social distance and crack on with the shop.  My shop has fancy new screens in place that really limit the tills from each other.  I've no idea how they expect you to shop if you were in say a wheelchair or on the heavy side.  I'm pleased they want to keep their workers safe, but it is restrictive.

The shop seemed to take ages.  Got back home and had a cuppa before I started to put away.  I've probably put half of the shop away anti-bacing as I went.  I'm never convinced how necessary this is.

Managed to make another call  which I missed yesterday and catch up on facebook just before I had to get tea sorted.  Burgers and salad tonight.

Hoping to find something cheerful on telly tonight.  Quite alot about the upcoming VE75 celebrations and programmes about WW2 on telly.  However, it just makes me sad and I think of my Dad and family members from my childhood that are no longer with us.  When Dad's family used to visit the chat was always about the war and happenings from that time.  They were always so cheerful about it and the stories always so funny.  I really miss them.

Ah well, that's all for today.  How was your day?

Stay safe!
Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: River Tyne Lass on Tuesday 05 May 20 20:42 BST (UK)
Thank you for the kind messages for me and others out working.  I think we are all appreciating what others do, a lot more now.  I particularly appreciate the bus drivers at the moment as without them I know I would not be able to do my job. 

Roobarb - I am glad to hear things worked out re your shopping delivery and you are now well stocked up.  I am also glad to read that despite scare, all is well with your kind friend.

Caroline - you sound like a one woman industry in all the good work you are occupying yourself with.  I am not on FB but I have read that 4,000 people have volunteered to help out making scrub items.  It is really uplifting to know that there are so many kind hearted people out there making such efforts on behalf of others.

CD - I am glad to read that things have much improved now in the way of PPE  and testingfor your 'frontline' daughter.  She and others in NHS are doing an amazing job and they should not have to risk their own lives to do it - as they have done.

Victoria - is that place anywhere near me?  A 'Urinal Embassy' sounds like just the place I could do with during my commutes ..  ;D ;)


Finished nightshift.  Second bus ride home unfortunately turned out no better than the day before.  I will have another attempt tomorrow in trying to keep conscious enough on way home to appreciate the 'charming' vista en route.  Honestly, it is just like going to see a good film and then finding you have slept all the way through it! Really must try harder tomorrow!

Colleague had brought in some good books for me to borrow.  So I put these away safely when I got in.  I feel a sense of well being in knowing I am now very well stocked up on the book front.    :) Roobarb, sorry, I have just realised that I did not answer your question last week re books  ... I tend to get the majority of my books from the library (goodness knows how long it will be before libraries can safely reopen though so that option is now out the window)  and occasionally some are passed on from friends.  I do sometimes buy an odd second hand or new book too.  I felt compelled to buy  books the other day as I don't like the prospect of being without a book.  I like hard copies that I can carry around rather than online ones.

Woke up for tea time and had some of the quiche I made the other day and some beans and an orange.  Read some articles  after tea.  I like some  upbeat articles about how individuals are helping others.  There is one lovely write up about a young boy with autism who is being an  DJ to keep other children entertained.

I also read an interesting article about people who now actually seem to prefer their new slower paced lives in lockdown and are not looking forward to normality.

I am now back on my commute to nightshift.

PS - I very nearly started a new post for Wednesday 6 April .. it is really getting much harder these days to keep on track with the days.  :)

Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: Roobarb on Tuesday 05 May 20 21:50 BST (UK)
I've just written a load of stuff and all of a sudden it had disappeared!  :'(   :'( Can't face typing it all again tonight, I'll do it tomorrow.
Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: Caw1 on Wednesday 06 May 20 00:08 BST (UK)
Oh dear Roobarb it's so frustrating when that happens! Look forward to reading yours tomorrow then...

RTL - you're very kind in your comments, I've always been a 'doer' as my mother used to say! I just enjoy helping where I can and if you have a talent for something use it for the greater good rather than waste it!

CD - I loved your description of Spider-Man and his antics... it could be youngest grandson you were talking about and it brought a smile to my face 🙂. You're right about the horse chestnut trees they look very majestic, I was only thinking that when I walked down the village today as we have several....

My daily diary

This morning seem to pass by in a blur really... usual breakfast, OH up before me...
I had my online shopping list to finish as I've got to collect it tomorrow...
Changed into my exercise kit and did my session of Yogalates.... don't know what our teacher was doing with her camera but it was sideways on, so I had to turn the laptop to stand like a book... noticed several people had made comments!...
OH outside now kreocoteing  the fences.... at least it doesn't smell quite as bad as creosote!
Lunch... just had two slices of toast today...
Finished sewing buttons on headbands... managed to make my friend 30 for her DiL hospital in Norwich, when I'd finished I wandered gown the village to drop them off to her...
Got the fright of my life as I was walking past the church just where our war memorial is and this voice appeared to be talking to me... I couldn't see anyone and then a friend popped up from behind the memorial! She was busy laying all the knitted poppies we'd made at WI round the memorial for the VE celebrations on Friday.. they're going to have a remembrance at 11am everyone social distancing outside. One house has already got Union Jack flags and bunting up..
Had a quick chat at a distance when I dropped headbands off , leant that another friend in her 80's who lives on her own decided she couldn't manage and the isolation was getting her down, so she had a covid19 test and has moved into a care home several villages away...
We've got quite a few people on their own and I just want to knock on their doors when I'm passing to see if they're ok.... but can't do that really sadly..
Up to my work room, cut out four tops two prs trousers and started to sew them up....
Dinner, chicken breast with new pots and vegs....
Watched tv... Killing Eve... I swear that programme gets more weird by the day.. then inside the factory with Greg Wallis, he's like a kid in a sweet shop! This week was about cereal bars and they interviewed ..... Jordan who first started making granola in early 70's then on to the bars... interesting as you can see the Jordan's buildings when we drive down the A1 not that far from us.

Off to bed... if I wake up early I shall get up and go to Lidls for 8am , then collect my shopping I almost dread it all now it's such a trauma..

Didn't even watch the briefing today first time I've not... don't think I'm missing anything... waiting till Sunday see what Boris has to say!

Stay safe everyone

Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: pharmaT on Wednesday 06 May 20 09:34 BST (UK)
Been lazy about posting.

Today's maths lesson for the younger one was if you do fewer tasks per day than the teacher adds then your to do list will get longer.  The older one is the opposite has submitted all Tuesday's work, Wednesday's work and all but one of Thursday's which she has started and will probably finish Wednesday.  She has decided she's not done enough and as a result will fail her exams as a result.  I don't see how when she's done it all and so many of her classmates have barely started the stuff from 6 weeks ago.

Cleaned out another cupboard today and grass is now cut.  As a result had pizza for dinner as less cooking involved.
Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: Pheno on Wednesday 06 May 20 10:21 BST (UK)
'The shop seemed to take ages.  Got back home and had a cuppa before I started to put away.  I've probably put half of the shop away anti-bacing as I went.  I'm never convinced how necessary this is.'

I just wonder how this reconciles with making baby blankets for the local hospital.  How will they know where the blankets have come from, who has touched them, maybe they are carrying the virus, but whomever makes them is expecting them to be used on newborn babies.

I sort of feel that if one can't put away the shopping without all the faffing of cleaning/quarantining it then it is perhaps a bit naive about expecting a hospital to use home knitted baby blankets in the current situation.

I can't help thinking this every time I see something about all the wiping down of shopping etc or  about the provision of knitted/made items for use.

Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: Caw1 on Wednesday 06 May 20 10:31 BST (UK)
Pheno -

with regard to the baby blankets I'm making it's my understanding, from making them before, that they all get washed before they even go anywhere near a babies precious skin... hope that will alan your fears!

It does seem rediculous that we are having to wash down shopping in either soapy water, anti bad wipes or in my case too isolated in the garage for three days!

I've also been making scrubs for NHS and health care service and these re all washed at 60deg before being used by anyone in the various institutions.

Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: Pheno on Wednesday 06 May 20 11:02 BST (UK)
Thats good to know Caroline, just couldn't put it together in my head.

I don't do any washing/quarantining of any shopping coming into the house.  Didn't really think of it initially and now it just seems a bit excessive, particularly when we are being told that just washing hands frequently is enough.  Just normal precaution of washing hands having come in from outside and that goes for all 3 of us in lockdown together.  I am not in the 1.5million vulnerable category so perhaps it is different if you are, but I am in the next category down with an underlying health condition.  Personally I think that the more measures we currently employ to avoid the virus, over and above the actual guidelines, the harder it will make it to ease out of lockdown at the appropriate time.

Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: Caw1 on Wednesday 06 May 20 11:15 BST (UK)
Pheno - I know what you mean washing shopping in comparison to not washing items to be used on babies seems quite alien!

We are not in the vulnerable group but OH does have underlying health issues and I do it all to be careful for him although he doesn't go shopping or deal with it any way!

Crazy times we live in and the thought of how they're going to administrate coming out of lockdown doesn't bear thinking about! All will be revealed on Sunday by Boris, possibly, unless the press get hold of the info first in which case they can jump the gun and make a real meal out of it before he's actually opened his mouth.... oops sorry for that!

Lovely sunshine today, thankfully making the world seem a slightly better place than it is right now!

Take care

Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: River Tyne Lass on Wednesday 06 May 20 18:45 BST (UK)
Just continuing on from where I finished off last night ..

Last night turned out to be another runner night.   I was starting to get a bit anxious as sitting  waiting on second bus to work I noticed that we had run over time for departure.  I went to speak to the driver about it.  He was busy munching on an apple.  I launched into my spiel about being on nightshift and that I was going to be late etc.  Driver immediately agreed to get going.  I do occasionally find that these night time drivers can be more lax about keeping to their time table.

When we got to my destination I thanked the driver and he breezily called "You're welcome!".    I just hoped he looked in his rearview mirror as he pulled away and saw me having to run like billy-o to try to make up the lost time.   I did manage to arrive at work on time although somewhat out of breath.

Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: louisa maud on Wednesday 06 May 20 18:51 BST (UK)
I hope your boss makes allowances for you if you are late, sounds as if you have  very tricky journey reliant on the  busses being on time which isn't always possible

Take care

Louisa Maud
Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: River Tyne Lass on Wednesday 06 May 20 19:01 BST (UK)
Thanks Louisa maud.  I hate being late.  I am needed to start on time otherwise I wouldn't bother to drivers to finish their coffee or their apple or their chat or whatever.  I am grateful that buses are still running but I just wish they all realised that it is as important to stick to their time tsble in the evening as much as through the day.

There that is my rant for the night over!  ;)

You take care too.  :)
Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: louisa maud on Wednesday 06 May 20 19:17 BST (UK)

My friend has made hundress of scrubs, masks and mop caps, she has asked for the materials and has had a good response , must admit my linen drawer is much depleted at the right time, all put to good use, silly me gave her every bit of my elastic and now I have had to almost make do and mend  for my own masks  but I don't mind, it is a good cause

This is a job well done to all who are involved

Take care

Louisa Maud
Title: Re: Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
Post by: Roobarb on Wednesday 06 May 20 19:22 BST (UK)
Here I am again, not sure what's going on with my laptop, it seems to have got really sensitive, unless I've inadvertently changed some setting I don't know about. Well it may seem over the top but I'm now typing this into a text document and will cut and paste it into Rootschat, I get so annoyed at wasting my time when it disappears. So it's now Wednesday but I'm writing as if it was Tuesday.

RTL, you always mange to give me a laugh in your posts, that's great in such times when they're few and far between. If your bus is late try to think about it as a positive for your cardio vascular system!

Re the washing of groceries, it would be very interesting to know if anyone has actually contracted the virus from their shopping but I realise there is no way to find that out. In the meantime I'd rather play it safe, that's partly because I'm not naturally a risk taker but mainly due to the nature of this disease and the fact that it attacks the lungs.

My diary for Tuesday:

Felt quite agitated all day. Spent quite a lot of time reading and watching bits of This Morning, they seem to be struggling with the content lately but I think they're doing a great job of keeping us entertained and informed.

Usual walk late morning, I'd been told that despite the lovely sunshine the wind was cold. It was pretty breezy and coming straight off the sea so I wore a heavier jacket. I soon regretted that as it didn't take me long to warm up.

Back home for lunch, then washed the rest of the tins from my delivery order. Was nice and warm in the back garden, a gorgeous day. Followed that up with some gardening.

I roasted the chicken I'd got in my supermarket delivery yesterday, did extra roasted veg so I can have a repeat meal without too much bother. The rest of the chicken will do me for the repeat and at least another three meals.

Watched Doc Martin, I've seen the episodes before but they're still entertaining.

My friend who is in hospital after her op phoned me, she's coming out tomorrow, hooray.

That's all folks!