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Title: Russia - Peter Hudjakow /Hudjakob / Hudjakov / Pyotr Khudyakov
Post by: wdlocky on Tuesday 26 May 20 12:28 BST (UK)
Trying to trace my grandfather's tree from Russia.  I believe the spelling of his name has probably changed from how it was spelt in Russian, he was a displaced person after the war.

He came from a town near the White Sea and the finish border called Archangels (arkangelsk), his father was a hunter for furs and he was one of five brothers, his grandparents also lived in the village.  He was drafted at 18 and then captured and taken prisoner.  His mother was pregnant when he was drafted.  he was born 30th December 1922.

I have never been able to find anything on him or his family, he never contacted his family after the war for fear of reprisal by the army for him not returning to Russia.

I would love to find some more about his family.

Any help appreciated.