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Title: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Caw1 on Monday 22 June 20 00:27 BST (UK)
Well it was the longest day today so we're halfway through the year... what can we say about it...
 this has probably been the most memorable year for the majority of the population since WWII ..... for those not born then this will be the time that's remembered...
it will be interesting to see what's written about the pandemic and remembered in say 50 years time....
 I won't be alive then nor probably will my children but hopefully my grandchildren will be... at 4 and 7 I wonder what or if they will remember this year...
no school except home schooling, being at home with Mum & Dad, not seeing their friends except via Zoom or when out social distancing... will this become the new norm... biking everywhere, not seeing us or their other grandparents as frequently as they used to, we've been lucky as they came to visit but they've not seen their other grandparents as their homes and gardens aren't suitable for social distancing..
Today as it was Fathers Day I've thought about it a great deal as we usually meet up at our daughters along with SiL's father and all go out for lunch... today was a Zoom ... not the same..
I feel quite bothered by all this and it's reflected my mood today which has been some what subdued.

Today's diary

Woke to a dull start but not cold and the sun soon shone  through....
Daughters card for F Day was very amusing...
Usual Sunday of reading the papers most of which to be honest these days I just skim read unless anything takes my interest but there isn't much that does...
Dreadful stabbings, usual covid articles to make one feel like topping oneself ..apparently we're now fatter than pigs according to a The Sunday Times..
What's up .... bike sales, jigsaws, games, flour, Netflix, yoga, online shopping etc etc... oh and Philip Green looking to buy yet another yacht for £25m whilst taking government money to furlough his staff...
Gave up reading in the end.. went upstairs to cut out some more face coverings...
Lunch then two games of scrabble, won one lost one... now three behind!
Up to do some sewing..
Had Zoom with daughter but our internet kept dropping out... total frustration... hope they can sort it soon!
Dinner, chicken, new pots & veg
Watched Antuques Roadshow and new programme set in NZ in 1800's called The Luminaries based on a book by Eleanor Catton which was shortlisted amd eon the 2013 Booker Prize... well all I can say, based on having watched the first episode the book must be completely different then because we thought the tv adaptation was a complete load of unbelievable rubbish... I will give it a second chance but I'm not holding out much hope!
On that note I came to bed to catch up...
Despite trying to keep cheerful for Father's Day felt completely miserable today....
Hope others had a better one!

Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: mowsehowse on Monday 22 June 20 08:06 BST (UK)
Oh Caroline, so sorry you had a miserable day yesterday, and hope you have a better day today. :-*

I would agree with you on every point you raised, especially the Luminaries which I have read.
Of course if you throw all the pages of a very long and convoluted novel in the air, and then make a TV series in the order you pick them off the floor, it may not work quite as well, in my opinion.
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: mowsehowse on Monday 22 June 20 09:39 BST (UK)
Had quite a disturbed night, woke several times for some reason, so it was nearly 08:00 before I got up. A reasonably clear morning and the sea is quiet.
Tried to call my grandchildren  in Oz, but apparently they were busy watching Mary Poppins so did not want to talk to me, and cut me off!! 

Edited the photos from yesterday's meet up, and loaded them to the facebook page.

The Coast Guard helicopter flew over our roof and across Goodrington bay, low and slow, then along the coast line to Berry Head.  No idea if they were searching or doing an exercise.

Drove over to Teignmouth to walk, because H had decided we should.  Of course it was cold and windy, and we had to take shelter from a sudden squall.  Then got mobbed by seagulls when we tried to picnic.  Lots of people out trying to have fun, the crazy golf was jammed.

News reports of stabbings and shootings in UK this weekend absolutely shocking!

Copied the pattern for a shaped face covering from the internet to graph paper, and discussed with H at great length. Finally he opted for the rectangular pattern with an opening to insert one layer of kitchen roll. 

Evening walk along Goodrington beach very quiet.  Nothing much of interest happening.  The enormous cruise ships are still at anchor on the horizon, and we have read reports the the skeleton crew on board are stranded and unpaid.  Spent several minutes trying to get a decent photo of a pied wagtail, but the little chap was darting around catching insects, and was way too quick for me.

Made monthly renewal of medications prescription for the 4th time since official Covid crisis restrictions put in place by government.... at the start we still had daffodils around, now the hydrangeas and dahlias are in bloom.
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Roobarb on Monday 22 June 20 09:54 BST (UK)
Caroline, very sorry to hear that your day wasn't a good one. I agree that the thought of such an uncertain future is depressing, reading about plans that are being put in place for businesses like pubs and restaurants actually just makes me feel worse - is this all we have to look forward to?

I woke up feeling very depressed, no idea why as I was quite upbeat yesterday. A warm and sunny day but there was a heavy rain shower around the time I was intending going for my walk. It soon cleared, I tied a light jacket round my waist when I went out in case it returned. Same walk as usual, nothing to report.

Was feeling agitated and couldn't settle to anything. Did a bit of sorting out in the garage then my friend phoned to say she was on her way with my shopping. Had a doorstep chat with her, felt a bit better. Did some gardening.

Message from another friend inviting me to have a socially distanced get together in her garden on Monday afternoon, something to look forward to.

Interesting to read of your exploits mowsehowse, getting out and about must be helping you. Pesky seagulls!

This diary seems to have dwindled to just a few of us lately, looking back to when Trystan first started it there were quite a few contributors. I wonder if people are just getting jaded with it.

Hope you're having a better day today Caroline.
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: louisa maud on Monday 22 June 20 10:09 BST (UK)
Mowsehowse, my brother lives in Teignmouth, it is a lovely area, he, quite by accident moved there from Stockport a few years ago, his wife managed to get a sideways move to Exeter hospital,  he had recently been made redundant and found a job in Tesco's in newton Abbott, so whereas he had said for years he would come to live nearer to me to look after each other he has gone further away but he is nearer his son,  he rang me yesterday and it enjoying his life in that area, his flat overlooks the prom at Teignmouth and can see out to sea from the lounge window in the complex, no need to go out on a blustery day,  I must try to get to see him this year, he can't put us up but if the guest room is free we might opt for that, not seen him for 2 years.

Our daughter came here yesterday, fathers day, she had made her father a lovely lemon drizzle cake amongst other things, although working from home she is getting plenty of baking time

22nd, today looks like being a really nice day, washing out and I am a happy bunny

I am hoping things will look up soon and we will have more freedom, I sometimes wake up feeling down but we are luckier than some people, we have to count our blessings whilst we can, us over 70's might be let out soon, yippee can't wait !!

Have a nice day folks

Louisa Maud
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Ruskie on Monday 22 June 20 10:18 BST (UK)
I generally read the entries roobarb.  :) I donít contribute because I donít do anything interesting and I am 9 hours ahead of the UK. It is currently Monday evening here.

Sunday I did nothing much - had a visit from daughter and her boyfriend. I made Bahn mi, which were quite authentic I think. Not too hungry because we had left over pizza for breakfast. Sent boyfriend up on the roof to clear the leaves out of the gutters due to rain forecast.

Got a few mils of rain in the evening which is always welcome.
Things almost back to normal here. A few restrictions remain with lower numbers allowed in restaurants etc. Iím not a million miles from Carolineís son.  ;) Several more cases in Victoria apparently mostly due to large families meeting up and continuing to go to work despite being ill. Idiots. Planned reductions of restrictions in that State have now been postponed. I think people are doing whatever they want to. I try to avoid crowds at the best of times and havenít been aware of attempts at social distancing for many weeks. People are either stupid or donít care.

Took dog for her usual walk around the local streets which is always boring but generally eventful - she is getting a bit of a reputation for her zooming around in circles antics.

Watched a bit of rubbish TV in the evening.

Did nothing else of any interest whatsoever.  ;D
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: mowsehowse on Monday 22 June 20 12:36 BST (UK)
Ah, there you are Roobarb, a couple of writers responding to your call.  :D

Ruskie I usually don't post until the next day, about 8 to 10 hours later, so I doubt the time difference matters much.  Worried to see your comments about virus escalation in Victoria as my son and his family are there!

From behaviour observed in the UK it does seem that the less vulnerable age groups do not care, or are indeed stupid.

Louisa Maud I can imagine you were disappointed that your brother moved so far away, but there will be chances to visit I'm sure.  It is lovely there, but far too blustery yesterday for me to enjoy it much.  On a good day, without the need for distancing, it is marvellous to walk along the promenade towards Dawlish.  Goodness knows when I will feel comfortable about doing that again. 

Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Caw1 on Monday 22 June 20 13:28 BST (UK)
Ruskie - I don't think it matters that you are ahead of us, it's nice to read how others are coping wherever in the world you are....
we only have the media, generally, to advise us of how the situations are elsewhere. It's bad enough sifting through media reports here to know what's correct or not!
Teingnmouth is a lovely area and I do look forward to being able to visit all these petty places... maybe not this year though ☹️. Hopefully Louisa Maud you'll get to see your brother in the near future if you can stay with him...

Roobarb - I get the feeling that those of us who are posting daily its creating a good support system and I personally enjoy my daily read...
Sorry that you had a poor day too ....
Hope you have a lovely meet with your friend and I'm sure it'll lift your spirits...
Mowsehowse- when we visited Salcombe a couple of years ago I couldn't believe the size of the seagulls and we watched two fighting over and ice cream cone filled with ice cream thta some poor soul had probably dropped for fear of being mobbed by these big birds...
When we were in NZ on one of our visits there we sat outside a little restaurant to have a drink and there was a notice on the table warning punters to be aware of seagulls taking food of your plates... in particular chips! We witnessed this and it scared a child to screaming point!

On thta cheery note I'm off to eat home baked bread! 😁😁
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Gibel on Monday 22 June 20 13:32 BST (UK)
Iíve lurked for a while but didnít join in because it seemed to be very much just something between a few people but I will answer the plea.

Iím one of the ďshieldedĒ and I live alone and have been stuck in the flat and our garden since 23rd March. Originally it was 12 weeks and then another 2 weeks were added and now well who knows!
My life now is very lonely, boring and quiet and Iím very envious of people who can now meet others, go shopping, go out in a car etc.

So back to Sunday well I had breakfast, decided Iíd go for a walk ( this is now allowed for the shielded but it has taken me awhile to get used to going out, it was frightening to start with and Iím still not keen) I put on my mask and off I went unfortunately I hadnít gone far when the heavens opened and back I came. I changed, looked at stuff on the iPad, did puzzles on the iPad thought about some family history I should do, had lunch, tidied up, and got ready for the highlight of my week a friend comes for an hour for a coffee we sit outside 3m apart. She brought me some home made scones. My oven died 3 weeks after my isolation began and hasnít yet been sorted.

Sunday has become my treat night since isolation began, I have a M & S  meal, it was an Italian one. I only have them on a Sunday so that they last a while till a friend can replenish my stock. Had one of the scones my friend brought me. Washed up and later watched ďallo alloĒ. Went to bed, coughed madly for a bit, couldnít get to sleep worrying about the letter the shielded are getting this week, also my next hospital appointment with the oncologist  on Wednesday which is on the telephone and whether I will soon get the treatment that was postponed for 3 months at the end of March.  Iíve had 3 different Hospital appointments on the telephone and 2 of them were useless. Got very upset and eventually went to sleep.

So you see my days are very long, boring and lonely at the moment, until next Sunday I will see 2 people briefly, the gardener on Monday and my friend who brings my shopping on Thursday. I will speak to people on the telephone and thatís it.
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: mowsehowse on Monday 22 June 20 13:43 BST (UK)
Gibel, what a GOOD job you decided to talk to us.

We ARE listening.
Hang in there, and I hope you can enjoy a little sunshine this afternoon. :)
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Caw1 on Monday 22 June 20 13:57 BST (UK)
Gibel- I agree with mowsehowse just keep coming on here and Iím sure weíll find some ways to cheer you up and not feel so isolated.
It must be hard being in your own and listening to your own rhythms but join ours and feel the benefits!
Enjoy the sunshine and look forward to hearing from you again.

Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Roobarb on Monday 22 June 20 16:54 BST (UK)
Gibel, I'll add my voice to those of mowsehowse and Caroline, I'm pleased you replied, it's as the others said - we have found the support of others very useful and hope you will too.
I agree that it's very daunting when you first go out and about and even when restrictions are eased you ask yourself whether you really want that. It does get easier to deal with as you go on.
The impact on your life must be very difficult, I'm only in the clinically vulnerable class so have had more freedom from the start but it's dreadfully lonely being alone and having been restricted to your own garden for so long must be even harder. I'm pleased to hear that you do have a visit from your friend, a friendly face always helps. I hope you soon get your treatment and things look up for you. Do keep us posted, we'd love to hear from you again.

Ruskie, it's good to hear about what's happening on the other side of the world, most of our lives are pretty unremarkable at the moment but the minutiae of others' lives is always more interesting. It's also good to read thoughts and observations from a different perspective. I wonder if such things as the extra cases in Victoria will be a lesson elsewhere.

Louisa Maud, good to hear that you're happy, some little things that we would never have previously thought of have the ability to change our mood in these strange times.

Caroline, I agree that we're creating a good support system, these topics are the first thing I read in the morning now, the kind words I've received have been wonderful and I've had a few laughs from some of the recent posts.  :)
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: louisa maud on Monday 22 June 20 18:40 BST (UK)
I frequently have sleepless nights and I must admit over the years instead of being restless and disturbing the other half I would log on  to Rootschat, if I found an interesting subject to help out on I would find I had worn away 2 hours or so and would go back to bed, at times I really didn't know what I would have done without Rootschat, open 24 hours, 7 days a week, now we have the lockdown chat someone is there during that time and it is nice to read other messages, Rootschat never closes

I don't always remark on the diary but it is interesting to read what others get up to

Like most of us can't wait to be let out but I think we ought to do it day by day to avoid any rush of those who are more exuberant than me to rush to the shops

Take care, stay safe

Louisa Maud
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: bearkat on Monday 22 June 20 18:51 BST (UK)
Gibel, I feel for you, especially as you are waiting for treatment.

I'm not shielding but I'm not keen to go out as infection rates aren't great near me.  I've been for an occasional walk but not been in a shop for 3 months. Sometimes the most exciting thing I do all week is put the bins out. I manage to fill my days.

Rootschat keeps me sane (I think).  I don't often post on this board but enjoy reading about what other people have been getting up to.  There's plenty of support on Rootschat.
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: River Tyne Lass on Monday 22 June 20 19:31 BST (UK)
Gibel,  I am very glad you have joined in the thread.  What a thought provoking post you have made and you are a good writer.  It certainly adds to that we are each facing this in a variety  of circumstances and that each of us have our own challenges.  I really do think your post will help others in similar circumstances.  I also think it does help to read that others feel the same as you and also have another perspective on how people have to face this all. 

I do feel for you and the many others like you in similar isolation.  I think this must be so difficult and require such mental strength to cope with it all.  Please remember though that you don't have to feel alone - people are here to listen on this thread.   Bearkat is right there is plenty of support on here.   I am very sad and moved about how upset you have been Gibel and hope that things will improve as time goes on.

I don't post all the time .. sometimes it is hard to keep up .. sometimes I feel so incredibly tired .. sometimes my life can feel too much like same old same old. 

One frustrating thing that happened recently was that a bus went by without picking me up.  The driver slowed a bit and pointed upwards.  I think there is meant to be a sign up if the number limit is onboard but this wasn't showing - only the destination was showing.  It was a single decker so I presume the number limit of 11 were aboard.  Thankfully, I wasn't headed to work at the time.  I think this was bound to happen sooner or later so perhaps I shouldn't have felt so surprised when it did. 

Caroline I do envy your skill at making delicious homemade bread.  I tried in the past but mine turned out a bit brick like.  :-X. Well, I had better sign off for now - I have to get a bus for nightshift soon and mustn't be late.  :)
Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Gibel on Monday 22 June 20 20:34 BST (UK)
Many thanks everyone for your posts and your good wishes.

As I sort of expected shielding has been extended till the end of July. 6 weeks today I can do whatever I want itíll be very strange. I should be in Switzerland then in my second week of holiday but I shanít be because I cancelled it. Iíll miss my dose of mountains.

I havenít been out at all today I was tired, fed upand in a lot of pain.

If I feel better tomorrow I might go out for a walk and I might do some family history. I have been chasing my maternal grandmotherís family for years. Her maiden name was Jones and she was born in Liverpool and very unhelpfully she got married just after the 1901 census. To cut a long story short her father was established and his father my g g grandfather. That took about 11 years to sort out.  Then after 7 years of marriage he went and confessed to the vicar ( itís written in the parish register) that his real surname was Brierley and showed his baptism certificate in 1806 from Bunbury Cheshire. After tracking most of the Brierleys in Cheshire I think Iíve established his line, fortunately his father was Isaac which helped. I need to start writing it all up.

I do enjoy trying to help people on Rootschat. These last few days Iíve been helping someone on here whose family comes from places I remember as a child in Kent well some of it now a London Borough. My roots are all Lancastrian except for the Brierley mentioned above. I had no idea till I started researching. I now live 100 metres from the church where the first baby to be christened was my great grandfather in 1857.

Enough rambling, thank you for listening Iím making a coffee and retiring to bed with a jigsaw on the iPad or it might be a book.

My next challenge is working out how to get some money out of the bank to pay friendís for my shopping. Am I allowed to go to a cash point or even should I ?

Tomorrow is another day as they say, 40 days to freedom and Iíve done 91 days already!

Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Caw1 on Monday 22 June 20 20:51 BST (UK)
Gibel - reading your post and what you've had to endure over these past months I now feel awful for complaint of at times feeling stress, being miserable and anything inbetween... my life in comparison is good and I will think of you and others like you every time I have a bit of a wobble....
On the money from with your friend... if you're not sure about going to a cash machine could you not, if you've got online banking, pay it direct into her account?
Keep posting here and we will try to keep you company and give you the odd laugh here and there!
You seem to have made good inroads on your family history.... I've not looked at it at all over this time!

RTL - sadly I'm not the bread maker.... just the eater... my OH is the baker and he does a brilliant job and I've not bought any bread for weeks! Your stirling work is an inspiration to us all alone with PharmaT... Mazzie who is coping with children in schools...
Some are living on their own and have many obstacles to cope with...
It's all a diverse collection of people and interesting to hear everyone's experiences and help where we can.

Take care everyone

Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: Annette7 on Monday 22 June 20 21:43 BST (UK)
My day far from exciting but I'm used to living alone which doesn't bother me generally.   As one having to shield it's only when you are told that you can't go out that living alone seems to become an issue.   Some of my family have visited at times (when weather permitted) and we've sat socially distanced outside.   

Since the day of lockdown I have left my home twice.    First was around 3 weeks ago when it was suggested to me that as my car had gone nowhere either that I ought to give it a run.   At the time I desperately needed some cash so my first stop was at a supermarket on outskirts of town.   Parked right outside the ATM and there was no-one there.   Donned gloves and withdrew my money and came into contact with no-one.   Then drove onto a bypass for a few miles and came back into town from a different direction.    The second time was a week ago when I drove to my nephew's where he was waiting to open the back gate.    Sat in the garden, socially distanced, but it was so good to Simon, wife Amy and their 4 girls.   The girls were brilliant and understood socially distancing, even the youngest Ivy-Rose 5.   

After breakfast decided to take down my net curtains and clean the windows.   Living in a flat where kitchen and bathroom are in the middle of the property I only have 4 windows - 2 in lounge, 1 in bedbroom and the other in my study (cum junk room).  The sun came out while I was cleaning them and they sure did sparkle when I finished.   As to washing curtains, that can wait until tomorrow (manana, my favourite word since I retired).

Spent time on Rootschat helping where I could - when I sit down to relax it's usually a mixture of TV, Sudoku (subscribe to Grand Masters Sudoku and receive a copy each month, as I only like to do ones that are difficult) and jigsaws.   Read each day but only when I go to bed.   Consequently, I have a pile of jigsaws done, books read, all ready to take to the local hospice centre once they re-open and I'm allowed out of course.

Now, will I do the washing tomorrow - or not??


Title: Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
Post by: mowsehowse on Tuesday 23 June 20 13:13 BST (UK)
RTL What a thing  >:(  that your bus didn't stop!  The only good note was that you were not actually trying to start or finish a shift.  Hopefully with the 2 metre rule being relaxed it won't happen again, though I trust you will continue to distance where it seems appropriate, and where you can.  I feel so grateful I don't need to be using public transport at present.  Perhaps you get some support from reading the posts, even though you often don't have time to reply.

Gibel & Louisa Maud It must have been awful to be going through lockdown alone, while enduring pain/disease.  Thankfully we do have so many avenues of contact now, but I do realise that is not the same as having another individual around.

It is true to say Caroline that our own circumstances are considerably easier than that of many other people, but it is not reasonable to expect to maintain an entirely cheerful attitude 100% of the time.  Inevitably we all have triggers which cause us to have the odd blip in our composure; we would not be human otherwise.  So please don't feel guilty.  Apart from anything else, the sewing work you continue to do is heroic and has made a tremendous difference to masses of people.  You should be hugely proud of that.

I have to start sending out messages right, left and centre to mitigate the shoddy work of the painting contractors.  I got a phone call of complaint whilst I was using the vacuum cleaner. Then I stepped out of the front door and was waylaid by another resident who has a long list of complaints, and coming back in I found the cherry picker was attached to our balcony and could not be moved.... looks like 2 extra for tea this evening!!

No peace for the wicked.