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Title: Diary - Saturday -8th August
Post by: Caw1 on Saturday 08 August 20 23:22 BST (UK)
Well folks looks like I'm first tonight.....

Well my day hasn't been any different to any others really... had a read in bed before getting up... heard OH up before me... he's usually on the golf course but decided not to today...
weather didn't seem as hot as yesterday despite being about 22C at 9am...
Put in a load of washing...
After breakfast decided really should do some exercise and found a Yogalates session on my teachers FB page... bybtge time I'd finished I was quite hot... washing out another lot in...
Very breezy outside so knew it was going to dry quickly..
Had a potter in the garden... bit of weeding, deadheading and general tidy up..
Next lot of washing out first lot in as dry...
Thought I'd do some sewing ...pressing first so opened both windows in my work room and got a nice breeze... in fact at times gale force sending thread and fabric all over the place...
Managed to sort out my silly sewing errors out from yesterday... silly dope would have got far more done if not...
Listened to radio any questions but missed some as had lunch.. but any answers... interesting listening to people's ideas as to what should be done about all the migrants arriving on our shores in these little boats... it's hard to believe how desperate people must be to put their lives at risk crossing the channel... read The Bee Keeper of Aleppo that will certainly give a good insight... thought provoking book that's for sure...
Had a tidy up in my room and a count up managed to finish another 40 today..
Neither of us felt very hungry so decided we'd just have an omelette and veg... and a few chips... very naughty!
Nothing worth watching on tv so continued to read my book whilst O.H watched the golf...
Quite tired today no idea why as haven't really done much... heat from yesterday I think... slept last night without any bedcovers and blind pulled up half way widows wide to let in what little air there was... the moon was bright and virtually a full one I think as it was cloudless it shone brightly on the bed... just closed my eyes and slept like a log...
That's it for today... read now..
Hope others have had a pleasant day.

Title: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Roobarb on Saturday 08 August 20 23:24 BST (UK)
Took me a while to get to sleep last night, was too busy scratching all the bits where the insects had decided to have a nibble. One on my inner wrist has been driving me mad all day. Wasn't keen to drag myself out of bed this morning, all seems a bit pointless. Lovely and sunny early on. Once again saw NN and daughter coming back from the field around the time I usually go there, trying to convince myself it's not relevant. Went out a bit later, no detour today. Nothing to report.

After lunch was going to cut the front lawn but NN was doing her back one so I knew her front lawn would be next, will do mine another day. Made some slight alterations to the edge of the border I completed yesterday, moved a couple more plants. There was a lot of cloud by this time, I think it was coastal as the forecast for a few miles away was sunny. Typical. The sun did come out after a while, it was hot so got chair and parasol out and Kindle. I'm reading a very absorbing book, The Suspect by Fiona Barton, sat and read for a while. Clouded over again later.

Feeling very fed up today, had a large glass of wine with my evening meal, (not the answer, I know) that was a mistake, it went straight to my head. Couldn't get into anything on TV, not that there was anything on live but I have lots recorded. Got in bed just after 9pm, read for a while, got out at 10pm for a shower then back in. More changes to Tesco order due on Monday, can't believe how much it costs, there's only me. It does include three packs of probiotics that cost nearly thirty quid but the rest seems to amount to a lot. Not spending much on anything else though.

That's it, what a thrilling day.  ::)
Title: Re: Diary - Saturday -8th August
Post by: Roobarb on Sunday 09 August 20 00:14 BST (UK)
Caroline, I started a diary thread a couple of minutes after you so have sent a request for it to be merged with yours.
We both seem to have had the same sort of lacklustre day. I think your sewing qualifies you as having achieved more than me though!
Title: Re: Diary - Saturday -8th August
Post by: Caw1 on Sunday 09 August 20 00:22 BST (UK)
I did hover when starting tonight wondering if you were in the process!
Great minds think alike 😃
I think your gardening efforts are more than equal to my sewing and certainly a great deal more physical....
Hopefully we'll be amalgamated into one diary entry...going to confuse others until it's done though!
Title: Re: Diary - Saturday -8th August
Post by: Annette7 on Sunday 09 August 20 02:29 BST (UK)
Sunny this morning but lots of cloud this afternoon although we still reached 31C - spent most of the afternoon printing census again plus finishing a tree in surname of Evamy (not a name I'd come up against before).   Almost finished my printing when ink ran out - luckily I had a supply in hand.   Had to have fan in the study on all the time.   My flat is like an oven.   Around 7pm I went to sit outside and shortly after my downstairs neighbour came out too.   We chatted for a while but definitely different temperature to last evening.  I began to feel a bit chilly so watered the pots and came inside my hothouse again!   However, the breeze had got up and had to close the windows a bit as was feeling chilly in the draught,  had a late dinner (potato skins with cheese and bacon) and hour later flat like an oven again and has been rest of the evening so which ever room I'm in have to have a fan on.   Going to be a sticky night for me I fear.

Not much worth watching on tv tonight so started another jigsaw.   Now 2.30am, don't feel a bit tired, and so I'm on Rootschat again, hence this late post.

That's about it for me today - hot, hot, hot!


Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: mowsehowse on Sunday 09 August 20 09:34 BST (UK)
I know just what you mean Roobarb.  :-\
The most thrilling thing that happened to me yesterday was spotting some goldfinches in the park on the way back from my early bread raid. Then we kept out of the way until later in the evening once the holiday makers had gone wherever they go. The beaches and park were packed again all day.
I will look out for that book as you recommend it.
Phone a chum day today I think, so that we can all say we have had some chat with someone. :D
Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Gibel on Sunday 09 August 20 09:51 BST (UK)
I had a lovely morning, I met up with 4 of the children and their families from my church. One sibling had a cold and stayed at home. Everyone enjoyed it so much we’re meeting again next Saturday. I was really tired when I got home I haven’t talked so much for months!

Did very little in the afternoon, had a snooze, read, did some Roots Chat, eyed my 1000 piece jigsaw ( map of London) and decided against it. The evening was similar and that was it really.
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: louisa maud on Sunday 09 August 20 10:20 BST (UK)
Although tiring it did you good, get yourself ready for next week now

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: candleflame on Sunday 09 August 20 10:31 BST (UK)
I always seem to be late to the diary party, but I'll give it a go.
Sat out first thing and had cornflakes in the shade at the bottom of the garden. Wasn't exactly quiet as neighbours had the builders there putting those brown plastic edging things that go along the side of a roof so you don't have to keep getting it plastered back in. Wasn't too bad and a sign that at least that firm had work whereas so many don't.
Did some gardening in the morning and then at lunchtime when husband was on a scheduled zoom, I decided to mortar between the flagstones near the house as we are having such bother with ants - which I don't like. I'm trying to give them less hidey holes and steer them away from the back door!
When husband was finished, decided to go out and have pub food at our favourite place which had booking slots. Gammon for both of us- lovely.
Back home and a cuppa ( yes in this heat). Then at just before 6 we went to my grandparents grave to clear the weeds. Haven't been for a long time. The reason for the time is there are street parking charges up till 6, so hence we went after!
Then did some more family tree I'm doing for a friend, then watched a series on the iPad before sleep.
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: radstockjeff on Sunday 09 August 20 11:21 BST (UK)
Never tried this one before but yesterday was a particularly good one. Eldest son Mark called in on his way back from a week's walking in the Brecons with wife Erica and s-son Luca. They broke their journey to London and spent four hours with us. Not seen them since just after Christmas and then our youngest son Nick who lives with us was very poorly and missed out. So it was smiles all round.
Preparations began early with trip to the local Co-op to top up with supplies. OH made an apple and summer fruit crumble and Nick an I did the rest, preparing the salad etc etc.
They arrived spot on time and we sat in the garden under the umbrella for a good old catch-up. A lazy lunch took us from about 1pm to 3pm and then more refreshment before they set off on the final leg of the journey.

Whilst we don't see them often enough they do keep in touch on a regular basis.

Another pleasant surprise just before they arrived was a call from Australia from our other son Andrew with all the news from the outback! Grand daughter broken her ankle, g-son 2 won the junior school cross country and no 1 g son (14 years old) is now taller than his dad at 6 feet. Wow!
D-i-l  Celine away on a "girls weekend".
Am Dram coming up again soon and Andrew taking one of the leading parts in Mama Mia- production in January next. This will be in Bega Civic Centre as the usual venue, The Twyford Theatre in Merimbula is getting a major makeover.

(I often wonder at some folk who complain about only seeing their offspring and families once a week. How would they cope with only seeing them once every couple of years. Yes I know there is technology to keep the links going but not the same as seeing them in the flesh.)

Rest of the day spent quietly trying to keep cool.
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Roobarb on Sunday 09 August 20 20:14 BST (UK)
Mowsehowse, I've finished the book, really enjoyed it and read it in no time. Hope you like it if you read it.

Gibel, pleased to hear you had a good day, a good long chat means so much to us all these days.

Candleflame, nice to read about your day whenever you join in. I usually do my diary entry at night as I'd forget what had happened  if I left it till the next day (memory like a sieve!) but a number of Rootschatters add theirs next day or even after that. Well done for tackling the mortar, hope it was successful. I'm with you on the cuppa, doesn't matter how hot the weather is!

Radstockjeff, how lovely for you to see your son and his family, must have been a great day for you all. From what you've said about your son and his family in Oz it sounds like things are pretty normal there, I hope it is. 
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: radstockjeff on Sunday 09 August 20 21:40 BST (UK)
Fingers crossed for the Bega Valley area of NSW. Very low incidence of Covid on the first round. They are a fairly isolated  community in terms of population, over quite a large area.
Yes things do seem pretty normal, except the rain over the past few days  washed away the access road to their property and they were isolated for a couple of days; but that's normal whenever they gey heavy rain. They don't live in Reedy Swamp  for nothing!
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Roobarb on Sunday 09 August 20 21:58 BST (UK)
That's great news, you must be relieved to know that they are safe.
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Caw1 on Sunday 09 August 20 23:53 BST (UK)
I see that we still have two posts for Saturday!
Roobarb- did you say you'd asked for them to be amalgamated?

Nice to see some entries from people who've not come on before...

 I can empathise completely with you radstockjeff as my son lives in Brisbane... we were fortunate to have visited them last year for a month but prior to that not seen them for 4 years..... modern technology is wonderful in that you can actually see them in real time and not just phone calls with the delay on the line .... nothing beats physically giving them a hug though... happy days...

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Roobarb on Monday 10 August 20 00:16 BST (UK)
Yes I did Caroline, hope I pressed the right button!
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Caw1 on Monday 10 August 20 00:39 BST (UK)
Well you're one up,on me as I've no idea how you go about notifying them!

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Roobarb on Monday 10 August 20 00:44 BST (UK)
You click the Report to Moderator button at the bottom right of the post and enter your message to the mods
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 8th August
Post by: Caw1 on Monday 10 August 20 00:58 BST (UK)
Ok yes just seen it... hopefully be sorted tomorrow...
Title: Re: Diary - Saturday -8th August
Post by: Roobarb on Monday 10 August 20 21:59 BST (UK)
We are now as one!  :D
Title: Re: Diary - Saturday -8th August
Post by: Caw1 on Monday 10 August 20 23:30 BST (UK)
  🎉🎉 Yeh 🎉🎉