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Title: My lucky day in Hong Kong
Post by: Erato on Saturday 29 August 20 21:12 BST (UK)
I decided to look for the second marriage of Arthur C. Logan.  All I knew was that the happy event occurred in 1908 in Hong Kong.  I found that the Hong Kong Public Library has several English language newspapers digitized that cover 1908 but unfortunately there is no search function.  I decided to try the Hong Kong Weekly Press; only 52 issues to look through.  I started with the last issue of 1908.  Good news!  The HKWP did report marriages in its Hong Kong news section.  I then moved back to the second to the last issue for 1908.  And there it was - the marriage I was looking for!  It only took me about ten minutes to find it.

I think I'll continue reading to see if Arthur is mentioned in any other issues.
Title: Re: My lucky day in Hong Kong
Post by: LissyM on Sunday 30 August 20 09:52 BST (UK)
Don't you just love that, ten minutes and you're reading a record from the other side of the world (from both of us it seems!), from over a century ago.

No doubt years of genealogy experience provides some sort of wind under the wings, a certain level of intuition, or "non-beginner's luck" I feel. When I am searching for digitised records on largely unindexed sites such as FamilySearch, and I know, say, the marriages covered are from 1774 to 1783, and I know there are 320 pages, it is quite fun to take a stab at what page I think my marriage will be on.... 1779, so roughly page 180 or so... A little bit of mathematics and a large dollop of luck, but many occasions I get it bang on, and that always gives me that tiny endorphin rush genealogy so well provides  ;)

Anyway, well done, & good luck finding more on Arthur  ;D