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Title: WW1 pensions ledger Joseph Gallagher
Post by: fisherj on Monday 31 August 20 13:32 BST (UK)
I am hoping that someone with access to pension records on Western Front Association would be kind enough to look up the record of Joseph Gallagher Ref No 3/AF/No 205.

I have the following information from Ancestry and wonder whether there is anything more on the original form which I have not been able to access.

Joseph Gallagher
Rank: 3AM
Record type:  Disability
Residence place: Manchester
Military Service Region: North West England
Discharge date:  11 Dec 1918
Service No 89314
Service Branch: Air force
Title PRC ledgers

I already have his service record from the National Archives - and disappointingly there is very little information completed on the form. 

I have been unable to find out what happened to him after the war.  (He left his wife and daughter in Reading Berks.)