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Title: James Lowrie/Lowry
Post by: apthorpea on Thursday 24 September 20 00:10 BST (UK)
I am looking for any details on James Lowrie, est date of birth 1847, Presbyterian, born Canada he is recorded on the 1851 census, Canada West (Ontario) Welland County, Thorold.  He lived with his father John Lowrie, occ: Blacksmith, mother Ellen Lowrie (nee Gourley) and siblings Martha Blair Lowrie and John Kirk Lowrie. 

 The family are recorded in the 1861 census, as living at North Cayuga Haldimand Canada West.  Father John Lowrie, (1817 - 1892) mother Helen (Ellen) Lowrie, (1820-1897) James Lowrie, (1847-?)  and siblings JK (John Kirk) (1850-1931) and A J (Ann Jane) Lowrie.  (1856-1926), (Martha Blair is now married and not living with her parents). (1842-1929)

All the family in the 1871 census are  living in Ontario, Haldimand Co. Oneida with Martha Blair Cranston and her husband Gideon Cranston, except for James Lowrie.
The parents originated from Co Donegal, Ireland and immigrated to Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA abt 1842 where Martha Blair was born.  The year later they had moved to

On the Irish Emigrated Database  there are a number of letters from the Lowrie and Walker families  to an Andrew Lowry (variation of spelling on the family name) who was an Uncle to James Lowrie, his father's brother living in Donegal, Ireland. The letters are about the life of the Lowrie family living in Ontario.   "Mrs Martha Cranston, Canada, to Andrew Lowry, Co Donegal; PRONI T.2018/6; CMSIED 8809076" in this letter dated 1886, Martha Cranston mentions her parents and two siblings but James does not get a mention.
"Father has been here this some time and is in good health
he is working at blacksmithing yet and can do a fair days work yet my
brother John K Lowrie has rented the farm and is working at Blacksmithing
where we left and has bought property there and is doing well my sister
Mrs Jean Knox lives close by him where my mother is at present"

I suspect James Lowrie may have died sometime after 1861. 

Thankyou in advance for any information.

Title: Re: James Lowrie/Lowry
Post by: DonM on Thursday 24 September 20 12:05 BST (UK)
Go here:

Select Haldimand in the centre in the shaded area is Cayuga north in Oneida you will find Gideon and John Cranston farms.  To the east of Cayuga the first small black hash mark is Canfield that is where the John Lowry farm was. If you select Search for people within Haldimand map you will find it located on the map. Be patent the map takes some practice to navigate.

If James died prior to 1871 it will be a hard to find out when and where. Did you rule out a possible marriage and that he stayed in Niagara (Welland Thorold area) or simply decided to leave and make his own way?

Title: Re: James Lowrie/Lowry
Post by: polarbear on Thursday 24 September 20 14:20 BST (UK)
Here is a James in the 1871 census for you to consider. He is a blacksmith.


Edited to add: perhaps not yours. An 1870 marriage to an Annie Rennie indicates this James' parents don't match the ones you posted.
Title: Re: James Lowrie/Lowry
Post by: apthorpea on Thursday 24 September 20 18:26 BST (UK)
Thankyou for all the information.  James Lowry is the only member of the family that I cant find any information on.  The Lowry family lived with the Cranston's in the 1871 census  and their name is spelt Low. . On later census John's   parents lived with either Martha Cranston or John Kirk Lowry, their children.  In the letters it showed they also stayed with Ann Knox.  I had a look at the John Lowry in the 1871 census as both John Lowry and John Kirk Lowry were Blacksmiths as well as farmers.  But as you say wrong parents.  Thankyou for the maps of the farms.  Very Interesting.

Regards  Angela
Title: Re: James Lowrie/Lowry
Post by: mcadamsd on Friday 16 October 20 22:22 BST (UK)

Apologies if you have some of the following.

I find a marriage for a James Lawrie in Hamilton.  Not a huge distance from earlier residences

Name:   James Lawrie
Marriage Date:   2 Apr 1877
Marriage Place:   Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Spouse:   Annie Finlay

Sadly no attached document so far. And Annie Finlay doesn't get anything that would link this.

In 1881 family are in Canborogh,Haldiman but no James

John a 63 yo Blacksmith

Name                          Age
John K. Lowrie                    31
Margery Lowrie                    23 (Margery Becker ) Married 1 Jan 1874 Haldimand, Ontario, Canada
Maggie J. Lowrie               6
Ellen A. Lowrie                   2
John Lowrie                   63
Ellen Lowrie                   57

The family in 1891 Cayuga North Haldimand Ontario Canada with John Kirk( a farmer and blacksmith)  and his family.  Again, James not with the family but we would expect him to be on his own.

This is a bit odd as don't see Margery Becker.  When Margery Becker  passes in Binbrook, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada 22 Dec 1945 the record clearly states wife of late John Kirk Lowrie and both her parents match the marriage record.  I did find a family tree that gave her name as Emily Margery Becker/Lowrie. It may be that simple.

Household Members   Age   Relationship
John Lowrie             73                fath
Ellener Lowrie              70        moth
John K Lowrie               41        Head
Emily M Lowrie             38        Wife
Margret J Lowrie           16          Daughter
William Stoller              14          Domestic
Ellen E Lowrie              12           Daughter

John Lowrie is buried at East Seneca United Church Cemetery Canfield, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada with wife Ellen.  There is a fair image of marker online.  They are the only Lowrie listed at that church.  Both John and Ellen are noted as being natives of Donegal Ireland. When John passed his son John K was living in Cayuga.  He was informal on death record.  John's cause of death was influenza.

 There is a James Lowrey birth 1847 in  Ancaster, Wentworth South on 1871 census.  He is a laborer and origin is listed as American. He is with:

Name                           Age
John Trowbridge                      80
Martha Trowbridge              79

They are both listed as American origin

In 1881 we find a James Lowrey in Listowel,Perth County.  He is a blacksmith and married.   Birth Ontario 1848 and of Irish origin

Name                  Age
James Lowrey            33
Rennie Lowrey            29
Isabella Lowrey             9
Elisabeth Lowrey         7
Charles H. Lowrey     4

No death record found so far.

Hope something useful here

Title: Re: James Lowrie/Lowry
Post by: apthorpea on Sunday 18 October 20 00:48 BST (UK)
Thankyou for the information, it matches what I found on the census.  There are a collection of letters from the Irish Emigration Database (IED) dated between 1876 and 1898 that the Lowry's, Cranston's and Walker's sent to their Uncle Andrew Lowry, from Donegal. (brother of John Lowry) The letters show how close the family were and what life was like.   John and Eleanor Lowry immigrated from Donegal to Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA in 1841, where their first daughter Martha Blair (Cranston) was born.  Probably staying with Alexander Lowry another brother of John Lowry's, before moving on to Ontario where James was born. in the 1871 census Eleanor and John are staying with their married daughter Martha Cranston, and in the 1881 and 1891 census shows them staying with their youngest son John Kirk.  Although the letters mention their children and various grandchildren.  James Lourie or if he had a family, were not mentioned.
Emily Marjorie Becker was married to John Kirk Lourie,  Emily mainly used her second name Marjorie.  John Kirk sometimes was known as Kirk.  I will look up the James Lourie's you have found   to see if there is anything there. I have been looking at  burial records for a James Lourie   without any success. Thank you so much for taking the time to look up the records.