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Title: Diary > Thursday 1st October.
Post by: Roobarb on Thursday 01 October 20 23:51 BST (UK)
A much brighter day today, warmer too. Spent quite a while this morning chatting to a friend on the phone, was uplifting for me after all the frustrations of yesterday.

Had another go at trying to find out why my printer won't print pictures in colour, all to no avail. Had some lunch, more messing about with it before giving up and going for a walk. Went the usual route, a little fluffy dog came to make friends with me, had a brief chat with its owner. Decided to try a slightly different route back, crossed the field then along the main road briefly, then through the tree lined walkways back round to the field and around to home. Saw the woman with the fluffy dog again, another brief chat.

Came home and did some gardening, deadheaded flowers, planted more bulbs in the garden, am running out of places to plant them. I intend to leave them there this time. The ones I took out of pots after flowering had been stored in paper bags in a plastic box in the garage. Unfortunately I had put the lid on and they were all damp, the bags had disintegrated so I couldn't identify some of the bulbs, it's going to be pot luck with what comes up!

Fish again for tea. Had a WhatsApp conversation with my sister, watched some TV.

The nearby large town has now been put into local lockdown by Matt Hancock, their council leaders were hoping to avoid that and impose their own restrictions that would be a bit less severe. I really hope my area is not next, it's only in the last few weeks that I've met with one friend each time for lunch in the local pub, which follows all the required procedures, a total of three lunches out. Last week I had a friend visiting me in my house, the first in more than six months. Not sure how much more I could stand if restrictions were imposed here. I can't help feeling angry at the prospect when I've been so careful and actually horribly lonely all these months when people are continually flouting the rules with their "I'm alright Jack " attitude. Not that being angry is going to make any difference, will just have to sit it out again.
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: carol80 on Friday 02 October 20 00:56 BST (UK)
Roobarb, Pleased to hear you had a good day. When I get down I tell myself there is always someone worse off than me.
It's a shame that 97% of people follow the rules and 3% bugger it up for everyone else. I hope you don't go into lockdown just when you are finding your freedom again.
My Day.
I should have skipped yesterday and forgotten about it.
Went for my checkup at the doc's only to be told I have gout in my foot, so had a blood test to confirm. Should get results back next week. Just when I thought my op would make my legs better. Oh well, life goes on.
Have not made contact with hubbies cousin yet, but will do it tonight. I do hope she replies as so many don't.
Wishing you all the best with loaming lockdowns.
Spent most of the day talking with family both here and Australia. They all want updates on P but sometimes there is no new news to give.
Had salad for Dinner, watched T.V. and off to bed at midnight. 2 nights in a row now.
Stay safe Stay strong
Modified; Thursday was the 1st October so turn your Calander over. ;D
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: mowsehowse on Friday 02 October 20 09:46 BST (UK)
Just dropping in to send staunch wishes to Jeff and Carol.  :-*

Yesterday, being Thursday 1st October, (I am so easily confused,) was a beautiful bright sunny morning. Had a good walk to town, still trying to sort out replacement hall carpet after paint "disaster".  Also searching for some small toy making eyes, as I suddenly realised I must get cracking on the handmade tree decorations I send to Oz each year.

After lunch it was weekly meet up with dance group.  We managed about 4 dances, distanced in the garden, before the rain started.  Indoors, seated 3 in conservatory and 3 in adjoining living room, with all doors and windows open, for a cup of tea.  Discussed how to proceed with winter getting colder and wetter.  Thursday's group must rotate, one person will volunteer to drop out each week, so that we remain at only 6 for as long as we are allowed.  Still searching for premises we can use for an evening practise as half the group can't manage a day time. The whole group, not having been all together for months will have to remain split for the for seeable future.

Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 02 October 20 09:49 BST (UK)
What interesting surprises in store Roobarb,Daffodils and Tulips together.

I have my slot for delivery from Tesco so that  is OK.

I am not sure if my son can come, Bolton is a bad area but not the worst .

I have not been out socially since January, eye ops etc.
Not met friends but for once ,outside ,a walk as her husband had to go into care as she could not control his wandering etc.

Son comes for five minutes or so when delivering fresh shopping but does not come in.
Not last week though ,nor this week,or the foreseeable future.

Grandson cane with Flash Harry a month or so  back  but stayed outside the garden fence.
Hospital visit for a check on little odd spot on my nose  the only “ outing”
So life is pretty quiet but I unashamedly watch TV, a lot.
Phone, email ,and RootsChat is wonderful.
Busy doing nothing much , some things I MUST do,so things are easy for my family as and when I kick the bucket .

I just want the house tidy ,as a sentimental hoarder however there will never be enough room to be really tidy.
So I settle for clean and ?
Don’t want my daughters in law saying things about me! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
I might have kept my 18th Birthday present talcum powder and fluffy puff
but no dust on the skirting boards .
Does that make sense?
Chick pea curry for tea, not had brekky yet, never hungry when first up.
Sometimes only have two meals a day -make sure I drink enough   and  the two meals are healthy abd nourishing.

So we plod on, all we can do isn’t it.
Keep Calm And Carry On ——- apparently  that  slogan on a poster was never actually used in the war.
Cheerio, carry on keeping on,and  we will get through .
The Oracle has spoken!
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Caw1 on Friday 02 October 20 14:20 BST (UK)
I’m coming late to yesterday’s missives
And what a pleasure to hear others tales of the day
Gardening and cleaning, sorting and weaving in dances bringing joy to the spirit
I feel lack lustre at all of my edges
When reading what others have done in the day that has gone...

Talking with friends and family can make such a difference but not all of us have such a luxury...
my heart breaks when I hear with great sadness of loneliness and yearning for the voices and touches of those who are dearest...
Our lives have changed beyond all recognition and when will it end....who knows it’s just an illusion that we all wish would be revealed...
In the meantime we all soldier on in our own ways dreaming of life before this and hoping for those days to return again soon....
Some talk of fortitude during war time and probably fare better than those who have no memories at all...
restrictions of movement ... coupons for food, clothing and fuel, make do and bend and the ministry of food...
Today people are impatient and don’t understand how to behave for the safety of all...
Into the winter we go with the media trying to frighten us all....
We have to stay healthy and strong to survive till the spring when the vaccine will come....
Enough of my spurious rubbish!

Yesterday was a mixed day pretty grey and dull...
OH had gone off to golf as usual so I took the opportunity to get on with sewing...
I had a long chat with a friend and hope we cheered one another up... always good to talk..
It was late by the time OH got home and so a late lunch!
I carried on with my sewing as I wanted to get finished to be able to deliver on Friday....
The sun came out and everything looked a lot brighter...
We were going to friends up the lane for drinks and food in the evening with another couple making us 6 in total.... they are the only people we’ve seen other than our daughter and family so it was nice to get some nice clothes on and feel normal...
We had an enjoyable evening, as always, and came home feeling relaxed and happy....
The nights are getting chillier and darkness is upon us earlier every day....I’m already looking forward to spring time....


Today - Friday - I’m thinking of Jeff and his family and Carol you and your family especially as well as everyone else....
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Roobarb on Friday 02 October 20 15:15 BST (UK)
Thursday was the 1st October so turn your Calander over. ;D

Header changed.

 :-[ Another blonde moment!  :-[ :-[  What a clot I am, must confess I struggle to remember what day it is never mind the date! I'll see if the mods can change the title to save any further confusion!

Carol, sorry to hear you have gout, I know that can be very painful, hope there are some things you can do to alleviate that.

Mowsehowse, glad to hear you were able to get together with your dance group, hope the future plans work out well.

Viktoria, nothing wrong with a bit of telly. My dad used to tell us that we'd get square eyes if we watched too much telly. He also used to tell me and my sister that we'd get spots from eating chip sandwiches, he didn't elaborate on why that was different from eating the chips and bread separately!  ;D

Caroline, not spurious rubbish at all, some very profound thoughts. Pleased that you enjoyed your evening drinks, things like that make all the difference.
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 02 October 20 15:58 BST (UK)
Now all I want is a chip butty .
Well made something that tastes good, and vaguely resembles curry.
So just some rice to cook and tea ready.

Oh my sympathies, would you believe it mine started when an EyeSpecialist  told me in the early part of the year I must have lots of potsssium,tomatoes,all colours of peppers and bananas.
Hey Presto Gout.
Neighbour had the same trouble last summer ,a glut of delicious tomatoes
abd yes gout.Dr said it was tomatoes and the potassium they are rich in.
But you have to have the Uric acid crystals in the first place in your joint ,where the gout is worst.

Well ladies, what do you think of the Scottish MSP.?
Tested positive but having got the result went on a train!!!!!
I should think she should resign!
I am running out of exclamation marks ! oops there goes another one.!or two.
Felt “seedy“ this morning, cold and odd. More so than my normal odd!
Better now ,made myself eat something .

Keep saying I will do some more baking ,but I must not eat much if any sugar ,so it gets given away ,but not sure if thst is safe  especially  for my lovely neighbour.
I should cut it in slices and freeze it ,!
Cab’t eat it then until thawed, dodgy crown at thr front.

Well number two son ,he of the dreadful neighbours ,has sold his house, first viewers ,full price .
So all done and dusted , well perhaps survey , so still some way to go.
The buyers are two six foot six rugby full backs ,with aRottweiller and a Corse Cano ,( cropped eared fighting dog ) who get drunk and sing Rugby songs in the small hours ,.
Well that is what son said but that was just to build up my hopes the despicable neighbours would get a dose of the same medicine they have dished out for years.
Some bad weather on the way tomorrow .
Well I am going nowhere , so will be in ,singing Rugby songs etc.
Not got a TV mag this week as son not been ,Will have to look on the iPad .
Well four O’ clock and time for a cuppa.
Tidied up some paperwork ,realised although I paid straight away for it,my TV licence has not come ,nor my payment acknowledged .
Must look at the bank statement.
Cheerio,  the kettle calls .
See ya later!

Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: mowsehowse on Friday 02 October 20 16:20 BST (UK)
Viktoria, if you search your emails you will probably find confirmation of payment there.

I follow the blood group eating plan, which scientists like to rubbish, but tomatoes and green peppers are a total NO for my blood group. Said to act like toxin for my body.

Anyone who definitely knows their blood group, and has a gout type or arthritic type problem is welcome to pm me, and l will send them specific avoid list which may prove to help according to their own blood group. No guessing or it will not help.
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 02 October 20 17:10 BST (UK)
Thanks, now where did I put that when I did a big reorganising tidy up!Looked at Bank statement ,it is there but no confirmation from BBC.
 By the way,The probable new  bosses at BBC are Boris’ choice so maybe a bit more generous to get we oldies off his back!
Thanks again Mowsehowse

from zBzbzc
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 02 October 20 18:48 BST (UK)
Mowsehowse I am O positive .
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 02 October 20 18:48 BST (UK)
Mowsehowse I am O positive
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 02 October 20 22:31 BST (UK)
Well President Trump on his way to the Military Hospital near the White House.
There is a fully equipped hospital in the White House ,so is this precautionary or   have serious symptoms developed !
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: carol80 on Friday 02 October 20 22:35 BST (UK)
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: mowsehowse on Saturday 03 October 20 09:35 BST (UK)
Or could it even be a huge bid for the sympathy vote!!
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Viktoria on Saturday 03 October 20 11:01 BST (UK)
Mowsehowse-,how could you think that of President Trump?
That poor old Septuagenarian,( amongst other things!)

If it is to get the sympathy vote ,he could be hoist by his own petard,
C19 leaves some very nasty after effects ,poor concentration, confusion and fatigue etc.
Especially among the elderly.
So voters may think he is better to retire gracefully ;D

Just cogitating as we old codgers are wont to do!
Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 30th September
Post by: Viktoria on Saturday 03 October 20 13:09 BST (UK)
Latest news, new drug administered to President Trump. ——-
“ Might be a breakthrough “etc etc .
Well I truly hope it is, and his illness does some good for the greater good .
We await developments.
Either he is more ill than is being aknowleged, or he is being altruistic.
Six foot three and seventeen stone ,considered obese, so possible complications .


Title: Re: Diary > Thursday 1st October.
Post by: mowsehowse on Saturday 03 October 20 16:33 BST (UK)
I would be flabbergasted to find DT has the word "altruistic " in his lexicon.
But that is just my personal opinion. :-\
I find l become increasingly cynical. ;)