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Title: Where to further research two descriptions of arms ?
Post by: SiGr on Monday 12 October 20 20:51 BST (UK)

I came across the following two descriptions and would be grateful for suggestions as to how to go about researching them.

First, from a memorial in St Mary-on-the-Hill in Chester from approx. 1516, “three hunting horns impaling six fleurs-de-lis, 3, 2, 1”. How might I identify the family here ? NB no colours given

Second, again in St Mary-on-the-Hill, this time from about 1644, “On an escutcheon of pretence Azure a chevron between three dolphins nowed Argent (Roberts).” How might I identify this ‘Roberts’ family ?

I should add that I have gone through a) the Visitations of Cheshire for 1580 and 1613, and b) Papworth’s ‘Ordinary of British Armorials’ but they do not appear there.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.