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Title: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: mowsehowse on Saturday 17 October 20 08:16 BST (UK)
Where is everyone?
Should I start?
A dry day with heavy cloud cover and northerly winds.
After a group chat with some friends in Cumbria we walked over to the lakes again. It was later than we intended, which turned out to be a good thing as nearly everyone else had gone home for lunch.
Two enthusiastic photographers very excited that they had seen the water rail, so at least we now have an idea of where we might spot it.
An obliging grey wagtail posed for a while, and I got a couple of decent photos.
Watched the independent scientists weekly report on Youtube, they are calling for more power to be given to local health authorities and a nationwide 2 week lockdown over the schools half term, but the effects of that wouldn't be discernable until towards the end of November.
A quiet afternoon tidying up some family history before sending it to close relatives, then another walk along Goodrington sea front before tea. We now have 4 Dutch cruise ships at anchor in Torbay.
While the virus news in the UK continues escalating in an alarming manner, it seems cases have at last fallen dramatically in the Melbourne, (Oz,) area. Hurrah.
Title: Diary - Friday 16th October
Post by: Caw1 on Saturday 17 October 20 08:24 BST (UK)
Think everyone must have been too tired to post anything for Friday ( now yesterday) so Iíll make a start and hope others add theirs...

The weather was as expected dull and cloudy, so far weíve still not felt the need to turn our heating onto regular settings and have just had it on here and there for an hour or so... watched the news whilst having breakfast and itís all quite depressing as more parts of the country are moving up the tiers including London which has meant revamping our plans... not sure how many more plans we can create without throwing the towel in... felt quite fed up with it all.... OH far more philosophic than I am about it all...
More messaging with daughter.... sheís had more videos from our friends which is good news canít wait to see it all on Monday...
After having a shower we called our friends in Somerset... had a brief conversation yesterday but had to cut it short and said weíd call back....
Managed to find some more photos of O.H real corkers so used my iPad to copy and send them to daughter.... she thought they were great... hope he will too 😬
Continued to make OHís birthday card... Iíve done a box card and filled it with sporting items including a picture of him playing basket ball, I copied a photo we have... I was quite pleased with finished result hope he is too!
Had a quick sandwich and off to the hairdressers...
The last time I went was in July so badly in need of a good trim and grey coming through again so be pleased to have that sorted too....
Heís a very good hairdressers and quite a character with very firm ideas and we donít always see eye to eye.... well certainly not at the moment his views on Covid I found quite staggering...
itís just like flu... more people have died of flu.... too much fuss being made, life should just go back to normal...etc etc..... yet heís very careful in his salon with all necessary things in place... had to change the subject in the end as I think we might have come to blows.... verbally I mean .... I was quite taken aback by his views...
Once home got dinner sorted steak and kidney from the freezer added puff pastry and lots of vegs...
Watched tv... The Savoy, Gardeners World ... some other programme canít remember now!
Felt quite tired  off to bed..
Thatís all
Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: Caw1 on Saturday 17 October 20 08:29 BST (UK)
Oh dear... Weíve posted at the sane time Mowsehowse for yesterdayís diary!
Nice to hear youíd had a good day and glad things in Melbourne are improving could be why all the legs for the tables my son makes have arrived then as thatís where theyíre made!

Donít know how we get these entries amalgamated ....

Have a good day

Title: Re: Diary - Friday 16th October
Post by: mowsehowse on Saturday 17 October 20 08:31 BST (UK)
Hi Caroline.
Box card sounds marvellous.
Strange some people just don't see the virus as important in any way!!
I had started a Friday diary at 08:16, so can you ask the Mod to merge them please?
Have a good day.  :D
Title: Re: Diary - Friday 16th October
Post by: Caw1 on Saturday 17 October 20 08:43 BST (UK)
Yes, sent a message to the mods...

Title: Re: Diary - Friday 16th October
Post by: mowsehowse on Saturday 17 October 20 09:17 BST (UK)
Thank you. :D
Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: Roobarb on Saturday 17 October 20 10:43 BST (UK)
I'm afraid I couldn't stay awake long enough to post last night.

Mowsehowse, I love to read about the wildlife you see on your walks,  lovely to have lakes as well as sea on your doorstep.

Caroline, the birthday card sounds great, I bet he'll be really pleased with it. Don't know how you managed to keep your patience with the hairdresser, I'd have felt like wrapping the dryer cord round his neck!

My day:

Woke up tired as I'd had about four hours' sleep, got up so I could rally myself round for the art class Zoom lesson. Am very impressed by how our teacher conducts it, less so by some of the participants who don't mute themselves when necessary and seem to have forgotten everything they ever knew about using a computer.

Finished class and left everything out while I had lunch. I still hadn't received the code that was supposed to be sent to me yesterday to enable me to sign in to a particular website so I phoned again. I actually told the guy I was getting quite angry about having to phone so many times and when he asked if I'd checked my messages for a text I told him not to talk to me like I'm an idiot. Why would I ring without checking? Once again I was promised a solution that shouldn't take more than an hour so I said I would ring back in an hour.

Went for my walk around the local area, it wasn't as cold as I expected, no wind. First time I've seen a squirrel in these woods.

Came home and phoned again to see what progress had been made for me to access my account. Despite being told I could ask for the same person so I didn't have to explain it all again I was told he was busy. The person I spoke to was telling me that they would see if they could sort it out and ring me back. I told them that wasn't good enough, they were supposed to sort it out a week ago. I'm afraid I ranted a bit but it did have the desired effect and it was eventually resolved.

Spent a while on Rootschat, did some ironing. Ordered another over the door thing for storing shoes, I'd bought one recently, it hangs inside a cupboard door and is very useful for summer sandals. I'd been thinking of getting another but there's only one other cupboard where I could hang it and there's not enough space to be able to put shoes in the lower pockets. However, I can put scarves or something small in those.

Whitby lemon and pepper fish goujons for tea, very tasty. Spoke to my friend L about how the art class had gone, she's not happy with her painting but she missed nearly a year of classes due to personal circumstances, I think she just needs to build her confidence again.

Usual evening, was really tired so put the light out early.
Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: mowsehowse on Saturday 17 October 20 11:39 BST (UK)
Thank goodness you have it sorted at last Roobarb. It should not be necessary to have to phone, and re-phone again and again!!  >:(
I do count myself very lucky to have such a variety of open spaces I can visit by walking; though in all my life I have never lived so far from a park I couldn't walk there.  When I lived in Dorset I used to walk the long route to work so I could go through the park.  It set me up for the day.  :D
Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: ankerdine on Saturday 17 October 20 11:49 BST (UK)
Something weird is happening to my posts.
Mowsehowse, you reminded me that I have a photo somewhere in family history archive of yours truly aged 5 on a boat on the lake in Goodrington!
Caroline, I am so impressed with the efforts you and your family are making to give your OH a memorable birthday.
Roobarb, I'd love to see your artwork. It may stimulate me into doing something myself.

The heron put in an early appearance for his breakfast and stayed sometime. Not too bad a day so decided to put some washing on but, as there was no sun nor wind, the washing didn't dry.

We needed some fresh air so we both decided to walk to the butchers for our weekly order. It's funny we are getting to know lots more people who live nearby. There are the joggers, dog-walkers (most friendly), elderly couples like ourselves, relatively few youngsters (though they probably venture out later) and cyclists on the pavement which makes us cross. I kept prompting OH what to buy through the window as I had forgotten my mask.  It was quite amusing.

On the way back I remembered I'd given away the small pumpkin cutouts the night before so called into the craft shop to buy some more (had to borrow OH's mask!)

Later, whilst OH was busy cleaning the utility floor carpet tiles, I popped over to a neighbour's house and left her some dried hydrangea heads which we had prepared. Rang the bell and just left them in porch. It's a strange life we are living at the moment.

Tesco delivery arrived in late afternoon which always feels like Christmas. The delivery drivers are always so polite and friendly, keeping their distance and sorting out queries if there are any.

Now I was able to prepare Lasagne for tea and then watched Australian film, which was very thought provoking.
Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: Annette7 on Saturday 17 October 20 12:20 BST (UK)
Woke to a bright day which was a refreshing change.  Asda delivery arrived just after 1pm - 1 substitute which I didn't want so taken back by driver.   After putting that away Hermes delivered some wool I'd ordered, did some knitting until around 4pm when I went to the pharmacy to collect my 3 monthly repeat prescription.   One lady ahead of me who I hadn't noticed was not wearing a mask.   She glanced in my direction after a while and then frantically rummaged in her bag before finding and donning her mask.

Continued knitting when I got home - if I sit down I automatically pick up my needles now.   Lots to do before babies arrive.

Looking forward to meeting up with my sister and 2 friends this evening (Saturday) for a meal at friends house.   My sister and I have birthdays this coming week (consecutive days) and tonight the only time when we could get together with our friends.

Had dinner and evening spent watching tv and knitting.   Riveting stuff this!

Noticed no-one had started the diary for today - I too was tired although I did still read for a while in bed as I seem to sleep better if I do.

Stay safe!

Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: mowsehowse on Saturday 17 October 20 13:38 BST (UK)
We all have to keep on keeping on.
Ankerdine You have a heron which feeds at your pond? That's a sort of a mixed blessing I imagine.
The boating lake/pond is still there in Young's Park, adjacent to Goodrington beach. Motorised bumper boats, and pedal boat swans are available for hire in the summer time. 
At quiet times it is possible to see large fish, and there is plenty of bird life which had a good breeding season this year.  Swans, herons, mallard and tufted ducks, coots and moorhens all feed there on a regular basis.
Not the same place as the lakes we have walked around this week, which have been created on what was a massive municipal rubbish dump in Clennon Valley, (the other side of the Dartmouth Road,) and the area is becoming a marvellous wildlife sanctuary, under the care of a great team of volunteers who control the vegetation.
Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: ankerdine on Saturday 17 October 20 14:05 BST (UK)
That's a wonderful thing to have done for nature; a really positive activity for today.

I wonder if they are the same bumper boats? I could try and scan and post it for a laugh however not v. good at that techie stuff!
Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: mowsehowse on Saturday 17 October 20 16:07 BST (UK)
That would be great Ankerdine.
Next time I am passing I will take a snap of what is there these days.  :D
Title: Re: Diary > Friday 16th October.
Post by: Roobarb on Saturday 17 October 20 21:06 BST (UK)
Ankerdine, I can just imagine you miming through the butcher's window 'Don't forget the chops' and OH replying 'They don't sell chocolate here'  ;D

I'll think about whether I dare lay myself bare by posting my artwork here for the world to see.  ;D

Annette, hope you've enjoyed your meal tonight.