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Title: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: Roobarb on Saturday 17 October 20 21:40 BST (UK)
Starting early, I doubt that I'll cross posts with anyone else and events for Saturday the 17th can be added.  :)

Woke to a bright day although again it had obviously rained earlier. Was expecting a parcel from Amazon, the shoe storage thing I ordered yesterday. Original delivery time was late morning so although I wanted to go out for a walk I decided to wait until the parcel had been delivered. As usual they kept altering the delivery time so I did some things around the house and changed my Tesco order. The wine offer is on again so ordered six bottles to get the 25% off. Two of the bottles were already reduced by £1, bargain!

I was about to make something for lunch when I got the message that the driver was eight stops away, in the event he put the parcel through the letterbox. I should have just gone out but hindsight is a great thing. I was hungry but couldn't wait to rearrange my footwear, in the process I found a pair of sandals that I really don't remember buying and a pair of shoe boots that I bought and only had the chance to wear once before I was confined to barracks, had forgotten I had them. Put some belts in the bottom pockets of the organiser, had to keep rearranging as the cupboard door wouldn't quite shut.

Finally had some lunch, I was also waiting for a parcel from Boots, to be delivered by Royal Mail, it arrived about 2.30. It was a Christmas present I'd bought as a treat for myself. The No 7 beauty advent calendar, 25 items in all, creams, make-up etc. I opened all of the doors, no point in waiting, I already knew what was in it. The box it was in, including lots of smaller parts inside, the outer box and the box containing other everyday things I'd ordered as well, along with the cardboard envelope from Amazon -  just about filled my recycling bin.

Finally got out for my walk at about 3pm. It was quite mild out, usual area for my walk, did it in a different order again.

Back home, did some more sorting out of things in the cupboards. Will have to put my summer things away, don't know why I even bothered putting them in the wardrobe, I didn't get to wear most of them.

Nothing unusual about this evening, TV and a glass or two of wine. I've noticed since Wednesday when the Tier 2 lockdown was imposed here that some of my neighbours seem to be taking no notice of the restrictions or thinking that it doesn't include visits from family members. Oh dear.  ::)
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: Annette7 on Sunday 18 October 20 00:31 BST (UK)
A bright dry day (apart from little drizzle late in the day).    Spent quite some time on PC, then watched 'A Place in the Sun' featuring Louie Spence and his Spanish partner/husband.  Another delivery from Hermes but driver was able to get it through the letter box.   

Felt a bit weary mid afternoon so lay on sofa but didn't go to sleep.  Then sprang into action (well, I got up) and got ready for pre-birthday meal at my friends.   Had a meal prepared by M, then we watched 'Strictly' (well, on and off) whilst my sister and I opened our presents since don't know when we'll be seeing M and J again.   All in all it was a lovely evening, a lovely meal and some lovely gifts.   Am I overdoing the word 'lovely'?

Got home just after 10pm, made a coffee and have been on PC ever since.   Haven't so much as picked up a knitting needle today but feel I was due a day off.

Feeling tired tonight so will go to bed soon (early for me).

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: Caw1 on Sunday 18 October 20 00:49 BST (UK)
Drat.... just half way through writing answered a text from my son came back in and it’s all disappeared....

Glad you had a busy productive day Roobarb... always great to sort out wardrobes.. I could do with a shoe storer mine are all stacked in boxes according to type in the bottom of the wardrobe... can’t say I’ve worn many this summer... ones in the cupboard under the stars are every day ones and even those have languished somewhat!
Your Tesco wine deal sounds very worth while getting too...
I think you’re right people just ignoring new rules... very frustrating I’m sure especially when you’ve been doing the right thing!

It looked quite sunny when I got up this morning so got some washing in straight away... by the time I hung it out it was more cloudy and no breeze... but not cold...
Had another conversation with my daughter... she’s set herself a task with these video messages and photos for her father... I know he’ll appreciate it but it seems to be taking her a long time... perfectionist... just like her father!
Had some paperwork to do...
We decided it was so nice out we’d do some preparation for winter in the garden... clean the bbq to put in the shed... put away all garden chairs, parasol, put the cover on the bench ... got the leaf blower/sucker out did all the patio, some of the borders where lots of leaves... mainly from neighbours trees...
OH decided to mow up all the leaves from our purple acer on back lawn... part way through mower stops... he spots a spring in the lawn come out if the carburettor... takes it apart ... can’t get all back together... quick phone call to friend up the lane he comes round and between them they get it fixed.
Quick sandwich for lunch...
Finish off leaves... tidy up front flowers beds and leaves... clean all drains off leaves...
Take out courgette plants now finished...
OH goes off to the tip ...
Promised daughter I’d make a quiche and sausage rolls for tomorrow’s picnic...
Luckily got some sausages in the freezer and sheets of pastry... took them out this morning so now ready for use..
I’ve always bought sausage meat before and mixed hers etc in but skinning Lincolnshire sausages was a lot quicker... they turned out ok... had to make some vegetarian ones for SiL too! Quiche.. ham and red pepper all done..
Just had time to change my jumper for zoom call with our friends... one set gone to North Yorkshire for a week... they must be bonkers! Well they had trouble logging in so we ended up with them video calling on WhatsApp with me holding the phone facing the computer so they could see the four us and we could see them! Completely mad!
Dinner was steak, chips and vegs... OH’s turn to cook...
Watched tv .. film.. Mission Impossible made in 2015...
Late bed! Great for a busy day tomorrow!

That’s it for today... hope others days have been bearable..
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: mowsehowse on Sunday 18 October 20 11:33 BST (UK)
I like your style Roobarb, 6 bargain bottles of wine and opened all the doors of your advent calendar because you knew what was in them. :D 
Sooooo....... I'm thinking, if I treat myself to a dark chocolate advent calendar, do the same rules apply as I shall know what is behind every door???  ;)
Caroline you are a marvel, and I wish I could whip up this, that, and something else the way you do constantly, and still have time to change my jumper. ;D
Annette, how lovely to spend an evening with food, gifts and congenial company. Frankly, I am envious!
DIARY: Town in the morning to the health food shop, but via side streets in both directions as the centre was packed with people meandering aimlessly.
After lunch drove over to Daddyhole Plain, (Torquay,) for a different perspective on the cruise ships. 75m above sea level apparently. The Plain that is, not the ships. :P 
We saw a kestrel hovering; a little below our eye line and quite close. Fabulous. But I was too slow with my camera.
In the morning I had chucked some beef into the slow cooker, so tea was easy enough, and then I accidentally found a crochet video on Youtube for a baby's beanie hat, so I started to make one while watching "The Shining". Not my choice of entertainment! Then couldn't go to bed till after midnight as I was too shaken up to sleep.
Have a good day All.
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: louisa maud on Sunday 18 October 20 12:43 BST (UK)
Talk about being confused. Com, I live in an area where we are stages 1 and 2, I would prefer we were all in stage 2, at least we would know where we are, think I  will treat us  as stage 2 and do what everyone else is doing at a very short distance away

Louisa Maud
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: ankerdine on Sunday 18 October 20 13:22 BST (UK)
I started this, looked away for a few minutes, and now it's all disappeared!

I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday.....

There was a sudden burst of bird activity in the bushes close to the house. They must have been after insects, grubs etc. as we have no feeders up at present because we had a rat! Ugh! I hate them. There were a mixture of garden birds; blackbirds, robin, wrens, dunnock and several types of tits. Do they feed in this manner to avoid the attention of the sparrowhawk? Safety in numbers presumably. They didn't stay long - 3 minutes at the most.
I finished off my yoghurt for breakfast. OH prefers porridge. I must remember to add yoghurt to my Tesco order. Thank you Roobarb for the "heads-up" re the wine offer. I shall certainly look into it although Aldi has some of the best wines, we think, and free delivery too!
Eventually after browsing the Saturday papers and attempting Codeword, I decided to tackle the ironing. I quite enjoy ironing but it's just getting me motivated!
The doorbell rang. Hurrah, a visitor! The daughters of our neighbour,to whom we gave the dried hydrangea flowers, had left us a meat pilau and lamb kebabs in the porch. So kind and thoughtful. I put the gift in the fridge as I had prepared our evening meal already. We did try a couple of the lamb kebabs/bhaji for starters and they were delicious.
TV was another recording of Frost! We'll have to get out more!
Louisa Maud, where we live we are in Tier 2 but just up the road it's Tier 1, which is where some friends live, so it is very confusing as to what or where we can do or go.

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: Roobarb on Sunday 18 October 20 15:27 BST (UK)
Annette, feel free to use the word 'lovely' as often as you like  :) It does sound like you had a very lovely day!

Caroline, lots of worthwhile work done in the garden and in the kitchen too. It depends where your friends have gone in North Yorkshire as to whether I'd consider them bonkers - although York itself is under restrictions there are some parts of the county that have very low rates. Hope they are safe wherever they are.

I like your style Roobarb, 6 bargain bottles of wine and opened all the doors of your advent calendar because you knew what was in them. :D 
Sooooo....... I'm thinking, if I treat myself to a dark chocolate advent calendar, do the same rules apply as I shall know what is behind every door???  ;)

If you want to eat all the chocolate from an advent calendar MH, feel free, but don't come crying to me if you're sick!  ;D
In my defence, I haven't used all of the products in my calendar, I'll be using the creams and makeup over a long period of time. So to use the same analogy, you could have a very small nibble of a couple of the chocolates each day (the face creams) and an occasional tiny nibble of other chocolates (lipsick, nail varnish).  ;D

Last night I used the peel off skincare mask (a whole chocolate!), it looked like molten gold, when I put it on my face I looked like I'd had an encounter with Goldfinger!

The Shining is enough to give anyone sleepless nights ......

LM - who do you pay your council tax to? That defines which tier you are in. Part of the large town near me has a similar split, I have two friends who live on the outskirts of it in what used to be a village but is now a suburb. Until things changed on Wednesday they were in two different areas as far as tiers go.

Ankerdine, I used to shop at Aldi but I have all my groceries delivered now, I don't think they do delivery in my area. How kind of your neighbour's daughter to bring the food, sounds lovely.
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: louisa maud on Sunday 18 October 20 16:26 BST (UK)
We have a Unitary  authority where we live  but is split within our area,  I find it very confusing to be honest, the good thing  is my daughter and family can visit but not my granddaughter  in Sheffield yet

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: Viktoria on Sunday 18 October 20 17:08 BST (UK)
Broken all my promises to myself!
However ,done something I have started many times but not concluded.
Writing individually to my children re my wishes in the Power of Attorney
 That I  do not want resuscitating or being on life support
So there is no disagreement between the three as my wishes will be the deciding factor.A personal letter in my writing to each individually will be more helpful to them.
Assuming of course any of them WANT me resuscitating !

Made some big dishcloths from terry towelling left over from a little bathrobe I made for Flash Harry’s daddy some 28 years ago.
Just bound the edges.
I love Lancashire dishcloths 100 % cotton and big.
RootsChatter told me where they were obtainable but I don’t really go out and Tesco does not have  them.

Had very early lunch/tea.
Just watched part of  The Selling Room,I was shouting at the TV “ It is a boiler you fools!” A rusty old riveted ,round bottomed copper thing ,that sat in the brick surround in the back kitchen or washouse .
A fire lit underneath and water poured in,clothes boiled - well whites , then the darker colours in cooler water .
Many taken out as houses were modernised.
Well they had no idea what it was!  A planter,log holder  etc,the round base that would not sit steady should have been a clue!
Honestly it was pathetic, they were antique dealers / house clearance people.
Do you know ,they took not a blind bit of notice of an expert like me.
I have no TV mag this week, told son not to come as nothing I needed and he will be taking me to Rochdale for eyes on Tuesday so  thought I’d  give him a rest .
Well read about eight pages if very small print last night for Dickens to relate
 Mr.  Pecksniff’s homecoming ,I think, and his two dizzy  daughters .
I will probably have to read some again as I was nodding off

Dull cool day.Rain threatening consequently I did not gofor a walk.

Must do something with my hair tomorrow ready for my exciting outing to Rochdale Hospital,— honestly as I go nowhere at all it is quite exciting . ::)
Must make sure my wretched phone is OK,at lest I know there is plenty of credit !

No idea for supper as have not long since eaten.

Phoned my friend about whom I was very concerned ,her daughter was there and said her Mum is alright , a bright day yesterday so very tired today.
I can’t imagine I will see her again unless Covid 19 is miraculously brought under control fairly soon .
Trouble between Andy  Burnham and Govt.
Can see the point ,more cash needed for the area as people up here feel the South is being more favourably treated .
I don’t know ,but sad as I fear politics will get in the way.

Well wash up —— I  have a new  dishcloth ( well four) so there!
Oh what a thrill in these exciting times - a new dishcloth!!!

Cheerio folks ,Oh yes!!! Birds! The little devils are pecking my almost ready
Bramleys !
 They ignore nuts,seeds,crumbs ,fat balls !
The naughty things ( that reminds me of the two Yorkshire Vets ,kicked, gored, crushed ,bitten ,scratched, etc ,and they say “ Oooh you naughty
 thing “.Lovely programme.

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: louisa maud on Sunday 18 October 20 18:03 BST (UK)
I like substantial dish cloth, I buy a pack of 4 good ones and sew  2 together , suits me

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: BushInn1746 on Sunday 18 October 20 21:11 BST (UK)
Hello All

Lazy day here, Mrs P's Chicken dinner and a walk.

Oh Roobarb, enjoy your 6 bottles, sounds like your summer clothes are over for now and it is boot weather. Lack of sympathy for choc abusers (jealousy?) because you forgot to add a pack on the shopping? Hope you're pleased with your garden.

Annette, I see deliveries were also the order of the day and sounds like a nice meal. I must improve my wardrobe to Mrs P specification.

Caroline, losing odd posts before committing happens here too. Oh food, I'm melting at your "Quiche" my favourite is Cheese & Onion, not to mention the Steak & Kidney pie with puff pastry you mentioned the other day.

MowseHowse, I'll ask Boris to add Dark Chocolate Restrictions in your area. I don't blame you for having rustle up food envy. My Mrs P (alias Mrs Beaton) has great skills in the Kitchen, although she doesn't lick her finger like Nigella L (that temptress).

Louisa, yes boundaries, there are some properties and large gardens which span across boundaries, there is a place not far from here called "No Mans Land". None of the 3 counties which once joined there originally wanted responsibility for maintainance.

Ankerdine that happens to me, I've made notes to remember this and I hope they are not jumbled. I pulled a prickly creeper from my hedge about 2 months ago in my shorts and got bitten by insects, nasty things.

Viktoria, your Lancs Dishcloths sound like a small Kitchen Towel here and I hope your hospital visit goes well. You say interesting, are you on the Board of Directors? Take care and your mask.

Take care all, be safe (nothing personal if I missed someone), Mark  :)
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: mowsehowse on Sunday 18 October 20 21:23 BST (UK)
Nice one Mark. :D
Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: Roobarb on Sunday 18 October 20 21:28 BST (UK)
Oh Roobarb, enjoy your 6 bottles, sounds like your summer clothes are over for now and it is boot weather. Lack of sympathy for choc abusers (jealousy?) because you forgot to add a pack on the shopping?

Not quite Mark, the chocolate wasn't forgotten in my haste to add six bottles of wine.  ;D  Could be a bit of jealousy though, due to lactose intolerance I can no longer eat more than three squares at a time.  :'(  A whole advent calendar would leave me..... well I won't go into that! I promise I won't drink all of the six bottles of wine at once.  :)

Mrs P's chicken dinner sounds great, I do have chicken dinner envy.

Title: Re: Diary > Saturday 17th October
Post by: BushInn1746 on Sunday 18 October 20 22:45 BST (UK)
Hi Roobarb, I'm sorry, a bit of chocolate is nice.