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Title: I'm missing something in the search for my great-great grandfather.
Post by: 1931census on Friday 05 February 21 12:44 GMT (UK)
My great-grandmother S was born illegitimately in Hampstead, London in 1919. She died in 2003 having not learned who her father was; however, anecdotal evidence suggests that her mother may have told her he was a Jewish man.

I got the results for a DNA test in August of 2020 and quickly worked out that Mystery Man (MM) was indeed Jewish, as I had 9% (10% after the update) European Jewish DNA that 100% could not come from anywhere else. After some research, I came up with a candiate for S's father, who I will give the name; A. Morgan

A. Morgan was born in London, England in 1888, the first son of Jewish Polish immigrants. His father anglicized his surname when he came to Britain. At the time of S's birth, A. Morgan was married, and living in Spitalfields. I reached the conclusion he was S's father by going through some of my key Jewish matches:

- Match 1 = 223cm. Has the 'Morgan' surname. He is the grandson of A. Morgan and his wife.
- Match 2 = 115cm. No help.
- Match 3 = 104cm. Her Jewish grandfather was adopted by British parents, so a dead end.
- Match 4 = 96cm. He is the great-grandson of A. Morgan and his wife (through a different line).
- Match 5 = 62cm. Has the 'Morgan' surname. He is the son of A. Morgan's cousin.
- Match 6 = 55cm. Has the 'Morgan' surname. Son of Match 5.

However, I talked to a man called 'Jerry', who is another great-grandson of A. Morgan and has taken an Ancestry DNA test - and we didn't match. This makes no sense to me - I can only be related to Match 1 through the 'Morgan' line, as he is only Jewish on the Morgan side. And I'm sure Jerry would have noticed if he had a NPE on his side, especially as Match 1 told me he was the researcher of the family.

This is the only thing stopping me from conclusively saying A. Morgan was my great-great grandfather. Does anyone know what I'm missing here?
Title: Re: I'm missing something in the search for my great-great grandfather.
Post by: aghadowey on Friday 05 February 21 12:57 GMT (UK)
It's been mentioned before but it may just be that both of you have not inherited the same bits of DNA (or at least not a high even portion to show up- if you are looking at matches 7 cm and above perhaps the match is only 6.7 cm or there are more than one matches below 7 cm).

OH has matches with 2 sisters but not their 1st cousin. Although OH and I aren't blood relatives I share matches with one of the sisters & their 1st cousin but not the other sister. Still haven't figured out how any of us are connected  :)
Title: Re: I'm missing something in the search for my great-great grandfather.
Post by: JohnDoe2020 on Friday 12 February 21 22:40 GMT (UK)
You may be jumping to conclusions based on limited / convenient information. You need to separate the matches you have from matches that belong to your parent who is the descendant. Has your parent been tested or have any of their immediate family been tested? Separate the matches and work with the non parent matching group. You need to find the most recent COMMON ancestor for all of them. It may be back further than your G grandmother. Once you establish this connection you can work through family members and opportunity, who was in the proximity of your G Grandmother during that time period.

Ethnicity is relative, but I would have expected more than a 10% match 4 generations back, particularly with Polish, Jewish immigrants. My mom thought my father was Italian and while I love the food, there is not a hint of Italian in my ethnicity. Don't ignore Surnames, but don't get hung up on them either. Good luck