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Title: Diary > Monday 3rd May
Post by: Roobarb on Tuesday 04 May 21 09:28 BST (UK)
Was convinced it was Sunday, bank holidays always feel like that to me. Went for my usual walk in the morning, it was lucky I did as it started raining around lunchtime and continued through the afternoon and early evening.

Looked online for a new necklace stand, once again I'd knocked it over and all my necklaces fell off. It's a bad design, holds a lot of necklaces but is top heavy when they're all on it. Found one that looks like it will be better balanced so ordered it.

Nothing much doing the rest of the day but I kept busy. Finally got all of the ironing done and rearranged jumpers and t-shirts in the drawers, it's difficult finding the right thing to wear when the weather and temperature are so changeable. Reminded myself that I don't have to be busy all the time, did some reading.

Baked some cod for tea with a little paprika, new potatoes, spring onion, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes all in the same dish, did some peas to go with it.

I read that the 30 person limit at funerals is being removed from 17th May, I think there's been some pressure on the government to do so, particularly as people have been able to attend football matches. This is a good move to my mind, a bereavement is distressing enough without having to think about these things. I completely understand why it was necessary but I think now is a good time to make the change.
Title: Re: Diary > Monday 4th May
Post by: Caw1 on Tuesday 04 May 21 10:57 BST (UK)
Good to see you’re still keeping busy... I don’t know why one has to feel you need to be ‘doing something’ all the time! I’m the same...
pity about your necklace stand hope this new one proves a better option.
I agree re funerals... especially when my cousins husband recently died and it was difficult to go to without being allowed inside anywhere. I hope it will feel better for people giving their loved ones the send off they deserve.

Monday... yesterday... a dull wet and windy day all round... didn’t get up particularly early.. after breakfast baked two spiced tea loaves and generally paffed about in the kitchen..
Decided to give the bathrooms a good clean and by then it was a late lunch again!
Had a game of scrabble which I won... finally still miles behind... could do better always something written on my school reports 😂😂
Read my book third in the series about Eleanor of Aquitaine...
OH did his jigsaw that’s not been touched for some time still spread out all over the dining table!
Not very hungry so just made omelettes for dinner with salad.
OH watched the snooker and I read...
Had some more pics from daughter and boys... this time from Longleat... monies on the car which the boys loved... just have to be careful they don’t rip your windscreen wipers off.. which we saw happen some years ago!
All good fun for them, nice W/e and weather was reasonable for them... back to normal today (Tuesday)...
Retired to bed to finish my book...

Not a spectacular day but with the weather like winter in May it’s bizarre ...

Title: Re: Diary > Monday 4th May
Post by: Viktoria on Tuesday 04 May 21 11:32 BST (UK)
Another cool not sunny day here in Lancashire .
Not “ got cracking “ yet,ie no housework done as yet.
Well, STILL no definite news re puppies !

Daughter phoned as usual last evening but owner of the mum has been elusive,but is busy -  supervising the building of a new stable block .

Flash Harry five on the 11 th.

Uncovered my Sir Tom rose ,as we have had frosts and the established ones have many new shoots blighted.
But it seems OK, healthy shoots ,so hopefully a nice display in Summer.
Well I am washing my corsets today! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
No, seriously I have some back supports issued when years ago I had two prolapsed discs.
They support and ensure your back is straight even when bending .
They were washed when I put them away but thought a freshening up would not go amiss .
I can wear them when I garden and do some Spring cleaning.
Just to protect my aching hip.
I would like to hang them on the line but with the world and his dog passing my garden ——  shades of Norah Batty,  Compo might call and be a nuisance!
 ;D ;D ;D
Utility room today ,can’t do much really not enough space but being a bit tidier would not go amiss.
I can move expensive paints and stuff for fencing  back  to garden shed,it comes in for the winter  as it does not withstand frosts .That will give more room .
Small problems in the grand scheme of things.

Must do a bit of baking ,six eggs with only days to go before use before date .
I give it away mostly as I must limit sugar intake .

Well phone next door to make sure neighbour is alright then crack on !
A local term hereabouts is “I must get weaving” from the days when that and spinning were the major occupations .

Title: Re: Diary > Monday 4th May
Post by: candleflame on Tuesday 04 May 21 12:55 BST (UK)
Managed to finish scarifying the lawns then cut them before the rain came and when it came, boy did it come!
Did some family tree stuff just for a change - trying to get stuff in some semblance of order before the 1921 is released next year.
Leftovers of pasta sauce and pasta today. Boring but necessary!
Title: Re: Diary > Monday 4th May
Post by: louisa maud on Tuesday 04 May 21 14:32 BST (UK)
I have almost been praying  for raIn as  my  front  garden is so dry,  well now  we have the rain plus heavy winds , I was  in the garden last night about 10pm as some of my newly bought plants in plastic pots  were  rolling around the garden , I got all  the  pots plus my seedlings  nearer to the  house and they  seem to have survived, thank goodness, we are having sunshine,  winds  and very heavy showers all day, tomorrow is another day so hopefully  it will brighten up, hope so as I have  a hairdressers appt to cure my frequent bad hair days

Louisa Maud
Title: Re: Diary > Monday 4th May
Post by: Roobarb on Tuesday 04 May 21 15:09 BST (UK)
Time to get in there and thrash him at Scrabble Caroline! I'm assuming your typo was meant to mean there were monkeys on the car?  :D Naughty little devils.  :)

I hope your stays come out of the wash well Viktoria, I'm sure the neighbours will be looking forward to seeing them on the line.  ;D ;D

Well done with the lawns candleflame, I always find that quite an exhausting job. Good idea to get ready for the 1921 census rather than jumping around the records when it arrives.

LM - Well!! Be careful what you wish for! And don't send any more of it up here!  :D Good to hear that the plants have survived.
Title: Re: Diary > Monday 4th May
Post by: pharmaT on Tuesday 04 May 21 15:24 BST (UK)
Not much to report today other than a little family tree success.  I found another 'missing' death. this was particularly useful as it was for someone who was born before civil reg in Scotland so some confirmation of who his parents were.
Title: Re: Diary > Monday 4th May
Post by: Viktoria on Tuesday 04 May 21 15:26 BST (UK)
Well done Pharma.
Title: Re: Diary > Monday 4th May
Post by: louisa maud on Tuesday 04 May 21 15:57 BST (UK)
Will do my  best  roobarb, we haven't had a great deal of rain  to be  honest, just short sharp showers judging by  my water butt that is still only 3/4 full