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Title: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Roobarb on Thursday 06 May 21 23:36 BST (UK)
It was polling day here for some local elections. Wasn't sure which times would be quieter, difficult to judge in the current circumstances. Went to vote mid morning, I could have walked down but I prefer walking through the woods than walking through streets. The polling station was at the school where it usually is, there were very few people there. It was one out one in so I was waiting in the lobby till the couple who were voting left the room. Everything was well organised, the staff were spaced apart, exit was through a door at the back. Had a brief chat with one of the staff who I know.

Came home, changed into a different jacket then out for a walk. It was really pleasant and sunny at that time, the forecast was for cloud and rain later. Did some boring things like sorting out the freezer, gardening wasn't appealing to me, it was getting progressively cloudier and really quite cold. It rained later in the afternoon.  After getting sidetracked on the laptop I forced myself to leave it and do some ironing. It was one of those can't be bothered days.

In the evening I watched yesterday's Sewing Bee, what can I say, I despair of these contestants who have had the opportunity to practise at home for the made to measure challenge but still manage to screw it up. And if the presenter and one of the judges don't stop referring to 'rawredges' I'll put my foot through the screen. Sloppy and lazy, no excuse for it. That applies to some of the sewing too.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 07 May 21 00:10 BST (UK)
Yes, that woman with a mouth like a red rat trap!
And the presenter  in a glitter top !

And sickth instead of sixth !

Will be interesting to see the result of the elections ,who will be the Mayor of Greater Manchester and who on Bury Council for our area.

Phoned sister in law as her Birthday today.
Friend phoned just as I was getting in the bath! No problem ,it was scalding hot so could wait.

Washed and sorted some very nice storage jars I have had for years ,square with wooden tops ,were lovely in my Victorian  pine kitchen.
Grand daughter wanted them but has not collected them yet obviously and I have fallen in love with them all over again.She can have them though if she wants.
Watched the program about matching people with dogs.
A lovely couple took in a very robust Staffie, but it attacked without provocation or warning another dog whilst out walking.
Not a breed I like at all.

An interesting programme too re violence in family homes ,and its effect on
children,especially boys who see their mothers abused .

Well no real news .I think I have posted today already.
So cheerio, Viktoria.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: mowsehowse on Friday 07 May 21 07:43 BST (UK)
Oh yes, I had put that programme out of my mind.  WHAT is that necklace Esme favours? :P I am beginning to wonder if the whole thing is actually a comedy spoof?? But perhaps the quality of the sewing was rather improved this week.... and surely we have seen Andrew on TV somewhere before?  :-\
What a wild kind of a weather day here!  Massive black clouds rolling around with blue skies and blazing sunny intervals, but although I was outside a lot I didn't get wet. Hurrah!
3 cruise ships still riding at anchor in the Bay.
Afternoon Morris practise and a cuppa with 5 others in a garden, and in the morning a walk along an almost deserted Esplanade with a chum. 
We talked family history, and if anyone has a sub to the Liverpool newspaper archives and a bit of time, I would love a favour for her please.  :-\
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: pharmaT on Friday 07 May 21 08:08 BST (UK)
Well the gasman came so that's boiler fixed and has it's certificate for the next year.

Not a good day overall, lots of legal stuff to deal with and incompetence compounded by a blase "so what" attitude when I complained.  So as a result I am still mad,VERY mad.

Had studying to do for work but didn't get round to it what with housework and all the phonecalls I had to make.  I have until the end of the month to complete it so will be OK as long as I get myself in gear. 

We had snow today. That's one for the records considering it's May.

Voted today, there were people there but not that busy.  Looked like there were lots of people not scored off. it was only half 2 though so maybe they would vote after work or hopefully postal votes.  They are not going to be starting the count until Friday morning so ages before the results.

Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Caw1 on Friday 07 May 21 08:52 BST (UK)
Late again to the party!

Up early as needed to get to Lidlís and back before girls coming for coffee... weather not looking good, rain in the night and still a bit drizzly...
OH going off to golf but first went to vote... very lucky as itís in our village hall which is literally over the road! Weíre a small village and some do postal votes so for the couple that are there from 6-10 itís a very long day... still theyíre villagers so a chance to catch up with others as thereís never a queue 😀😀.
Itís only the second time Iíve been into the hall since March last year!
The floor looks so beautiful as it was sanded and resealed during April last year and hardly anyoneís been in there since!
We duly voted all well organised with screens up, sanitizers, took our own pens... brief chat and OH went off to golf and I went to Lidlís... which wasnít to busy..
I wasnít hopeful for our coffee outside as it was still drizzling...
Popped to Waitrose for a few bits using the quick check app... so much quicker..
By the time I got home it had at least stopped raining....
in the end one friend came, early, I was still putting shopping away and not ready... hadnít had any breakfast... no big deal as could do with shedding a couple of pounds!
We sat in the conservatory with the doors open... garden furniture far to wet to put cushions out! By the time she left at gone 1pm the sun was out...😤😤
Had some lunch... more paperwork to do for lottery...
OH home....
Decided Iíd go out and try and call on all the new people whoíve moved into the village, there have been a few, and try and sign them up for the lottery...
it was very pleasant to knock on doors and chat with new folk and I signed up five more and a further two going to discuss with partners... a good afternoons work! And the sun was shining...
More paperwork to do on my return home...
friend called with her subs and we had quick discussion about the hairdresser we both use/used in my case... she, like me, was very unhappy with his whole attitude to covid... no mask wearing, saying it was all a big hoax..😱😱😳 and she said sheís never going back... I said me neither and Iíd found someone else...
She said she felt like reporting him for his non compliance with covid regs! Iíll leave her to do that!
Dinner was later than usual (8pm) sausage, mash and greens from the garden..
Watched some tv... not caught up with Sewing Bee yet!
Good news my daughter feeling back to normal today! Curtain fabric been delivered to her, she just needs to get the lining and weíll be good to go when I go down on 19th May. ( and no OH not coming to watch us sew for several days! Heíd miss his golf and their spare beds not that comfortable for him... moaning minny!)
Had a call from H to say that hubbie M was getting on well with his treatment, just feeling tired about to start next lot of treatment in tablet form... thatíll finish on 23rd May then tests, perhaps home for short spell then back for stem cell treatment... his sisters being tested to see if sheís a match if not apparently thereís a large bank to draw from... sheís very upbeat which is good to hear... everyday visits for only an hour with hour and half drive there she said tiring...

Good to read everyone elseís posts... such bizarre weather... read that Cumbria had snow enabling skiers to get out for some fun... in May!

Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: candleflame on Friday 07 May 21 09:12 BST (UK)
We do postal vote nowadays . They kept moving our polling station around when decisions were made not to use schools so we decided to go postal. Much easier we've found. Last time we did a physical vote, we were in the entrance area of our local Church of England church built in the 1800's.
Felt very odd voting there and I felt sorry for the election staff as it was freezing. I used to do polling clerk role back in the day.
We went to the opticians and I managed to order my new glasses so that's another job done . When I had my test pre Christmas, they didn't have many small frames in which I need, then we got locked down again,  so yesterday we went back to try again.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Roobarb on Friday 07 May 21 10:43 BST (UK)
What strange weather we're all having, have just had a look back at the diary entries for the same date last year, it was warm and sunny everywhere although I did report a chilly wind in the morning. The VE day celebrations were taking place on the 8th and it was warm enough here for people to sit out in the street.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: jo1962 on Friday 07 May 21 10:46 BST (UK)
Hello all,
I thought I would join in as I had a vaguely interesting day. Went to vote at the village hall which is just a hop, skip and jump away. As others have said it was very well organised, only 2 in at a time. In one door and out of another. Being in the village hall brought back pleasant memories of a former life, quizzes, parties, fete's etc. I then went to visit a friend I haven't seen since last summer. Felt very cold even in the sun so went well wrapped up in cashmere jumper and my thick walking socks along with thick jacket and a scarf. Is it really May? Makes me wonder when I will get to wear the summer clothes I recently splurged on. It was lovely to catch up with friend C, felt quite uplifted when I left so decided to treat myself to a bottle of pinot on the way home as OH was meeting up with a few friends in the evening at the village pub.
Had a 'hearty' chicken casserole for tea, the sort of food you normally eat in the depths of winter. Put the heating on as I just couldn't get warm. My mum would turn in her grave at the thought of the heating on in may, I could just hear her telling me 'I need more flesh on my bones'.
OH went to the pub about 7.30, I thought he was mad but he was dying for a pint of real ale. At least he went out dressed for artic conditions. He hadn't been gone long and the heavens opened, rain bouncing off the orangery roof and the wind blowing a hoolie. I expected him back within half an hour, but no, being the die hard he is he stuck it out until 10pm. I decided to catch up with a few episodes of a 'place in the sun' with a glass of pinot. Was interrupted by a call from my daughter who was near hysterical after receiving her car insurance renewal. After I had peeled her off the ceiling I advised her to go on some price comparison sites to see if she could get a better deal. She calmed down and we had a lovely chat. Back to a place in the sun, had another glass of pinot, well, nearly the whole bottle actually but what the heck.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Ruskie on Friday 07 May 21 11:19 BST (UK)
It sounds like many of you had very unseasonable weather.

Thank goodness your gas is sorted out Pharma. We have liquid gas delivered - sometimes they canít be bothered coming, or forget, leading to us running out of gas. Makes me livid.

Ironing Roobarb? I havenít done any ironing since 2001.   ;D We enjoy that ďcasualĒ fashion look.

I get the impression Caroline that despite your trip to your daughter being a labour of love, that you might enjoy the brief break from your lovely hubby?  ;) It will be a nice change of scenery for you anyway.

The last few elections weíve had, I have opted for a postal vote, even before covid. I canít be bothered waiting in queues. When at home I can do some googling to check out the candidates too, though they are all generally full of hot air.

I hope you had a clear head after your bottle of Pinot Jo. If I were you I would have accompanied my OH to the pub for a real ale.  ;D

Have you heard any more about availability of puppies Viktoria? My sister looks after a Jack-a-poo (one year old) once a week while his Mum does yoga. Heís a cute thing but apparently the mother is a bit highly strung, so that might have rubbed off on the dog. He also needs desexing.   ;)

Another dog sitting day for me - a pleasant 26 degrees here. Much talk of trying to trace how two people, husband and wife, contracted the US variant of covid. Considering his movements, it is amazing that it wasnít passed on to anyone else, not that they have found yet anyway.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 07 May 21 11:43 BST (UK)
No. No news but my daughter was quite reticent ,I just hope they are not planning a ď surpriseí for me as I have thoroughly talked myself out of having a dog, painful hip etc after stepping down what I thought was one step but was two!
We were supposed to get together this month ,lots if Birthdays and anniversaries etc .No definite news re that but she is very cautious on behalf of her employees and family .
Will not fully open her business yet ,too complicated if all regulations are totally adhered to.She values her staff ,depends on them for her business and its high reputation.
But thanks for the enquiry ,she does try so hard to please everyone .
Flash Harry is five on Tuesday!
Gosh that little scrap was so ill when born ,2,000 units of anti biotics at birth .
He was born with sepsis .Had ingested amniotic fluid and inhaled some too seemingly , whilst being born.
Donít have full details .
Well just looking at what election results have come through.
Just wait and see .

Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: pharmaT on Friday 07 May 21 11:44 BST (UK)
It sounds like many of you had very unseasonable weather.

Thank goodness your gas is sorted out Pharma. We have liquid gas delivered - sometimes they canít be bothered coming, or forget, leading to us running out of gas. Makes me livid.

I don't blame you ruskie, not good customer service.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Roobarb on Friday 07 May 21 12:13 BST (UK)
Jo, your OH must be made of stern stuff to stick it out all that time. I too torture myself by watching A Place in the Sun, looking at all the places I can't go to. Yet!

Weather sounds great there Ruskie, we can only dream of that at the moment! I think you could be right about Caroline looking forward to a girlie break.  ;)

Despite your protests Viktoria I think you'd be very pleased to get a puppy.  :)
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: jo1962 on Friday 07 May 21 12:39 BST (UK)
Ruskie, 26 degrees, I can't tell you how jealous I am!! Roobarb, I remember the weather for VE day last year. We sat on a friends drive and had afternoon tea in our shorts and T-shirts. It will be  different this year as very heavy rain forecast. I think I was born in the wrong country, should definitely live somewhere sub tropical  8)
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Ruskie on Friday 07 May 21 13:40 BST (UK)
oooo Viktoria, if you have talked yourself out of a puppy do you think you should tell your daughter in case they are planning a surprise? I'm sure you would enjoy a pup if you got one, and you are lucky in that if it doesn't work out, your daughter is happy to adopt it.

Be careful what you wish for Jo. Sub tropical is not all it's cracked up to be.  ;D
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Caw1 on Friday 07 May 21 17:51 BST (UK)
It does seem ridiculous that weíre all having to go out muffled up,to the eye balls in MAY!

I donít blame you Jo for enjoying a 🍷 or 🍷🍷🍷🍷! Hope youíve not got a sore head today 😂😂

Youíre right Roobarb and Ruskie I am looking forward to going to my daughters even if Iím going to be looking a swirling black circles whilst making these curtains!
I often used to go down on my own before all this nonsense.... OH likes some peace and quiet and he gets to play golf and eat cheese on toast despite all the goodies I leave for him and heís very capable to cook! I canít wait....

Oh dear Viktoria.... surprises can be lovely but I too sense that maybe itís not quite one you really want! Suck a big responsibility having a dog let alone a new puppy 😱😱. Iím sure you will deal with what ever happens in your usual pragmatic way!

PharmaT- Iím sure youíll get your studying done and good to have you gas sorted.

Rain, rain and more rain tomorrow.... oh well at least I can get my SiLí s and our friend Mís birthday cards made....

Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: DianaCanada on Friday 07 May 21 22:12 BST (UK)
Woke up this morning sore all down my right side, including hip. Turned out to be sciatica, probably I had slept on that side without turning for hours.  It pretty well disappeared by noon, but I had a nap after lunch, didnít want to, but couldnít keep my eyes open.
Did some more cleaning in my office, sorted a jigsaw puzzle, and then we went off to do the grocery pick up. Nothing untoward there, but OH for two orders in a row forgot to order his sandwich meats, so yesterday he went to a more distant ďfancierĒ grocery store and got his meat and picked up one of our favourites they so there, stuffed mushrooms.  He also got sticky toffee pudding!  Not as good as some weíve had here, but good.  No sauce with it, but we have a Mary Berry recipe, so will make some for the rest of it.  I did roast mini potatoes so we had a nice meal and leftovers tonight!
The sticky toffee pudding will wait for Sunday which is Motherís Day here.  I got a box in the mail yesterday, told not to even open the box itself til Sunday.  Told OH to hide it so I wouldnít be tempted.  The box is from my daughters, son says he will call me Sunday with ďsome newsĒ.  Knowing him he is just pulling my leg.
Cool spring here today, wore my winter coat to get groceries. I never wear a hat or scarf even in the depths of winter but I also donít wear sweaters so I needed the coat over my light top.  Yesterday morning it was frosty out, our daffodils are still looking good though, am thinking they donít have much longer.
Just talked to my family history friend re the mags I am going to give her, she is willing to take them all.  She spent the better part of the weekend at one of the hospitals as they were worried sheíd had a stroke.  She is a widow but she has a daughter here, so she stepped in, and she is at her place.  I hope she is okay, waiting for test results to see whatís up.
Not much else going on.  Reading a book, novel, by Curtis Sittenfeld (female) called Rodham, all about
Hillary Clinton if she had NOT married Bill C.  Author really portrays him as a womanizer, prob close to the mark!
Into second season of Keeping Faith, which I fell asleep to this afternoon.  Somewhat confused.  Also find the main character far too emotional for a lawyer.  But is entertaining and intriguing.
All the best to everyone!
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Viktoria on Friday 07 May 21 22:31 BST (UK)
Stayed bright all day but still cold.
Some Nasturtiums not peeping through yet ,nice big seeds too.

Might venture out tomorrow just to see if the usual ,small open air market is open as it is Saturday.
Wearing winter clothes today ,so chilly .

Must also get to Garden Centre ,all open air , for plants for neighbourís pots.
I want a sage bush too.

Well Ramsbottom has a Labour Councillor ,a young man who was a little boy at the schools, both -as they moved house, where I worked.
No news as to who is Greater  Manchesterís Mayor,yet .
Some surprises though!

Been looking for a new single mattress , however I feel sure it is better to get a mattress and base that are meant for each other.
Revues go from excellent to rubbish! About the same product .
I value the space under the bed as I have closed bedding boxes there so need a bed on legs,so many new beds are like big blocks!
I want a medium firm mattress but donít want to have to turn it too often.
Rotating no real problem ,and memory foam- does that stay in your shape? ;D
Some are so deep too.
We have a good shop here but it is many stories high and beds and mattresses are on the top floor  !
No customer lift.
Will have to wait I suppose until I can get to Bury.

Hope it warms up soon ,the pond needs attention again .
Too cold to have my hands in really cold water .

Well a nice cupppa or even hot  milk ,a crossword in bed and bo bos ,in other words sleep ó ď go to bo bos now ď.
My son had a bo bo blanket ,just held it and plucked fluff from it then tickled his own nose with the bo bos he had made .
He thought Rosebay Willow herb and Dandelions were bo bo trees.
Aaaw,heís only 64 now!
Goodnight to those still up and Good morning to those who will read this tomorrow.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: DianaCanada on Friday 07 May 21 22:41 BST (UK)
Still up, here, Viktoria!  It is 5:41 p.m., just about to eat  :).
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Roobarb on Saturday 08 May 21 00:01 BST (UK)
I'm still up Viktoria and it's nearly midnight, how naughty of me. Can hardly keep my eyes open though. 💤

Hope you've recovered from your aches and pains Diana. Be sure to let us know what's in the box when you've opened it on Sunday!
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Ruskie on Saturday 08 May 21 00:06 BST (UK)
Caroline, itís nice to have a break from oneís OH occasionally isnít it?  ;)

It must have been worrying to wake up in pain Diana - it must have been a relief when it subsided. Good that you are able to pass the magazines on to your friend - it would have seemed such a waste to throw them out. Letís hope her test results are alll clear.

Itís Motherís Day here on Sunday too. Iíve told daughters not to buy me a present, but I will see them on the day.

Added: I regularly have problems posting on rootschat (error message 522 or some such thing), so am trying again, and note that Viktoria has posted in the meantime.

I think that with many products reviews just complicate matters.

If your current bed base is still in good order and your boxes fit underneath, you should be able to find a good mattress to fit exactly. It is probably just a matter of taking the measurements of the current mattress and finding one the same size.

There are companies here that deliver mattresses rolled up in a box, and offer refunds if you donít like it after x amount of months. What they do with any which are returned I have no idea.

Memory foam are comfortable, but can be a bit firm for some people. Maybe you could consider those which have a memory foam topper.

You can probably get one delivered sight unseen but that is probably a bit risky as you really need to try before you buy. Another consideration is that you might need the delivery people to take your old mattress away and put the new one in place (which may cost extra). These days some companies donít offer that service though.

It sounds like I know a lot about mattress shopping, but I donít.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: DianaCanada on Saturday 08 May 21 00:46 BST (UK)
Thanks for your good wishes Roobarb and Ruskie, I feel much better now.  Just unloaded the dishwasher and washed some pots and pans, slightly achey, but nothing that wonít go away soon.
Have a nice Motherís Day, Ruskie, lovely you will see your daughters.  We are in lockdown, so wonít see any of my three. 😔. The media are a bit worried people will be gathering, and some surely will, our numbers of Covid cases are dropping somewhat but no where near good levels.  A local 18 year old died recently, our youngest death.  Certainly more cases among younger people this time.
The USA is pressuring to have the border reopened, I certainly hope they donít soon.  Trouble with The US is they make a lot of noise and exert a lot of pressure politically.
For what itís worth I have had a memory foam mattress for about 8 years and would not go back to regular.  It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it, but love it now.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Ruskie on Saturday 08 May 21 04:45 BST (UK)
Happy Motherís Day to you too Diana. Iím not a great one for Motherís Day - I can take it or leave it. As it is purely commercial here I generally suggest the children buy me a tiny gift, or, as this year, nothing.  :)

I see I messed up my previous post, so will go back and correct it.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Viktoria on Saturday 08 May 21 11:05 BST (UK)
Thanks everyone for all the welcome advice .
Does memory foam,well, stay in your shape?Is that a daft

Chucking it down here! All over  the Country is the same.
Seemingly only Lerwick ,Shetland Isles has any sunshine

Hope everyone is well, and aches and pains disappear .
Have a nice MothersíDay,those who celebrate it at this time .

Made another lemon cake so will share with next door,her daughter and son in law will call tomorrow ,her daughter sometimes a few times in a day but a care package now in place so not so often, but always  each day.

Spoke with friend in Shropshire ,she sounded strong and was lucid ,her
B/ day 29 th May ,I must get the Lavender water she will like .

Well folks for the first time since Lockdown last March I am venturing to the market!
Fresh greens and a call to card shop - lots of B/ days and anniversaries this month.
Can look to see if any news on the Church notice board .

When I put two discs out years ago I was told by the Physiotherapist to roll a bath towel tightly ,put it round my waist and then lie down in bed .
It will stay at waist height and keep your spine from sagging down .
It will fall either side of your waist
I used it for years and have gone back to it recently ,it is not uncomfortable and if you roll over either way it is still there in place ,across the bed.
Keeping the natural posture of your spine..

Well must get my skates on ,figuratively speaking of course ,another term for starting to do something .
Thanks for the advice and news .Cheerio

Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Ruskie on Saturday 08 May 21 11:30 BST (UK)
The memory foam I think moulds to your shape while you are lying on it, then bounces back after you get off it. My daughter has one and itís quite firm but doesnít have impressions of bodies all over it, if thatís what you are asking about Viktoria. Diana might be able to help a bit more with that. I think it supports the body, so you might not need the towel for your back.

Youíre very brave venturing to the market, but it will be lovely for you to get out and about and browse for your veg and cards.  ;)

The lemon cake sounds delicious. I get lots of inspiration through hearing about what everyone is cooking. Now I have a craving for lemon cake.  ::) ;D
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Roobarb on Saturday 08 May 21 12:21 BST (UK)
Viktoria, I bought a new mattress a couple of years ago and before buying I did a lot of research online, there are articles such as the Which one that list the pros and cons of each type of mattress.

As Ruskie says, it's important to measure the bed base exactly, all double bed mattresses for instance are not the same size. I bought a pocket mattress, when I first got it I could feel the undulations and it was a bit uncomfortable, I then put a mattress topper under the sheet and that solved the problem. I bought mine from a local shop rather than one of the big dedicated stores, the assistant was very helpful, wherever you decide to buy from make sure you get an assistant who can give you the information you need. And make sure you lie on the mattresses!

Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: rosie99 on Saturday 08 May 21 12:50 BST (UK)
That is a good review link Roobarb.   I bought a memory foam mattress but had to replace it as having hip problems at the time I found it difficult to turn over.  I also found it too warm (But I am down south  ;D )   

We did spend sometime in the shop trying it out but I don't suppose I realised it would be difficult to turn as lying their fully clothed without covers over is not quite the same as when you are dressed for bed. 
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: DianaCanada on Saturday 08 May 21 14:08 BST (UK)
Rosie, I did find turning over a problem too, but my hip was fine when I bought it.  A couple of weeks in, my body had adjusted.  I also have a memory foam pillow that has a coolant in it, as I get warm.
4 degrees here this a.m., felt like 2 when I took dog out at 6:30, no frost though.  He was fussing at two grackles who had the temerity to be picking at seeds under the bird feeder (they are just a little too heavy to feed from it, and pull the cage down over the feeding holes).  Fortunately he refrained from barking.
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Viktoria on Saturday 08 May 21 15:58 BST (UK)
Thanks for all the info and the connection to Which,
I have the blurb from the new double bed I bought a couple of years ago and which I have not slept in yet!
So this afternoon I ha pd ď a lie downĒ,it is comfy but of course  is quite firm by comparison.Not uncomfortable though.
I will phone the firm on Monday ,their retail outlet is open again it seems .
They have a sale in I til Tuesday but that !wonít make me rush into anything!
Well it was bucketing down so chickened out re market and had a lie down instead !
I must say when I lay down,my aches seemed to subside ,just my knee hurt .
Oh isnít life fun when you are bed hopping ,in the nicest possible way of course?
I think I am seeing things óó the sky is getting brighter ,just a little ,the houses opposite me face due South and the sun will have by now moved round to the South,not exactly shining but sky is brighter.

A Quorn peppered steak for tea with onion rings,chips of course and peas and broccoli .
A naughty slice of lemon cake for pud.

Thanks again for all your help ,if the weather is kinder tomorrow I can get cards from The supermarket, but like the little shop ,they have lovely ones with nature photographs and no sloppy words!
Well cheerio again ,you are all very kind .
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: rosie99 on Sunday 09 May 21 10:24 BST (UK)
Rosie, I did find turning over a problem too, but my hip was fine when I bought it.  A couple of weeks in, my body had adjusted.  I also have a memory foam pillow that has a coolant in it,

I was having to sit myself up so that I could turn over, so far from ideal.  We kept the bed for about a year, only because it was expensive it would have gone earlier otherwise.  OH was hot as well so not just a 'woman' thing  :).  I did try a cotton mattress topper to try and cool things down to no avail.

Hope your shopping trip was a success Viktoria 
Title: Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
Post by: Ruskie on Sunday 09 May 21 11:45 BST (UK)
After posting previously I thought to mention that you might find memory foam hot. With our hot summer nights I think I would find them too sweaty.  ;D

Something Iím not sure if anyone has mentioned is the option of keeping your current mattress and just buying a memory foam topper. If your current mattress is in reasonable condition it might be an easy solution for you. They are fairly thick I think, so you would need to consider whether your current fitted sheet will fit over it. They are not cheap -more expensive than a normal mattress topper.

Alternatively you could buy one for your double bed if you find that is too firm for you.

When you mention that it is difficult to turn over, I find that my clothes stick to the sheets somewhat on memory foam type beds. Difficult to explain, and it might just be me, but itís like the body moves but the clothing doesnít, which results in some tangling .... this would not be a problem for naked sleepers of course.  ;)