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Title: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: louisa maud on Monday 26 July 21 08:41 BST (UK)
Well unusually I am starting the week off

It is very dull and overcast and we have had rain overnight, good news is my water butt is nearly full up, the wet weather has brought out  slugs, found 18 between last night and this morning, one cheeky one was actually hanging from a sweet pea bloom,  it is a lot cooler so I might ditch the shorts for a few days

What a shame the weather has turned just when the children are home on summer holidays, I am sure there will be lots of baking and painting going on if it is a wet week.

I have been gifted a DNA test kit, oh dear, didn't want to do one to be honest but I will have to now, wonder what that will prove or disprove

It is now Monday 26th, I hope everyone has a great improvement this week healthwise, we still have to be careful and aware

Take care folks

Louisa Maud

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Roobarb on Monday 26 July 21 17:57 BST (UK)
A big contrast in your weather LM to here in the North East, it's been hot and sunny here although there's some rain forecast tomorrow afternoon.

I've managed to do a bit of gardening today with plenty of rests. Very glad to read that Caroline's OH is so much better.  :)
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Pinetree on Monday 26 July 21 18:26 BST (UK)
Lovely to hear that Roobarb and Caroline’s OH are starting to feel a bit better and able to tackle a bit of gardening again.  Hope things continue that way.

LM my OH recently received his DNA results, nearly 60% Scandinavian apparently although most of his ancestors that I have traced have not ventured out of Yorkshire!  We keep getting jokes about urges to go shopping at IKEA now.

Son was home for weekend for his birthday and has now gone to visit his Granny and other family members in Wales for a few days.

Take care everyone

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Caw1 on Monday 26 July 21 23:02 BST (UK)
Another week starts and here we are in the last week of July 😱

We’ve been waiting for rain but it turned out to be a beautiful day…so plenty of work done in the garden!

Glad to hear you’re making progress Roobarb…small steps back to normal unlike my OH who I think either feels he needs a challenge, is bonkers or plain stubborn!
He decided to cut our beech hedge today all 50ft of it… took him most of the day with frequent stops and my help but he feels he’s getting somewhere… tomorrow could be a different story!

LM it will be interesting to see what your DNA test turns up you may get some surprises…
Pinetree - I’m not sure how much credence you can take from the ethnicity part of the tests although mine came out fairly accurately… as far as I know…
Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts…

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Pinetree on Tuesday 27 July 21 07:44 BST (UK)
Gosh Caroline, I think I should take back the word “bit” when referring to your OH’s gardening efforts. It must have been very worrying and frustrating to be laid low for so long.

I must admit I see the DNA ethnicity estimates as more of a bit of fun than anything else.

Well first day back in the office today after working from home since March 2020. A bit strange but I’m sure it will soon feel like I’ve never been away.
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Roobarb on Tuesday 27 July 21 14:53 BST (UK)
Hope your OH is okay today Caroline after that amazing amount of gardening. Sounds pretty exhausting even on a normal day, let alone post virus!

A big change for you Pinetree, hope it's all gone well at work.

A first for me too today, my first day out of self isolation. I went for a short walk around the field, was walking more slowly than usual but it wasn't long before I got tired. Cut across a corner and came home, felt quite breathless. Will have to build up slowly, however frustrating it is!
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Tuesday 27 July 21 15:38 BST (UK)
Glad to hear you are up and running albeit a little slower than usual ,Roobarb,
and Caroline’s OH, amazing.

Well the thunder has arrived, rain but not as heavy as the sound effects would lead you to believe.
Am expecting a visit  from United Utilities re drainage at the front of the house, I have a service contract  with them.
Good if the problem is obvious when they come - anytime up to six O’Clock.

I can never relax and get on with things when waiting for someone ,especially when the time given is so long , would leave the front door open and vestibule one closed but the rain might blow in.
I have a doorbell ,and it is loud so I should just bat on.
I must also get a lock or at least a bolt on the inside of the vestibule door  then I can safely leave the front door open .

Will finish the chicken from Sunday for tea, tasteless, from M&S,supposed to be garlic butter ,but though it smelled delicious  ,taste was not nearly as good as the smell, and rather tough again, but done just to instructions so not me!
I am fed up with blurb that quite frankly is all too often just not true!

Well , will try to get on ,so look after yourselves and hope those ill will continue with good recoveries,.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: louisa maud on Tuesday 27 July 21 16:00 BST (UK)
I am finding chicken is quite tasteless lately thought  it was me  but  my  husband  said  the same

We had a deluge of rain last night, a reasonable morning but rain again at lunch time, in and out with the washing, I decided to empty the whole of a double wardrobe and wash everything, what an idiot, I never realised I had to much "stuff", the charity bag should do well, sleeves to short now unless I keep my arms by my side, can't have my bingo wings flapping about

Everyone who is suffering take it easy and do a little and often, no good rushing to get better if you are affected again after, easy to say though isn't it?

I found a pattern last week so I thought I would make myself a blouse in white cotton, similar to embroidery anglaise, won't be wasted if it doesn't turn out as expected but I will give it a go, makes a change from masks

Caw1, the cousin who sent me the DNA has already had his done, mine should be the same as his on his maternal side which shows  Swedish blood, I should have as well if I can understand the results

My daughter's boss wanted her back at work 2 days a week, it would mean she would be in something not much bigger than a cupboard for 1 day on her own, she said she might as well be at home and just go in for one day and sit at her usual desk.

Looking brighter, lets hope  it stays like it, take  care everyone

Louisa Maud
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Annette7 on Tuesday 27 July 21 20:11 BST (UK)
Not a happy bunny today!

Was woken up by workmen digging up the road (cable) at 7.00am!!!   No warning whatsoever.   Noise unbelievable which went on all day (hence the thumping headache I have right now).   Luckily, I didn't have to go out as barriers across our car park entrance.

When it finally quietened - around 5.30 - I looked out the window and was pleased that they had organised it so we could now drive out of the car park but could only turn right as road still blocked on left.   This pleasure was short-lived however - just a few yards up the road on the right is a barrier going right across the road so road is blocked both ways.   Have these men got no brain cells!  Clear a way so we can get out then have a barrier  both sides!!!!   Worried for a neighbour who works at the hospital as currently there is no way she can get in and she has no clue. 

Will have to have a word with the men in the morning as I have to go to my nephews at 10am to look after 3 of the children, whilst he and his wife take another for a medical appointment with a consultant.   If I am unable to get out he or his wife will have to come and pick me up.   However, even if I am able to get out okay what will be the situation when I come home?   My sister had her hip done on 19th but has had problems with blood stats since.   Finally came home this afternoon and my b-in-law asked if tomorrow I would go and sit with her whilst he goes to a meeting around 6pm.  I'm obviously happy to do that but what will I find when I come home in the evening?   Will the road be blocked both ways again so I can't get into the car park?   Nowhere around to park - heaven knows where all the people who usually park in the road are having to park. It's a nightmare!

So, looking after 3 of my great nieces tomorrow morning/early afternoon then over to my sisters to sit with her for a couple of hours (at least no cooking for me as having dinner at my sisters).

Just need to know I can get home okay.


Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Tuesday 27 July 21 22:46 BST (UK)
Gosh ,what idiots Annette , our dustbin men are the same ,just don’t think things through .
The Council ask that we place our bins with the handle facing out ,easy for them to grab .
My bins are in a little bay, I had that done when I had new fencing put in so the handles do face outward and that way it is easy for me to put stuff in them whilst still in my garden.
Do they put them back  like that - well no !
They struggle to turn them round so I have to go into the lane to put stuff in and they have to struggle to get them out .
They decant a bin only half full into another half full one ,making a horrible mess which they do not pick up so there is a trail of rubbish everywhere they go.
They are a team of vandals !
But an unpleasant job .

Lots of thunder this afternoon but not the amount of rain for
so much noise however heavy storms forecast for tonight.
No need to water containers this evening.

Flash Harry and my dughter off on Safari tomorrow with a picnic.
He is taking his nockalocklikers ( binoculars )and Magicifying glass ,butties and drink for a picnic ,little containers with pooters to safely catch insects ,and a writing book and pencil to record.
He wrote mouse ,the other day, just using the phonics he has learnt and got the ou sound correct .
His school, an academy really went big guns on phonics but it has paid off.
His little friend did not settle back very well when they went back so he and Flash Harry have play dates so he will be happier in September when school restarts etc.
He has a Safari jacket and Bush Ranger hat ,etc ,an outfit which was a Birthday present .
He has made casts in plaster of shells etc today with my  daughter.
They have magnets on the back so will be painted  for fridge magnets so I know what I am having for Christmas!!
Well no news really , hope everyone is alright ,getting better etc.
Cheerio for now.Viktoria.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: DianaCanada on Wednesday 28 July 21 01:27 BST (UK)
Roobarb, glad to hear your health is improving and your OH too, Caroline.
Still hot and humid here, but cooler temps coming by week’s end.  It is a long weekend here, and tomorrow I am going to spend a week with my kids, in the Niagara region.  My son and his girlfriend are coming too.  Only thing we have planned is a winery tour.  We’ll play it by ear otherwise.  They are in a town that attracts many tourists, international in most years, but expect it will be crowded with people from Toronto! 
Ontario is doing very well re virus, vaccination rate high and cases low, our region of about half a million is single digits most days.  Mask wearing still compulsory inside public places.
Black bear spotted near north side of city recently.  Last summer there was one in our suburb, but rural end.  It was up a tree in someone’s yard.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: BushInn1746 on Wednesday 28 July 21 12:56 BST (UK)
Very pleased to hear about your health beginning to improve Roobarb and also Caroline's husband.

I booked a 3 night stay at a Hotel 30 miles from here and said to Mrs P, we'll have a Sitting Room as well this time and treat ourselves.

Arrived, booked in and the Receptionist said, we have upgraded you, so we had a suite of rooms in an Apartment in the beautiful grounds. It was absolutely wonderful and a short walk to the Hotel for morning breakfast.

We had meals out at an old half timbered pub.

I was wondering if I'd done the right thing, but it went well.

Drawing a family tree here.

Spent a bit more time seeing my two Grandchildren now 4 yrs and just under 1, they are funny and make us smile.

Take care all, Mark
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: ThrelfallYorky on Thursday 29 July 21 15:49 BST (UK)
Totally fed up of what feels like two days of continuous rain keeping us out of back garden, and weeding and some essential redesign jobs there.
Fortunately nothing else to complain of as we're both still well. Just frustrated.
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Thursday 29 July 21 16:11 BST (UK)
Wow! What weather!
Talk about deluge ,cloudbursts etc .
Plants flattened and things blown all over the garden.
Well I won’t need to water containers for a few evenings now.

Hope everyone came through it all alright .

Son got a letter to go for a heart scan after heart trouble had more or less been ruled out ,we think it is a letter that just did not get posted at the right time but he will go for the scan anyway.

Got photos of Flash Harry in Safari mode!
Found several sorts of butterflies ,and ladybirds but wanted to keep some as pets but was OK when  my daughter explained they only ate food they had caught themselves like green flies etc .
He has done a ladybird pebble for me ,the spots are luminous !

Sent a cheque to grandson, for the pram for the new baby ,it is an all singing all dancing one ,pram, later push chair, first cot etc.
They got rid of a beautiful Silver Cross ,but was just the pram.
I say beautiful ,but not like ours would be, coach built, large wheels etc elegant and so easy to push.
However all folds away on the new one.

Didn’t we take a pride in our prams, all polished ,chrome wheels and handles
etc .White tyres whitened, lovely fringed sun canopies .
My children never had anything to eat in their prams ,and my first was immaculate after the two boys, the second for my daughter likewise ,I passed that on to Tom Simpson’s sister in law .
In Belgium.That had everything,pram,cot ,pushchair .
Shopping tray underneath.
We walked miles ,  but so much was more local and in easy walking distance.

Well must get on  still putting stuff away in spare room after my big sort out .
Keep changing my mind as to the best arrangement for the clothes many of which I may never wear again.
Got some very long cardigans ,I loved them with trousers ,but am too short now I have shrunk ,I think  grand daughter  likes them so will ask .

She has joined a charity for support for Ovarian Cyst patients as the long term effects are far more long reaching than I would have imagined .
Miscarriages etc.
Some of the group , are attempting to climb several peaks in a limited time .
I must sponsor them.
Perhaps a pram’s worth!

Well back to rearranging wardrobes, I wish I had never started.

Look after yourselves and thanks for the news .

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Roobarb on Thursday 29 July 21 22:21 BST (UK)
Diana, I hope you enjoy your break in Niagra, the wine tour sounds great.  ;D
Your trip sounds great too Mark.

Hope Annette managed to get out and back in again okay.

Hope the rain eases for you ladies. We've had a few heavy showers here over the last few days, one thunderstorm. It usually seems to be in the late afternoon, it's worked out okay for me as I've been able to go for a short walk while it's fine. No marathons but I'm hoping to build up my stamina.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Annette7 on Friday 30 July 21 04:17 BST (UK)
Glad to hear you have been able to resume some walking which is a positive step, Roobarb, and yes, I did get home okay although bit of a tight squeeze to get through into the car park.

Was able to get out okay yesterday (one of the men removed the barriers for me) and looked after the great nieces as arranged.   Stayed there until just after 2pm and then went to a large B & M store which is their end of town.   As I was about to come out just before 3pm it started bucketing down.   Lasted around 15/20 minutes and had to wait until it eased off.   I'd have got drenched if I'd tried to make it to my car.   Then drove straight to my sisters and had a nice surprise to find my niece was there with the twins so got to see them for a little while.   

My sister was so pleased to be home but finding it difficult at the moment.  Hopefully things will improve soon.   Sister-sat until 8.30pm when b-in-l got back and much easier to get back into the car park this time.

I usually have a yearly checkup but didn't have one last year due to pandemic.   Was told by letter to make an appointment to see one of the nurses, to go to another surgery other side of town to have my blood test and if I didn't have my own blood pressure kit to go to local pharmacy.   Didn't want to do either - although I go some places now I'm extremely selective and advised previously (as vulnerable) not to go to a pharmacy.   I duly wrote a letter back explaining how I felt and subsequently had a phone call from the surgery to say both things could be done there.   So, today was the day.   Went through all the usual questions, blood test done, blood pressure taken (all good) and when weighed the nurse said I'd lost around 10lbs in the past 2 years.   It was a nurse I'd never seen before - when I mentioned this she said she'd only been at the practice for 2 months.   She was previously a sister working at the local hospital but had decided enough was enough - said she's spent the last 20 years working over Christmas, fed up with long  and changing shifts and wanted to now work regular hours, spend more time with family and deal with patients face to face.   Mind you, when I left she said it had been nice to meet me which was nice.   However, it wasn't until I was home that I realised neither of us really knows what the other looks like with just eyes visible above the masks!  I'm guessing she's in her 50's.

Rain forecast today but it never arrived!

Take care.


Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: louisa maud on Friday 30 July 21 09:41 BST (UK)
Yesterday  I went  to  London to the ceremony of the keys at the tower of  London, fantastic, been  before  but  I  love   very moment  of  it, only  downside  was  we  were held  up by a red  light due  to a barrier  problem, didn't  roll in to my station till 12.20 ish, weather  was beautiful despite  us taking  our macs, the sun shone and  it  was  dry, couldn't  have  asked  for  better, so if it rains  all day like it  looks as if it will,  I can't  complain

London  was relatively  quiet, didn't  feel uneasy at  all but we wore  our masks, the tower area was quiet  and I didn't  feel it  was  like  a  bustling London at all,  we ate  just  behind  All Hallows  church  under a clear canopy in the   open, very enjoyable

Weather doesn't  look very  happy today  so the rain  sweeping the  country looks as if it might arrive here soon.

Sounds  as  if  people  are  feeling  a  little  relaxed but we still ought to be aware

Enjoy  your day  folks   and  hope  everyone who has been   feeling  down  is  feeling  more  positive as  the  days  go  by

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: mare on Friday 30 July 21 10:49 BST (UK)
Ending another week and also the month already on Saturday 31st. A bunch of family birthdays falling together again, our youngest on Monday and we spent the day together on Sunday, picking her and S-i-L up mid morning and  headed north of the city for a lunch date with aunt and cousin. Aunt was 94 a week ago, the only sibling left of families of our late parents and the baby of them them all by a few years really. She was up for a sky dive for her 90th, this year though her pain management and mobility has been an issue and decision made to give up her home and move into a room in care. Has thankfully accepted that and has improved enough to have short wanders exploring new neighbourhood. The restaurant was packed, luckily had booked but menu showed why popular and food was very nice, aunt very tiny and appetite to match but enjoyed it.
Sunday also the first birthday of a great nephew, born on his sisters 2nd birthday last year, an early lesson in sharing and a lifetime of joint celebrations. A lovely family day and another meal in the evening at daughter's favourite local, a first visit for us and good food but also busy and people waiting for tables when we left to go back to theirs for drinks. Another of my nieces/goddaughter turning 50 on 31st, we had a memorable family get-together for her 40th in Melbourne where she lives, nothing like that this time though, just a special occasion for her and her son's 20th 2 days later.

Rest of week usual attempts at keeping up on the home front etc indoors and out, some torn foliage and light deadwood to clear away after a bit of 'weather', section is a half acre with well established trees. Our 'caretaker' does a great job once a fortnight when he arrives with his mower, weed-eater and blower and we get the better end of that deal, here this Thursday. Cheaper than the going rate for the job, paces himself and very thorough, just prefers working outdoors than at desk but not much younger than us, we pay his employer where he boards but slip him extra as well.

Handed in a few more knitted beanies Tuesday morning, group has an ongoing side project for the school where we meet, navy with sky blue stripe in band to match uniform.We had a class of new entrants file in to visit the knitting grannies this time, with it being a new term there were a few who were only having their second ever day at school. Quite an ethnic mix and levels of readiness for the change in their lives and mostly quite shy, culture a big difference there though as well and not one of us in attendance on the day would look like any of their family, just as none of us would have experienced exactly same as them. I do remember being quite quiet and shy though in junior years, particularly around adults and it was always quite formal. Teacher was from UK and interested to see how they would socially interact, a few stood about waiting to be let out!

Catch up with some calls etc, Wednesday club morning, meeting and essential shopping, Thursday meeting, general business and a short train trip.
Still mandatory to wear masks public transport, always see quite a few who don't though and it was a warm day … surprised also to see a mature woman board the train, take off her coat and only have a  skimpy and flimsy cami top on underneath, with track pants and jandals/flip flops, no mask. The short, do it yourself shaved sweep on sides hair do to top it off , such a clear image as she sat close to me, side seat in front of my forward facing one near door. We alighted together at next stop, different ways .. different days !! Anything goes of course in attire when out in public now and am quite accustomed to diverse tastes in style, just interesting sometimes seeing those not bothered with following the face covering guideline and those prepared to wear them properly when required. A few would be exempt from mask wearing but just a small percentage of those who don't I would think.
A mass 3 day c-19 vaccination campaign started at a large venue near me this morning through to Sunday, targeting a younger age group and their families encouraged to book. It was a bit slow to fill the bookings and some queue delays day one too I heard, hopefully more efficient over weekend.

Friday today, a work related round trip in countryside, fish and chip lunch at beach and clocked up a few more kms in car, a fine day for it and always a good outing together, saw lots more new lambs and other signs of Spring.  Car was booked in for a service on Tuesday, they didn't have a courtesy car available but replaced a bulb that needed attention and rebooked for next month.

Good to hear you were not too inconvenienced by the workmen Annette, and Rhubarb that you are getting through the days with noticed improvement albeit a slower pace. Wish all well with your weekend and new week ...
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Annette7 on Friday 30 July 21 22:10 BST (UK)
Today the twins went to a private swimming pool for the first time.  My niece and her husband hired the pool for an hour so they would have it to themselves.   The girls loved it and one particular photo is beautiful.   However, am I allowed to post it as 'Mum's' face is also in the picture and don't want to break any rules?  If I knew how to shade out her face I would do so but a skill beyond me.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: BushInn1746 on Friday 30 July 21 22:31 BST (UK)
Roobarb, I hope you are continuing to improve.

Yes, a nice little trip, keeping as safe as we can  ;D

Viktorria, I hope your Son gets on well with appointment and they are able to help him.

Louisa, held up by a barrier, well at least it was not snow, leaves or hot rails. Did you try on Ma'am's Crown?  :)

Annette, we've had Contractors all around here laying underground tubing for Virgin fibre optic. Then the Salesman following up trying to sell it.

Take care, Mark
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Annette7 on Friday 30 July 21 22:50 BST (UK)
Figured out how to block my nieces face out of the photo (sorry J) so that you can see how much the girls enjoyed their first time in a big pool.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: DianaCanada on Saturday 31 July 21 00:34 BST (UK)
Beautiful photo, Annette!
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: MaureeninNY on Saturday 31 July 21 01:55 BST (UK)
 ;D :)


Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: louisa maud on Saturday 31 July 21 07:47 BST (UK)
What a lovely photo, one for the frame

Louisa Maud
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Saturday 31 July 21 09:55 BST (UK)
Gosh, those two tiny little babies, how they have come on.
Very encouraging and I must show them to my grand daughter in law,Flash Harry’sMummy,she expects her second baby2nd Nov.
A big worry re placenta praevia (I think that is the spelling) so baby may be induced sooner.
Depends on what the scans show.
There is one prem baby in the wider family already and she was so tiny and f
fragile but the first in her immediate family so mum had lots of time etc.
A bonny little girl now all glorious blond curls.

Well folks according to Alan Titchmarsh ,time to prune back to one foot Wisteria shoots .
There was some more info but I was in the bathroom and the running water blocked out the little radio.
Off to shop in a little while ,some greens, bread, fruit TVmag.
And anything that takes my fancy!

Not actually raining but heavy threatening clouds and quite cool.
I put another blanket on my bed last night ,a lightweight one but it was a bit cool around two O’Clock.

Well must go to pay the half yearly Ground Rent to the gentleman at the other end of the street ,it is the princely sum of £2-25 each half year and the tenure is 999 years.
Most of if not all of the old housing stock in Ramsbottom has the same long terms and low rentals.

Hope everyone is well, and look forward to your news,
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Roobarb on Saturday 31 July 21 11:00 BST (UK)
Mare, good to read your news about family get togethers and outings. Interesting to hear that face masks are mandatory on public transport in NZ,  particularly considering your low infection rate. And yet here in England it's been left to local authorities to decide.  ::)

Lovely photo Annette, glad to hear you've been able to get in and out of your car park. Good to hear everyone's news.
Thanks Mark, I'm slowly improving, have managed to do some things around the house, taking rests along the way.
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Caw1 on Saturday 31 July 21 12:17 BST (UK)
My what a busy week everyone has had! Hard to catch up and comment on everything though…

Annette your two little girlies look such happy souls and must be a real pleasure to you all…. Lovely picture..

Roobarb - good to hear that you’re making a come back and on the road to recovery… hope each day just gets better for you.

Viktoria- what ever you write always brings a smile to my face and you have such a wealth of interesting tales… keep them coming it does us all good! Do hope they get to the bottom of your sons issues..

Mare - what a busy enjoyable week you and your family have had…. Good to hear that despite your low numbers it’s mandatory for people to wear face coverings… wish our lot were more decisive!

LM - not been to see that ceremony before but certainly like too… reassuring to hear that London isn’t over crowded as I do want to see the David Hockney exhibition at the RA … and I’ve had some reservations..

Hope trips away for Diana and those taken by Bushinn are/were successful.

Just to report that after 7 wks think my OH may have turned the corner… finally and has improved… first day back to playing golf so hopes he’s sensible and doesn’t overdo it! Looking forward to making up for lost time with seeing friends and family..

My week hasn’t been earth shattering catching up with gardening  in between the downpours… spent too long turning the compost bins and now have a sore shoulder so not been able to do yogalates very well either…

Take care everyone and hope you all keep well and don’t circum to  pingdemic!

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Saturday 31 July 21 15:37 BST (UK)
Good to read the improvements in health folks, it really is encouraging ,then I nearly threw my iPad at the radio, some employers want it mandatory that people returning to work must have had two vaccinations.
There are objections, civil liberties etc , so once more pussy footing around a major issue!!!
I see nothing wrong in insisting that people are vaccinated, for goodness sake, we are by no means out of this .
Ooooh it gets me mad. We all have civil liberties and one of mine is that eventually I will be able to circulate in company knowing everyone has been
vaccinated.Iam sure many more feel as I do.

Except in extreme cases where a definite threat to health will ensue, I see black and white in this, the rest of us ought all to be vaccinated . !
No vacillating about vaccinating!
Wishy washy legislation.!

Bought some “ Healthy  Glow “ Rose oil by Lacura  Aldi’s brand.
Promised me a warm rosy glow to my skin ,it gave a glow alright, and a prickling sensation that threatened a rash ,so upstairs, washed it off thoroughly .It is going back.

Walked down the road to town passing my old home ,I wandered through the gardens marking where a church used to be , things I had planted doing well,
roses, pyracanthus ,Rowan tree, ferns etc. Went behind the houses and my little strip of garden there is doing well, the climbing Rose needs pruning ,fuchsia gone mad, could not see into my courtyard garden ,but I am glad,my fish in the pond ,I would have fish napped them I think had I seen them.
A neighbour saw me and we had a chat and I admitted I was so sorry I left despite it being such a big house with hard conditions to cope with .
No going back now !
Shut up and get on with it!

Dry today, but a very dark heavy sky ,the containers need a good feed but if I water them with a soluble food like Miracle Grow, the neighbours will think I am mad after the rain we have had!
Think there has been a hedgehog in my back garden ,I don’t put slug pellets there ,poo on the grass this morning when went to feed the fish .
I would put cat food out but Henry the over the Lane cat would get it .
Well ,this won’t get the baby a new bib and tucker!
So cheerio, look after yourselves and thanks for the encouraging news .
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: tazzie on Saturday 31 July 21 20:17 BST (UK)
Thursday headed North for our little holiday. We have for the last couple of years picked a Med cruise but thats not happening yet I'm not sure I'd be happy.
 So staycation it is. First stop was the Royal Armouries in Leeds well worth the visit as we spent 4 hours looking around. We overnight at the nearby hotel and our next stop on Friday was York and the National Railway museum. The weather was against us and it rained and rained so our walk into York became a splosh!
 Our home for the week is Shortflatt Tower in Belsay Northumberland. A good base for the local sights and sites! So first site on Saturday was Housesteads Roman Fort along Hadrians Wall. Lovely clear views for miles. Then into Carlisle to visit the Castle and look round. More Roman ruins tomorrow at Vindalanda and Cheaters hoping for good weather.

 The break will do us all good even with all the sightseeing lots booked and lots to see.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Roobarb on Saturday 31 July 21 21:31 BST (UK)
Sounds lovely Tazzie, we've had some lovely weather here in the North East, unfortunately Friday was when the rain arrived. The forecast is much better for the coming week, I hope you have a great time.  :)
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Sunday 01 August 21 10:57 BST (UK)
Well folks, talk about rewarding bad behaviour, well it seems rather like that to me.!
Paying young people -mostly- to get their vaccinations!
We as a nation are wishy washy pussyfooters in these matters.

It ought to be the other way round , fined if you don’t get vaccinated because it it is not a personal choice anymore, it is crucial to this country’s move forward to get rid of the virus as much as possible ,or at least contain it.

Honestly, if I were a Nurse given only a 1%  pay rise after their valiant efforts last year and 3% this year I would be tempted to use blunt needles but being a Nurse,  of course I wouldn’t .
Funny what money can be found for isn’t it!
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Sunday 01 August 21 11:36 BST (UK)
Second post today .
Up late last night .
Neighbour was still up,(I can hear her TV .)
Went to bed ,did  bit of a crossword then did not remember checking both doors were fully locked etc .
Went downstairs and  the front door first,TV next door still on.
Very late for my neighbour,I looked and curtains still open also vertical blind .
I went round but could not make out much so got a very bright torch and shone it in ,and there she was just in front of her chair ,on her back,
eyes staring.
I have a key but phoned her daughter and offered to go in but she lives just a few minutes away by car so came immediately .
I stayed up a while in case I could be of help but they did not phone or come
 round .
This morning her daughter called and thanked me, it seems  when she got up to close the blinds and curtains to go to bed her feet tangled in a soft throw
she puts on her knees,it was cool yesterday .
Checked over by ambulance crew ,a later check as they were passing
and she was still in bed when daughter spoke to me this morning .
But her little face, I thought she had died.
She is a lovely neighbour ,I wish I felt comfortable just going in - it could mean vital minutes but I need to be told by her daughter I feel .
Gosh, I hardly slept but I know her daughter would not have left her .

Fine today, more hedgehog poo on the grass ,must look for something to put some cat food  in but cats can’t get to it .
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Roobarb on Sunday 01 August 21 12:32 BST (UK)
That must have been an awful experience for you Viktoria but thank goodness you checked on your neighbour, heaven knows how long she could have been laid there otherwise. Hope you feel more settled now.
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: River Tyne Lass on Sunday 01 August 21 15:16 BST (UK)
Just trying to catch up ..
The twins are really coming on Annette .. they look so happy in the photo .. real water babies!

That is great news that your husband seems to be turning a corner, Caroline.  That must be such a relief to you both.

I am glad you are getting there, Roobarb.  It is good to know you are taking things gradually and you sound like you are improving well.

I hope you have lots of lovely memories from your Northumberland holiday Tazzie!

Viktoria, that is such a good thing that you were there to get help for your poor neighbour.  I am sure she and her family will appreciate having a good neighbour like you close by.  I agree though with Roobarb this must have been an awful experience for you to have to deal with.

My diary:
Spent most of the week working dayshifts.  Got in late Friday night after 12 hour shift and decided to wait until next day to put garden recycling bin out.  However, on Saturday the wagon turned up super early and I made a dash to the garden at dawn to get the bin.  Threw a coat over my nightie and pulled on wellies for wet grass.  So embarrassing that the men were pulling up just as I was pulling the bin out.  I hadn't even had time to rake a comb through my hair.  (My hair really needs a cut again now.  I must try and make another appointment soon.)  When a man took the bin handle from me I just fled back into the garden.  I decided to wait until later after they had gone to pull the bin back up.
Went to the library yesterday (my day off) to try to  look something up for someone on RC.  Did shopping (my favourite bread shop is going to close for their 2 week August annual holiday.) Pottered at home and saw family in evening.
Today I managed to get booked in to Church.   I was running late so I went for the bus.  This was coming along as I neared the stop so I ran like mad to catch it.  When I got on, the driver said that there had been no need to run and that he would have stopped.  I said that not all drivers might.  He said that he was a nice driver and would stop.  I thanked him and said much appreciated.  (I think I did the right thing to run as you can't guess who the nice ones are who might wait).
(Thinking of you Louisa Maud - hope you enjoyed your Church Service today).  I saw the new Pastor for the first time.  He seems very enthusiastic.  I was surprised to see that he is Scottish and sounds quite like Rab C. Nesbit.  He seems to alternate between shouting and speaking really quietly when on stage.  When speaking quietly, I had to listen extra hard as I haven't quite accustomed myself to his accent.  Seems nice enough though.  Lots of people at Church - I think they are gradually increasing numbers.
I am on a block of nightshifts starting from tonight.

Take care everyone.
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Sunday 01 August 21 15:28 BST (UK)
Oh ,night shifts for you RTL,that is quite an ordeal.
The travelling etc.
Funny you should mention Rab C Nesbit .
I have a DVD of the series.
One really makes me laugh .
Jamsie has gone to meet Rab who is just released out of prison.
Rab is cursing for having been imprisoned in the first place ,Jamsie reminds him of the reason why ‘ Well ,ye shuddna hae head butted that Polis horse “
“ Well ,it shudnae hae whinnied  at me in that Kelvin Grove accent “
Kelvin Grove being “ posh”.

Take care every one.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: River Tyne Lass on Sunday 01 August 21 16:06 BST (UK)
It has been ages since I have watched Rab C. Nesbit but I used to find this very funny, as I recall. ;D
Talking of accents, I have watched 'Gigglebiz' (Mr Tumble - kids TV) with a 'young one' recently.  I think the Geordie character on this is really quite funny and seems spot on .. especially with keep saying 'champion'.  You hear that a lot on Tyneside.  (I love the way the character keeps saying things like "I know what ah'm talking aboot I've been doing this for 20 years" and then comes a cropper at whatever he is supposedly an expert at.)  ;D  Just the other week a driver said "Champion" to me when I showed my travel pass and I also overheard someone ask in the street "How you keeping?" and the reply was "Champion."

Also, what you have written Viktoria reminds me of something that happened on the bus as I was going to nightshift, a few years ago, pre covid.
A group of inebriated women had got on the bus, and were quite loud and raucous.  We were just heading out of Newcastle, past a retro tea cafe on the corner across from the Great North Museum.  One of the women said that they should go there for tea some time.   Another woman in their group,  in a very loud, strident and derisive tone said "Tea? Tea?.... you would think she comes from Gos FORTH!".  The way she said it made me have a quiet chuckle to myself.  ;D A lot of Geordies pronounce it fast .. 'Gosfuth' . . but she  tried to say it in the posh way, like you might hear on the overhead tannoy on the metro.  Gosforth is where many of the big, posh houses are in our area.
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: louisa maud on Sunday 01 August 21 16:27 BST (UK)
12  hour shifts  regularly, think  I  would be  sleeping  in  all of the days  off I  was  given, I  do  admire you

Church is almost  back to normal, wearing masks and  allowed to sing, can  sit where we  like  and  with whom  we  like,  I  generally sit  on  my own  most of the time  anyway ,  I don't  want to  sit  next to someone who wants  to  keep talking, time  for  that afterwards,  no  chalice ,  I  think  if  will be  a  very  long time  before  that  returns  if  ever

Another  weeks starting, lets  hope  we  all have  a  better week and  our loved  ones are returning  to better health, oh  yes, and  some better weather please !!


Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: River Tyne Lass on Sunday 01 August 21 18:20 BST (UK)
Louisa Maud, my sleeping patterns now are absolutely abysmal.   I believe I am a functioning (just) insomniac - my sleep is often broken and I usually can't sleep for more than a few hours. I attribute this  to the decades of swinging between day shifts and nightshifts and working unsocial hours.  The only time I get a decent sleep is after a final nightshift of any week.  For some reason this is the only time my mind is able to completely switch off.  And I don't know what is going on with the seagulls around where I live at the moment.  They are so noisy, and this is apparent even through the night.

That is good that your Church service feels more back to normal.  At mine, I noticed that not as many as previous are wearing masks.  Even out and about it seems that it is about half and half now between those who wear masks and those who don't.  I will keep wearing mine though around groups, in shops.  I believe we are certainly not out the woods yet with all this. 
Our seating is still spaced out - people can sit with their bubble or on their own.  I agree LM .. it feels like it is taking forever for us all to be getting back to normal with Church services.
Well, I had better finish now as I only have a few minutes before I have to leave to catch my first bus.
Take care everyone .. wonder what this week will bring.
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: mare on Monday 02 August 21 02:18 BST (UK)
Doing the hard yards RTL with disrupted body clock part of shift schedules, all the best with this next round.

Good to hear services are beginning to seem a little more normal for those attending, churches closed their doors here of course during the restrictions of numbers gathering. One locally tried to continue when shouldn't last year, resulting in quite a scare at the time but thankfully, with track and tracing and isolation imposed, contained. Also resulting in most being more cautious though or at least aware, numbers are likely down I think since reopening but otherwise operating as usual. The Diocese had live streaming masses from one of a few parishes on line all of last year, also available at a set time in the afternoon on one of the TV channels. Started when only 10 people allowed to gather but continued for those not wanting to mingle but not doing it now, can still find one on line from various places if go looking for them. A friend used to tell me all the ones she had virtually attended .... it's a long, long way to Tipperary from NZ, but that is one she 'visited'  :)
 I choose a quiet session, still a bit distracting with comings and goings but not packed like some, no chalice, advised not to shake hands following restrictions and that is still a bit hit and miss, do I / don't I , only a few wear masks and singing as usual. We are still asked to stay home if feeling unwell, RSV has had hospitals busy here this Winter and know one rest home where a friend is has gone into lockdown last week because of that and there may be others.

Re masks being choice or mandatory, as I commented on the train journey last week it is mandatory on public transport currently in NZ but some seem to see it as a choice. Wasn't really being judgmental in my graphic description of fellow passenger, she left me with an image  :D ... so hard to tell whether someone is making a statement re their rights or just couldn't care less really, can't judge a book by cover  :)  However, do the right thing to protect yourself and in turn everyone else.

The inaugural mass 3 day vaccination event ended successfully, initial hiccups were with registrations apparently and no queue for the jabs. Those booked registered at one venue where they needed to have more staff and that was rectified on Friday, then shuttle buses a short distance to the main venue where it all ran quickly and smoothly.

What a great neighbour you are Viktoria to your friend, so lucky having you being alert to any unusual activity and make a call but that must have shaken you a bit this time!
Those lovely waterbabies are enjoying their splashes Annette ... a tonic for all right there in their smiles too.

Have a good week all ...
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Viktoria on Monday 02 August 21 09:44 BST (UK)
I do not like “ The Peace” , I really do not.
Wandering in and out of pews shaking hands etc , I don’t wander far !
However it has been part of the service for a while but sitting near the back in a side aisle  (near a radiator) whoever is leading the service never gets to me anyway !
Others in the congregation do but never the Vicar.
I go as far as I can through the rest of the congregation but too far and the service re -commences and I am not in my seat.

However I have not had one visit or phone call ,card or any communication whatsoever throughout !
We are very short on Clergy though and a group Ministry of St.Andrew’s, St.Paul’s, St.Philip’s and Edenfield —-( St.John’s Shuttleworth has closed )
  is a heavy burden for one Canon and Lay Readers.
Hopefully before too long I can get down and see for myself what is what .
Otherwise my “ Sunday best “ clothes are redundant!
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: radstockjeff on Monday 02 August 21 10:26 BST (UK)
re Church activities. We are currently still only having one live service per month, with a weekly Zoom affair covering the six churches in our group. I can't really cope with these.
We are in a transition period, with the possibility of some of the churches closing and amalgamating with others in the group. Lots of talks and consultation and discussion; I just hope that something positive comes out of it and not like previous consultations and discussions which were put on the shelf to gather dust.
We are moving forward in the next quarter however , with two live services per month, one of which we shall be sharing with another group in the next village (but not Methodist).
Sad to say our leader (!!!) is not the most dynamic and has little or no time for pastoral matters.
We may decide to move to a church nearer our home base which will be a wrench after more than 50 years at our current church.
Watch this space!
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Gibel on Monday 02 August 21 10:38 BST (UK)
Yesterday was the first time the children at my church were seen since March 2020. I take the children and yesterday they took the service which was based around the story of David and Goliath and trust and the need to practise. I was so proud of them. The eldest two aged almost 7 and almost 8 controlled the service and did all the readings. The other 4 aged 3, 3, nearly 6 and 41/2 all took part. The baby brother of one child slept through the service! Two teenagers have come back to help and were wonderful I don’t know how I managed before.

I was able to sing in the choir again which I enjoyed. I’d taught the children to sign the chorus of “Give me joy in my Heart” and the congregation joined in with great gusto. I was shattered last night as I’d not had much sleep on Saturday night or the nights before, at 2am I was making David a catapult and thinking of my short address to the congregation.

I’ve actually began thinking about my family history again. I’ve not been able to settle to it all despite having been stuck in for months and months as one of the “extremely vulnerable”. I’m slowly getting back in the mood but it’s very slow!

PS most of the congregation were wearing masks, everyone was socially distanced except for the children. I didn’t wear a mask to allow for anyone to lipread me and because I was moving about from lectern, to choir to next to the children my glasses steam up and I can’t see! Normally with the children all the grown ups wear masks but not the children. The children did get a clap from the congregation.
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: louisa maud on Monday 02 August 21 11:57 BST (UK)
Well done  Gibel, you  must  have  felt elated, no wonder you  haven't  slept  very  well,

Radstokjeff,  it  will be  a wrench  moving from  your  church but  you have  to do  what  you feel happier with  in  the  long run

What  has  happened  to W/E 7th August  ?.

Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: Roobarb on Monday 02 August 21 13:21 BST (UK)
I've started a new thread LM, week ending 8th August. Always used Sunday as week ending at work so it's ingrained!
Title: Re: Diary, week ending 31st July
Post by: louisa maud on Monday 02 August 21 14:43 BST (UK)
Thank you