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« on: Friday 22 March 19 13:17 GMT (UK)  »
i have been trying to find the results of a murder trial that was started in Dalby, Queensland on Friday June 14 1957. I have been searching Trove, but there are no papers available in that period, as they all stop in 1954.
I found the following article in the Chinchilla News:
"Chinchilla News,  Friday, June 14, 1957
DALBY, Thursday - In the Dalby court of Petty Sessions today before Messrs. V. Haupt and J. Morgan, J.J.P. Alfred Francis Morrow (47, labourer) was charged that on June 12 at Jandowae he willfully murdered James Henry Wharram.
Morrow was remanded in custody until next Thursday, June 20.
Detective-Sergeant J. Hamilton said that on June 12 he saw the defendant at the Jandowae Police Station and heard a conversation in the presence of Constable Mckay.
"Defendant went with me and others to a property, "Glen Morrison", 18 miles from Jandowae, where I had a further conversation with the defendant.  Later the defendant went with me and other police officers to the Jandowae morgue.
 "The defendant then came with me and constable McKay to the Dalby Police Station and at 7.30p.m. I arrested him and charge him with the present charge."
Detective Hamilton said that when charged, the defendant said, "Willful murder! Me, haw haw. I would not say it was willful murder."
Detective Hamilton said he would be giving evidence later."

Hoping someone may have some information on the case.

Thanks to everyone for your help.
 Much appreciated.

Could someone please make some improvement with this photograph so that I can include it in a Family History Book.
The photo would have been taken in the early 1900's in Hillston, a town in Western New South Wales in Australia.
I would like to get rid of the smokey appearance so that it is much clearer.
Hope someone can assist

« on: Friday 07 July 17 04:57 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find out how & when our Robert White come to Australia from Ireland, and I am hoping someone can help me..
What I know so far is;
He was 40 years old when he died in 1877 in Goulburn, NSW, making him born about 1837                   He was born in Belfast, Ireland, son of John White & Sarah Robinson.                                             
He married Mary Jane Robinson in 1859 in Goulburn, NSW.                                                                 I have been told that he was about 17 years when he came to Australia (unconfirmed).                 
One story I was told was that he arrived in South Australia on the "Rajah" in 1849 from London & Plymouth and then travelled across to NSW (cannot confirm) There was a Robert White on the ship as a single male but no age shown, and in any case as he would have ony been about 12 years and there were no other "Whites" on the ship.                                                                                   
I have also checked all the Robert White's that arrived in NSW, shown on the State Archives between 1848 & 1864, and none fit into the age required.                                                         
My thoughts are that he would have travelled most likely from Ireland direct to Australia.       Hoping someone can shed some light.                                                                             

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: FRANCIS WHITE
« on: Thursday 25 May 17 08:17 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for that. I am still doing a bit of digging into the family to see if we can narrow it down.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: FRANCIS WHITE
« on: Tuesday 14 February 17 06:17 GMT (UK)  »
Have checked other family members and no one knows of any middle name, but they are still searching.
He could also have come back to Australia but not necessarily to NSW. Shipping details seem hard to follow.

No will was found and the parents of Francis were not well off and unlikely to have made one out. We believe that Mary Jane in later years survived only on the assistants from her children as they grew up.

New Zealand Completed Requests / FRANCIS WHITE
« on: Tuesday 14 February 17 04:56 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find out what happened to our Francis White, who was born on 20 August 1867 in Towrang near Goulburn, NSW. The only family records show he went to New Zealand, but no details of when & where. I assume he may have travelled when aged about 20. He is the son of Robert John White and Mary Jane Robinson. When his mother died in 1919 in Goulburn, he was listed as living aged 52.
NZBDM doesn't show parents in their Death Index, and I have no way of identifying him if he married. I have tried Family Search for immigration details, but nothing seems to show up.

Hope someone can help.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Sibley Gundaroo Family Photo 1883
« on: Sunday 05 February 17 04:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Julie,
Our connection to the photo is via my wife's Sibley family from Gundaroo near Canberra, ACT. the two males in the photo were her Grandfather William Sibley and Great Grandfather George Sibley. The Brown connection is via her auntie Emma May Sibley who married Victor Kingsley Brown. Victor's parent's were Arthur Percival Brown & Flora Mary Tickle from the Mintaro area in South Australia.
When the Sibley Family History Book was launched in 2013, we arranged for a Family Reunion at Gundaroo and was a great success with over 140 attending. I don't believe I have a need for more details on the Brown side of the family, however if you are interested in having a copy of the Sibley book, although all printed copies have been sold, I could make a CD of the book available and dispatch it for $30.
I look forward to hearing from you again.

« on: Friday 02 September 16 14:31 BST (UK)  »
That sounds like the male child. Is there any way of finding the marriage details for Francis and Margaret?


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