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Cheshire / Re: Flaybrick Hill Cemetary. The Wirral
« on: Saturday 20 April 13 17:00 BST (UK)  »
Many Thanks Colin for the photos, they are fantastic and I am so glad to know where goege and jane are resting. One day i hope to visit.  Best Wishes and Thanks again. Jan

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Re: Look up for Rake Lane Cemetery Wallasey
« on: Saturday 20 April 13 16:54 BST (UK)  »
Thank you to both Alan and Colin  for your fantastic help!  It is great to know where Jane and George are and see pictures. One day I may be able to visit now I have an idea where to go. Many Thanks again  Best Wishes  Jan.

Lancashire / Re: king's Liverpool Regiment, Which battalion?
« on: Wednesday 17 April 13 09:29 BST (UK)  »
Thank you to everyone for you replies.
 Sadly, the Joshua you have does not appear to be mine!The number I found must have been some other Joshua. My Granddad was born 25th June 1884 at White Gritt,The Marsh, near Minsterley in Shropshire. He was working in Liverpool before the War. I am not sure which address he would have been living at, but in 1911 he was living at 21 Tilney Street, Walton on the Hill.Although by the time he signed up he may have moved. He was not married until after the War.
Oh I have one little piece of information, which may be of help to those in the know, Granddad was stationed/training/waiting in Cromer, Norfolk before being sent to Europe,(I think) because he said it was the coldest place he'd ever been!! He mentioned being in the trenches ,and I think he may have had a problem with Trench foot. He had bad nerves after the war, and that's about all I know.
I don't know if that helps anyone out there to find his Battalion, but thanks for trying!  Best Wishes Jan.

Lancashire / king's Liverpool Regiment, Which battalion?
« on: Tuesday 16 April 13 14:56 BST (UK)  »
Is there anyone who can help me to find out which Battalion my Granddad was in during the First World War? From an old photograph, I believe his cap badge shows him to be in the King's Liverpool regiment, but that is about all I have to go on. The colour looks black, but as it is a black and white photo it's not easy to tell. I did find the number for a Private Joshua Hill (305595), on a database, but how do I know if it's my Joshua and how can I find his Battalion from that? Any help would be fantastic, as I would love to find out a little of his War story.  Thanks Jan.

Hi Allan,
Thanks for looking for me, but I realize now I have probably been on the wrong track and I should be looking at Rake Lane Cemetery. I will re post, but thank you so much for your help. Best Wishes  Jan.

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Look up for Rake Lane Cemetery Wallasey
« on: Tuesday 16 April 13 09:22 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone able to look up burials for Rake lane Cemetery Wallesey please? I am trying to find the burial place of Jane Ellen Davies died 7th Aug 1923 and Husband George Wenham Davies died 28 June 1933. George was living at 8 Bidston Avenue. Wallasey.  Thank you very much.  Jan.

Hi Andy, No not yet. I got side tracked by some other information , which is now looking like it was wrong! Never mind! It looks like Rake Lane is the better bet. Best Wishes  Jan.

 Is anyone able to look up the flaybrick Cemetery, The Wirral, Burial Registers? I am trying to find the burial number and section of cemetery for a George Wenham Davies and his Wife Jane Ellen Davies. George died in 1933 and Jane in 1923. Many Thanks.  Jan

Cheshire / Re: Flaybrick Hill Cemetary. The Wirral
« on: Monday 15 April 13 14:45 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Colin, I will try that. Best wishes  Jan.

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