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Lanarkshire / Re: Thomas Capie 1818
« on: Thursday 31 January 19 11:56 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone looked at Freecen?

There are quite a few people named Capie in Lesmahagw at 1841, spread out over a number of households.

John Capie as mentioned above, is the eldest at age 70.

All the others are more than 30yrs his junior.
Families of
43yr old James Capie: Flesher
41yr old William Capie : Flesher

It's a guess but it looks like the Lesmahagow Capies cover at least 3 generations of one family

Donegal / Re: Donegal towns that came under the Diocese of Derry
« on: Tuesday 29 January 19 09:44 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks to you both for the response.
I knew that the maps were significant but, wasn't quite sure how to use them.

I should have said that I am already pretty familiar with St Columba's, Longtower.
I have other ancestors from Derry, and all of them were baptised and married there and I have visited on a number of occasions
It's RC.
St Columbas Cathedral is COI.

I'm certain that the family   I'm currently researching ( paternal) were from Donegal.
It would explain a lot about my DNA results and unknown matches.
My mum came from Donegal but there are dozens of Donegal based matches that don't seem to connect to her.
Chromosome mapping infers that they are paternal matches

Donegal / Donegal towns that came under the Diocese of Derry
« on: Monday 28 January 19 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
THis is a long shot but, I've finally broken through a 10yr old brick wall.
My ancestors probably lived in one of the Donegal towns that came under the Diocese of Derry.

I have located my family who moved to Scotland between 1853 and 1855.
They had at least 6 children born in Ireland.
Baptisms for 3 of these children who were not consecutive births, were all registered in St Columbs Longtower between 1841 to 1853.
The 1855 Scottish census data states that everyone in the family ( parents and children) were all born in Donegal.
In order to widen my search, can anyone tell me the approximate number of  Donegal towns involved that came under the Diocese of Derry.
Looking for a marriage that possibly took place between 1831 and 1841.

Lanarkshire / Re: Robert Lamont b Glasgow?
« on: Thursday 03 January 19 13:23 GMT (UK)  »

The 1891 census in Lewisham, clearly states that 40yr old son named Robert S is unmarried.

Lanarkshire / Re: Robert Lamont b Glasgow?
« on: Thursday 03 January 19 09:57 GMT (UK)  »
Robert Lamont who married Grace Burns in 1871 was my relative. and has no apparent connection to the family on this thread.
He was born in Lanarkshire in 1849 and his father was not called Robert.
He appears on every census in Lanarkshire with his own parents before his marriage and subsequently with his wife and children on every census until his death.
I hold copies of every document as proof.

The date that Trish posted, 14 Mar 1881  is  actually the DOB for his son who was named Robert Smith Lamont.
This child was, in fact named for his own maternal grandfather.

All of my families, Lamont, Smith and all associated families hail from Cambuslang and have no obvious link to Robert Lamont and Isabella Gillespie Smith

Lanarkshire / Re: Robert Lamont b Glasgow?
« on: Wednesday 02 January 19 14:02 GMT (UK)  »
1891 Census
Lewisham, London
Robert La Mont   71 Retired
Isabelle G La Mont 69
Ellen Mont   41
Robert S Mont   40

From memory Euphemia is with her Henderson relatives in 1871 Census in Glasgow

Her half brother married in Glasgow also 14 Mar 1881
Robert Smith Lamond to Grace Burns

Trish, can I ask about this, especially the date provided?
There is no 1881 marriage listed on SP

My relative was called Robert Lamont and his wife ( who was previously married and widowed)  was called Grace Burns.
They married in Glasgow in 1871 and whilst his mother's name was Smith, my Robert is not connected to the family in this thread?

Lanarkshire / Re: Margaret leggate wardrop grave
« on: Monday 23 July 18 10:23 BST (UK)  »
How certain are you that you located the correct birth cert  for this woman?
You say that according to SP she was born in Hillhead.
Where did you obtain the parent names?

Info suggested as birth:
644/12 349

It could be this one which looks more likely.
Birth is registered in Stonehouse.

656/ 108

There are also 2 marriages showing for a woman/women with this name.
Impossible to tell if it's the same person or not.
Marriages took place 1950 Kirkintilloch and 1955 in Shettleston

The naming pattern may be at work here.
Could these women be descended from the marriage of:
Robert Wardrop and Margaret Leggat who married in Lesmahagow 1883 ?

Family History Beginners Board / Re: McHamiltons from The Shetlands
« on: Friday 13 July 18 13:59 BST (UK)  »
Re John Harold b 1869 Orkney.
Monica is right, and as I suspected, he's not the man on the OP

He did marry Maggie Ann Sinclair in 1894 and they were still on the island, still having children well into the 1900's

Family History Beginners Board / Re: McHamiltons from The Shetlands
« on: Wednesday 11 July 18 16:23 BST (UK)  »
The last name of Harold/Harrold seems quite common on Orkney and John Harold b 1869 may have married there which would eliminate him.
I will check anyway.

Something else that is noticeable
I can't see a single  birth, death or marriage in Shetland for anyone named Harold/Harrold

If this man was born on Shetland, his birth name was not McHamilton, Harold or Harrold

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