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It's puzzling. My Scottish percentage has gone up to 49%, Irish 27% (similar) and English 14% (down). I have 4 English g-grandparents (with paper trail and DNA matches all firmly in England for earlier generations), one g-granddfather from Mayo and 2 g-grandparents from Antrim (probably included in the "Scottish" element) plus one "unknown", so it doesn't really add up for me.  ??? ???
(My English families are from Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Somerset, so hardly the Scottish borders!) Apart from that, I have 6% Norwegian, 2% Swedish/Danish and 2% Welsh....

MyFamilyTreeDNA gives 53% England/Scotland/Wales, 44% Ireland and 4% Scandinavia.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Travel to Switzerland
« on: Wednesday 01 September 21 00:36 BST (UK)  »
Travelling from Switzerland to France you need to be able to show your vaccination certificate (European format) or (I think!) negative PCR test. I live in France and can cross the Swiss border both ways with the scannable vaccination cert on my phone or its paper equivalent.


The Common Room / Re: Is Louis Roger really Eugene Gonat
« on: Monday 02 August 21 23:16 BST (UK)  »
The French marriage record gives Eugène's occupation as "tanneur" (leather dresser) and Eugénie's as "institutrice" (primary school teacher). However, the entry is crossed through, so maybe it never took place - ???

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Vaccination priority groups
« on: Wednesday 28 April 21 00:02 BST (UK)  »
I live in France, so the procedure's a little different - we have to book our own jabs. OH and I became eligible about 10 days ago, but there aren't many centres locally (very rural area). We found slots in a small town 45 minutes away for yesterday, and they gave us an automatic 2nd appointment for 4 June, so a little under 6 weeks.  :)

Cheshire / Re: Gosling/Rowland/Bradley
« on: Thursday 15 April 21 23:46 BST (UK)  »
Sorry I'm a bit behindhand replying here: I believe (but can't prove) that Alice Johnson was the illegitimate daughter of  her older "sister" Elizabeth (look at the age gap), which explans the absence of a father's name on her marriage cert. There's a very iffy baptism for Alice, daughter of Thomas Johnson (weaver, of Bosden) and Elizabeth at St Mary, Cheadle on 1 October 1826 - possibly a combination of her mother and grandfather's names. (I can't find any other Alice Johnson who matches this birth date.)

William Gosling was possibly the illegitimate son of Anne Gosling, baptised as William Rowland Gosling in Bosley on 26 Feb 1825 - that's the best match I've found so far. :/ On the 1841 census he's a 15 yr old silk weaver lodging in Bosden, which isn't a lot of help.

Most of what I know is summarised on my website:


The Common Room / Re: Christmas forename puzzle!
« on: Saturday 19 December 20 22:33 GMT (UK)  »
One mundane reason: Christmas is a Norfolk surname, so some of these will be people given their mother's/grandmother's maiden name as a forename.

I wrote a blog about Christmas names last year - some of the more dubious included Christmas Angel, Christmas Holly Bell, Christmas Holyday, Christmas Bacon and Christmas Leviathan, but my favourite was Merry Christmas Rose!

Shropshire / Re: Am i barking up wrong tree for John Humphries dad and siblings?
« on: Saturday 01 August 20 22:48 BST (UK)  »
I don't know what other info you have about your John Humphries, but there were 2 baptised in Shrewsbury in 1780:

John HUMPHRIES, illegitimate son of Margaret HUMPHRIES and William ROBERTS, bapt. St Chad's 17 July 1780.

John HUMPHREYS, son of Richard and Mary HUMPHREYS, b. 14 June 1780 and bapt. 16 June 1780 at Holy Cross (Shrewsbury Abbey).

Are you sure which one is yours?



The Stay Safe Board / Re: Will you go shopping to the high street now?
« on: Sunday 14 June 20 23:21 BST (UK)  »
I'm in France, in one of the regions which was very badly affected (Haut-Rhin), and for now I'm limiting my shopping to the local supermarket, even though other shops have now reopened. Anything else I can buy online or do without!

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