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Family History Beginners Board / Re: 1961 Adoption. Elusive father C S
« on: Monday 17 January 22 22:34 GMT (UK)  »
The person who could help is your paternal grandmother - she may not want contact but is there any way she could be approached to give you information about your paternal grandfather.

Perhaps if a go-between contacted her and she was given the assurance that no one would contact her again she may respond - someone from an adoption agency ?? - does she go to church - would her Priest help.
If paternal grandfather was about 30 in 1961 when your father was born then if he's still alive he would be about 90.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: 1921 Census - a surprise.
« on: Friday 14 January 22 13:29 GMT (UK)  »
BB and Gadget - thanks.

Family History Beginners Board / 1921 Census - a surprise.
« on: Thursday 13 January 22 13:58 GMT (UK)  »
Found my mother aged 10 months with her father (my grandfather) staying with relatives on a farm about 10 miles from their home.

Took a bit of searching and found my grandmother a 'patient' in a 'Poor Law Institution' near the farm.

My grandfather was a local Methodist minister - they lived in a large manse and were reasonably financially comfortable.

Any suggestions why would someone like my grandmother - financially o.k. with close family be in a 'Poor Law Institution' - I'm assuming it wasn't a hospital?

The Lighter Side / Solicitors Records.
« on: Sunday 09 January 22 13:58 GMT (UK)  »
Solicitors records will hold a lot of information of interest to a family historian  -  records of property ownership/transfers - records of legal matters people will have sought advice about etc.

Are these records accessible to a next of kin relative as are medical records ?  That is, would a solicitor have to open records if asked to do that ?

The Lighter Side / Re: 1921 census - question
« on: Sunday 09 January 22 13:52 GMT (UK)  »

The Lighter Side / 1921 census - question
« on: Saturday 08 January 22 22:06 GMT (UK)  »
If I access a record using Find my Past and pay for it can I access the same record at future date but not have to pay for it ?

Many thanks for all the replies - a lot of valuable information.

Born 1815 as Andrew Fountayne Wilson  and in 1826 the name Montagu was added.

I have him on the 1881 census living at Ingmanthorpe Hall Kirk Deighton Wetherby

Andrew Esqre Montagu head SINGLE 65 Deputy Lieutenant
Andrew Montagu son 28 Captain of Militia b London

In 1891 at same address

Andrew F Montage 75 SINGLE Esquire b. Doncaster
James Montagu nephew 45 Lf Colonel b. West Indies.

Can't find him on 1861-71 census.

A F W Montagu d 8 October 1895 in Kirk Deighton and left 1997099 - 8 - 4.  (Think I read this figure correctly!)
1) Did AFWM marry  - in 1881 and 1891 he is described as single not a widower ?
2) Could he have been divorced ?
3) Did he any more children apart from Andrew b.1854 acc to census 1881?
4) What became of Andrew Montagu b. 1854.
5) Who did AFWM leave his money to?
6) is there a report of his funeral - he was an important figure in then County?
Many thanks and all good wishes for 2022.

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