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I found the abovementioned Susanna's birth and baptism if it helps.

Susanna Holdsworth born 11/10/1837 baptised 20/11/1837 Father Charles Holdsworth, Mother Mary address: Simpson Green, Idle - Idle Upper Chapel Independent Church.

I didn't find any baptisms for the other children but I found this burial:

Mary Holdsworth age 34 years of Idle buried 25 May 1838 Idle Holy Trinity Parish Church.

Hi, I haven't checked my Holdsworths in years.  I know that I don't have a Charles Holdsworth born 1801, but I do have a copy of the Census Record for 1841 Charles Holdsworth living in Idle.
These are the details:  I hope that it helps.

1841 Township of Idle, Address is Simpson Green page 7 ED 35
Charles Holdsworth age 40 occupation farmer
William " (son) age 20 occupation wool comber
Thomas " (son) age 20 occupation wool comber
Mary " (dau) age 18
Ann " (dau) age 16
Maria " (dau) age 10
Charles " (son) age 6
Harriett " (dau) age 5
Susanna "(dau) age 3
Jonas Holdsworth age 45 ocupation cart driver

I am happy to do some further checking if you like, just ask.

I think that it must be way way past my bed time - of course they will not be in any of the census records for Calverley.  They would have been dead by then.

Here she is:  source freereg

Hannah Holdsworth baptized 7 April 1745 St. Peter, Bradford Father Robert Holdsworth Junior of Eccleshill.

That is why she isn't in the Calverley records.  I will have a look at the Calverley site and see if I can see Robert and Hannah in any of the Census Records there.

Thanks Brian,

Yes, I have to admit that this Hannah was an "iffy" one.  The information was provided to me by another researcher and I have not been able to prove that it is correct or not.  The informant told me that this Hannah Holdsworth was the same Hannah who married William Marshall 18 May 1774 Calverley.  As I said before, I have kept the record and have tried over the years to prove or disprove the connection for a number of years with no success.  I also believe that another individual has made the same conclusion without any proof and has added it to a tree on the familysearch website.  I do not like to discard any of my hints or clues in case they can be proved at a later date.

I haven't done any further research on this particular clue for years and you have spurred me on to have another look at her.

My Hannah Holdsworth was born 13 June 1827, Eccleshill, Christened 15 July 1828 St. Wilfred's Church Calverley.  Her father was Thomas Holdsworth, occupation wheelwright.  Hannah Holdsworth married John Littlewood 12 July 1847 St. Wilfred's, Calverley.

I have far too many Holdsworths to mention.

I have another Hannah Holdsworth born 12 November 1809, Christened 10 December 1809 St Wilfred's, Calverley - Father William Holdsworth [no other information about her].

And another Hannah Holdsworth Christened 7 April 1745 St. Wilfred's Calverley Father Robert Holdsworth [no other information about her or her Father]

Hi, my Holdsworths come from the Eccleshill, Calverley area.  It is such a common name in that part of the country.  Have you tried looking for Houldsworth in the Calverley website database.  Sometimes mine are misspelt that way.  I have two branches of Holdsworths in my tree - one is the direct line from my Father William Littlewood Holdsworth and the other is a line from John Littlewood who married Hannah Holdsworth, who was the daughter of Thomas Holdsworth.

Sometimes I find the search from my Holdsworths totally overwhelming and I have to take a very long break to clear my head.

Please feel free to contact me if you think that we might be able to share information.

Good hunting, Lesley

Family History Beginners Board / Re: change of surname -- why?
« on: Tuesday 04 November 14 12:20 GMT (UK)  »
My ancestors changed their names so it made it impossible to trace them any further back than about 1801.  My husband changed his name to his step-fathers name after his Mum and Dad got divorced, so I have been doing his family history so that the children and grandchildren will know what the correct name will be if they decided to do any research.  Otherwise they will be researching down the wrong tree.

Cumberland Lookup Requests / Re: LENNOX - 1841/51/61 census look-up please
« on: Sunday 02 November 14 06:48 GMT (UK)  »
John Storey died 15 Aug 1914 buried 18 Aug 1914 age 81 buried in the same grave as Sarah Storey buried 4 May 1893.
Source: BMD Qld John Storey died 1914 age 81 Father George Storey, Mother ...... Graham, Scotland.
Source: John Oxley Library, Queensland John Storey of Gowrie Grange, Glencoe, born Scotland [they have a photograph of him].
He is one of my husband's ancestors.

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