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Dublin / Re: Mt. Jerome Cemetery Graves
« on: Saturday 16 December 23 09:28 GMT (UK)  »
Good to hear!
If you look at the link sent and go to the previous picture, it shows the full grave and some background.
You can see the Victorian Chapel behind it.
This places it on the right hand side as you walk in the main gate.

Take Care

Dublin / Re: Mt. Jerome Cemetery Graves
« on: Saturday 16 December 23 08:28 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for correction!  Missed reference to granddaughters

Office staff are very helpful and if you visit will give good directions to locate the grave.
The cemetery is still operational and can be busy. Best time to visit is early morning.

Dublin / Re: Mt. Jerome Cemetery Graves
« on: Saturday 16 December 23 07:59 GMT (UK)  »
Mount Jerome is a very large cemetery and the grave reference should have at least a section reference also. 

I have a map I can look up but need more information to do so.

Usually they provide more information than you seem to have received.

Based on there being five burials of different names, presumably not related people, this could be a “common grave” not solely owned. If this is the case there will be no headstone as in this cemetery only the sole owner has the right to put one up.

Dublin / Re: Peader Kearney -
« on: Sunday 24 September 23 18:08 BST (UK)  »
7 Crescent Place in Clontarf was a small cottage that is still standing

On the 1901 census there is a family named McGuinness living on this road
Patrick (50) and his wife Anne (nee Byrne from birth records) (60) both born Co Meath with five children aged between 17 and 33 all born Dublin.
There is a marriage in Kells, Co Meath on Oct 16 1865 between a Patrick Maginnis and Anne Byrne but unfortunately their parents are not listed.

These may have been in-laws of John Kearney and the address from which he was admitted to hospital.

I have restarted my search! - thank you :)

Dublin / Re: Peader Kearney -
« on: Sunday 24 September 23 13:56 BST (UK)  »
In answer to your questions, where I can:

John KEARNEY (was from Collon, Co Meath originally)
He died on Dec 25 1897 in the Mater Hospital, Dublin aged 43
Group ID Number 4226793 –

She died on May 23 1907 in the Rotunda Hospital in the presence of her son Peter (Peadar)
Her age given as 46, address as 38.1 Gloucester Street, an Insurance Collector’s widow.
Group ID 4909623 Dublin North -
At the time of their marriage (1881) the addresses given would have been their then current residence.

The most probable baptism record for her found to date was on Sept 30 1859 in Slane
Parents shown as James McGUINNESS & Mary HICKEY (who married on Oct 04 1856 in Dunleer)

They had eight children as shown before plus Hugh, who died an infant, found since.
Hugh born July 07 1893 (registered as Unknown Kearney), died on Aug 24 1896.

1901 census returns are for
in house 28.5 in Summerhill (Mountjoy, Dublin)

She is shown with a Kate LEESON aged 49 and deaf, a visitor.
Kate LEESON is on the 1911 census at house 16.7 in Frederick Street, North (Rotunda, Dublin)
with her sister Bridget Hickey and both are shown as born in Drogheda.
The Hickey name could indicate that she was a relative of Kate McGuinness-Kearney.
Kate Leeson died on Dec 19 1925

People in institutions were shown as their initials only on census returns
I believe  the KEARNEY children are in house 97.3 in Cabragh (Castleknock, Dublin)
There are possible matches for Margaret Mary (MK as 13 or 14), Mary (MK as 11 or 13), Kathleen (KK as 9 or 12), and also the living boys - Patrick (PK as 13), John (JK as 11) and James (JK as 4 or 5).

It is difficult to definitively prove these initials match to their names without checking the specific institution records. Kathleen Behan referred to her time in Cabra in her life time and I believe this is the correct location for at least her and Margaret.
Proving these records is something I have not had time to do yet.

This is possibly Peter/Peadar KEARNEY on the 1901 census, mistranscribed as KEANNEY, at
house 42 in Upper Sackville Street (North City, Dublin) as a servant
He is on the 1911 census at house 46.3 in Corporation Buildings (North Dock, Dublin)

By the 1911 census all of the Kearney daughters are married and on the census returns as their married names.
Your Q? - I can't see the Kearneys in Dominic/ck Street in 1911, can you help?
It was the Bourke family (Margaret Kearney) who were living at house 10.2 in Dominick Street, Lower (Rotunda, Dublin) in 1911

Our Bourkes originated in Kilkenny - I don't believe that the family in Gardiner Place are related but I don;t rule anything out (or in) until it's proven! Thank you for the information.

Dublin / Re: Peader Kearney -
« on: Saturday 23 September 23 13:35 BST (UK)  »
In attempting to make a connection between our family and Peadar's I found out the following:

Eva Mary Flanagan
born Oct 13 1892 at 44 Bridgefoot Street
census 1901 at 13.3 James St, Ushers' Quay
census 1911 at 61.3 Thomas St, Merchants'' Quay
married Feb 15 1914 at 10 George's St
Died Sept 05 1956 25 O'Donoghue Street, Inchicore

She was the daughter of
Thomas O'FLANAGAN, a farrier with Guinness
(s/o Thomas O'FLANAGAN and Catherine ? of Drogheda)
bc 1850; d. Dec 06 1908
Julia McGARVEY, a milliner
(d/o James McGARVEY and Margaret BEGLIN)
bap Mar 04 1850 St Paul's Dublin; d. Mar 09 1912 61 Thomas Street
Thomas and Julia married on Nov 04 1877 in St Audeon's Church and their marriage record names their parents.

On the 1911 census there are five members of the family listed and Julia states she had nine children of whom six were alive.

1 1879 b.1879 Jun 19 Thomas Joseph
2 1881 bap. Jan 10 Eliza
3 1882 bap. Jan 03 Catherine
      1915 Feb 09 married Michael J COOKE in Marlboro Street Church
4 1885 b. Aug 23 Margaret Mary
5 1892 b. Oct 13 Eva Mary
6 1889 b. Apr 25 Mary Josephine; died Jan 09 1889 aged 1 yr 8m
7 1890 b. Aug 20 Anna Georgina; died Mar 16 1890 aged 6m
8 1891 b. Apr 29 Bridget Mary; died Apr 29 1891 aged 3 weeks
9 1892 b. Dec 09 1897 James Anthony

I've never proven that elusive connection!

Armed Forces / Re: Help identifying uniform and /or men
« on: Saturday 16 September 23 18:09 BST (UK)  »
The original was black and white and colourised recently - it is a lovely photo colorised

Armed Forces / Re: Help identifying uniform and /or men
« on: Saturday 16 September 23 17:14 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Jim1

Armed Forces / Help identifying uniform and /or men
« on: Saturday 16 September 23 16:53 BST (UK)  »
Any help identifying this uniform please would be appreciated
The approximate date, regiment, etc. - any information - Thank you

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