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Lancashire Lookup Requests / Oldham St Marys 18thC Baptisms
« on: Thursday 21 September 06 09:31 BST (UK)  »
If any kind person is accessing these PRs, please could they look in the Baptisms to try to solve a small conundrum. I have a Marriage Nov 1792 Timothy Hughs (sic) & Eliz: Hinley (sic). This was at Prestwich with both parties "of Oldham in this parish", but I am assured that although Oldham folk frequently wed at the mother church it was quite rare for them to be baptised or buried there.

I am hoping I have traced Timothy & Elizabeth to Frodsham, Chs (only 30 miles from Oldham) where they (if it was them) baptised 5 children although there is no record of a marriage.

The lookup I need is to see if there were HUGHES children baptised Oldham within a reasonable period (say 3-5 yrs) starting Jan 1793.

If feeling really kind and enthusiastic, my helper could also look around 1780 for Timothy's baptism, and around 1762 for a baptism for Elizabeth, who, if she went to Frodsham was buried there in 1832 aged 70. I haven't found Timothy's burial yet: it was not at Frodsham!

I know it's a lot to ask but I live in North Wales and cannot travel to Manchester Record Office myself for various reasons.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: 1891 & 1901 Census: Liverpool
« on: Thursday 06 April 06 17:44 BST (UK)  »
Absolutely! Found his death in GRO, June 1/4 1900 in Toxteth Pk with right age, so I certainly agree with your finding.

Many thanks Steve.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: 1891 & 1901 Census: Liverpool
« on: Thursday 06 April 06 14:55 BST (UK)  »
OK, thanks again for your trouble.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: 1891 & 1901 Census: Liverpool
« on: Thursday 06 April 06 14:47 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks to down-under: no children so far (!!).

Is there another ks with access to 1901, please???

Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1891 & 1901 Census: Liverpool
« on: Thursday 06 April 06 11:49 BST (UK)  »
I've just discovered a marriage for a "missing" ancestor, William Birchinall CROSS, which means there may be unforeseen cousins! He married Eliza WILLIAMS 18 Jul 1887 at St Michael's Toxteth Pk.

Please could sks find the happy couple in the above censuses for me? William's occ. at marriage was Upholsterer and he may previously have lived in Birkenhead.

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / CASHIN Scunthorpe 1929
« on: Sunday 08 January 06 12:56 GMT (UK)  »
Anyone any ideas how to trace William CASHIN who married Ivy ROSE at Scunthorpe Parish Church 6 Nov 1929? He left the area not long afterwards, and I can find no firm evidence of his origin (said to be Ireland).

I have the Marriage Entry: he was 28 a Labourer son of James a Farmer, and that's the lot!!

I suppose he may have worked at one of the steelworks.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Liverpool PRs 1800-05
« on: Wednesday 26 October 05 09:26 BST (UK)  »
No firm info that they were baptised, only that they were the 2 youngest of a family of 7 and the 5 elder ones were all baptised in Broughton (the parish which at the time included Barton). Ages at death of those I have traced indicate their baptism was within months of their birth. The searches carried out so far in Liverpool parishes went up to 1805/6.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Liverpool PRs 1800-05
« on: Tuesday 25 October 05 10:44 BST (UK)  »
Any help or advice please on finding the baptisms of 2 brothers, John and Christopher CROSS, born Liverpool approx 1801 & 1803 respectively.

Their father, John CROSS, Tanner, lived in Orange Street at the time but I don't know which parish that was in. He had moved down from Barton near Preston about 1800 so had no special links with Liverpool churches. He didn't take them back to his home church either! Mother's name was Hannah.

The following registers have been searched for me without success:
St Nicholas
St Stephens, Byrom St.
Christ Church, Hunter St.
St Johns, Old Haymarket
St Paul's, St Paul's Sq.
St James, Toxteth
St Mary's Walton
St Thomas. Park Lane

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Liverpool Street & Trade Directories 19thC
« on: Thursday 20 October 05 11:37 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again to Angie: the website was brilliant and I've already found a number of relevant entries. Subject closed!!


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