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Wicklow / Re: Peter Bowes born 1854 Glenealy
« on: Thursday 13 September 12 18:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi scatchardfamily,
I've sent you a private message with my e-mail address as if Peter Bowes is your ancestor then we are related - he is my Great Great Grandfather. As of yet no one has found much on Peter's parents (some of us have been looking for years) but we know that his father was William and he had a brother called John. I have just this evening found what looks like a clue that might be able to give us some more info. Peter was in the Wicklow Militia before he joined the army and moved to england and there are some Dublin court records that say that a Peter Bowes of the right age didn't attend training for the Wicklow Militia in 1876 and give his last residence as Bridgefoot Street. There is an Irish Times article transcript on findmypast from 1878 for a John Bowes also resident in Bridgefoot Street. I wish i could get hold of the actual Irish Times article but can't seem to find the correct one down online.
All the best

Breconshire / Re: Breconshire Record Office Lookup OFFER
« on: Tuesday 01 November 11 14:00 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Treetective,
What sort of records does the Brecon Record office have? I am trying to find out about the Farmer family living in Brecon from the 1780s to the 1870s and i think i need to look in either Apprentice records And/Or the Burgess rolls to help me. I live in Yorkshire and i had one trip to Aberystwyth last year and spent an afternoon searching Parish records to pretty much no avail.
I did manage to confirm that my 5x Great Grandfather Thomas Farmer, gunsmith (who we think was born in 1779 in Hereford) married an Anne Williams on 5th May 1804 at St. Mary's, Brecon and married his 2nd wife Ann Probert on the 30th December 1811 in Llanspyddid. What i haven't found is a baptism anywhere for his son Benjamin who was born around 1816, and lived most of his life after 1836 in Brecon - he died in 1897 and was a saddler, bailiff and also Town Crier of Brecon for 10 years (Under an archway on the High Street in Brecon there is a sign saying "Licens'd to Let, Post Horses" which must be where Benjamin's saddler's shop was as in 1859 directory for Brecon Benjamin is listed on the high street under the same heading!).
Thomas died sometime in 1824 in Brecon (I have his will), but i don't have a burial record for him. Benjamin married in Bristol in 1836 for some reason so i don't know if he left brecon after his father died for a bit.
It would appear that Thomas' father was also a Benjamin Farmer, also a gunsmith, who was a freeman of Hereford and who died there in 1821 - i also have his will in which he leaves property to Benjamin Farmer, son of his son Thomas and Thomas's 2nd wife Ann which fits. We think he was born in Ludlow in shropshire in 1748.
The reason i think i need to look at Apprentice records and Burgess rolls is that all of Benjamin's sons were Saddlers and Benjamin was a Master Saddler - i belive there would be vital clues in them - on top of this Thomas was a Master Gunsmith and i would like to find out the link between him and a Jeremiah Farmer, also a master gunsmith of Brecon, who we originally thought was Thomas's father.  This Jeremiah is named in a Bastardy bond as guarantor for Theophilus Jones (famous Brecon historian) and married a Sarah Cooper on 2nd January 1781 in St. Mary's Brecon (though i have yet to see the record itself) - we think he died in Merthyr Tydfil in 1826 but that is a theory. Coincidentally there is a Jeremiah Farmer born in Ludlow, Shropshire in 1753 so i am thinking that Jeremiah is Thomas's uncle and perhaps Thomas was apprenticed to him. Any help or clues on any Farmers in Brecon you could find would be appreciated.
Best Wishes
Wayne Farmer

London & Middlesex Resources / Re: Metropolitan Police Records Online
« on: Friday 21 October 11 23:40 BST (UK)  »
These photographs are awesome! I was looking to find a Benjamin Farmer who was a Saddler in Brecon until 1868ish and who suddenly turns up on the 1871 Census in Hackney as a Police Man, and his sons Birth Certificate the same year as a Police Constable. I believe i have found him in your photos Attesting on the 13th Dec 1869 with the Warrant Number of 52272 assigned to Division N.
Sadly his wife died not long after their son was born, and by 1873 Benjamin was back in Wales as a saddler, only to die in 1879 of Bronchitis.
So a couple of questions - What is Division N? How can i find out more about Benjamin's time at the Met, and when he left?
Benjamin's older brother Thomas was also a Police Constable in the 1861 census for Crickhowell in Brecon, despite his trade also being that of a Saddler - would he have started at the Met? Is there a Thomas Farmer in the records?
I also have to ask if you happen to know of a John Farmer in the records round about the time of Benjamin's death in 1879 - i have no proof that John was in the Police (again he was a saddler by trade) but it seems that he followed his brother Benjamin to London at some point to live on Temple Street, though the information given by John on Benjamin's death certificate doesn't give his occupation at the time.

Devon / Re: Captain Robert Falcon SCOTT of the Antarctic
« on: Wednesday 24 August 11 09:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rachel,
 :) It is a match. My friend is Pamela Watson. I think i found your tree on Ancestry where there was a photo of Edward Clarkson Wilson. I printed it off and gave it to Pamela yesterday and she was over the moon. I wonder if, perhaps, you might like to write to her (she doesn't have a computer), if so i can give you her address - i'm sure she would love to hear from you.
Best Wishes

Devon / Re: Captain Robert Falcon SCOTT of the Antarctic
« on: Monday 22 August 11 10:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rachel,
I am researching a Wilson family tree for a friend and her grandfather was an Edward Clarkson Wilson, but i'm not sure if its the same man. Her mother was and Edna May Wilson. I've been trying to find them in 1911 without much luck so far. Does this seem to be the same family?
Best Wishes

Hi Helen
Wow, i can honestly say i haven't found anything regarding the Clarence Hotel myself, but it sounds like its a real possibility it is him as i know he owned a lot of property - he owned the King's Arms in Brecon for a while, and in the 1875 directory he has a saddler shop on Commercial Street in Pontypool.
I would be interested in finding out more

Breconshire Lookup Requests / Re: Missing info for the 3 daughters of Benjamin Farmer
« on: Sunday 12 December 10 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
Cheers Morgan, thats a help - never came up for me on ancestry, i'll look into that one

Breconshire Lookup Requests / Missing info for the 3 daughters of Benjamin Farmer
« on: Sunday 12 December 10 20:14 GMT (UK)  »
I'm finding myself at a dead-end with the children of my ancestor Benjamin Farmer. While i can find details on all his male offspring including tracking down his australian descendants, i can't find anything on his 3 daughters after 1861, so i wonder if anyone out there might be able to help me track some info down.

Benjamin was born abt 1816 in Brecon and died in 1897 in newport/ He married Eliza Hughes b.1815 and d.1892.
Their children are:-
Thomas b.1837 Brecon
Ann b.1839 Varteg
Margaret b.1842 Brecon
Eliza b.1844 Brecon
Benjamin b.1848 Pwghllis
John b.1851 Brecon
William b.1853 Brecon
George b.1857 Brecon

So its Ann, Margaret and Eliza i'm having the problems with. Ann and Eliza seem to disappear after the 1861, while Margaret is on the 1851 census but not on the same 1861 census as her sisters. I have birth records for all 3 but can't seem to find any marriage or death records for them.
Any ideas? Can anyone else find them anywhere?
All help is appreciated
Wayne Farmer

Breconshire / Jeremiah Farmer marriage to Sarah Cooper 1781 St. Mary's
« on: Friday 09 July 10 23:39 BST (UK)  »
Trying to find info on a Jeremiah Farmer, a gun maker, who married a Sarah Cooper in St. Mary's, Brecon on 2nd January 1781. I don't have a birth date for him or a death date. I think he may be the father of George Farmer, and of Thomas Farmer (who i also don't have a birth for, but married Anne Williams in 1804) who is also a gun maker in St. Mary's in about 1804.
Any help appeciated
Thanks muchly
Wayne Farmer

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