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This took a while and will need to be checked out. To find their parents will need the marriage cert. as posted by Rosie.

The only single Elizabeth May/Walter Evans on the 1861 born Birmingham/living

1861 Back 104 Brierley St West, St George, Birmingham
MAY   Elizabeth   Lodger   U   Born Bíham   19   Steel Pen Nailer

1861 Hse 7 Crt William St. St Thomas,  Birmingham
EVANS   Walter   Lodger   U   Born Worcester   20   Glass Rougher

1891 Hockley St. St George, Birmingham

EVANS   Walter   Head   50   Glass Beveller(Em'ee)   Worcester
EVANS   Elizabeth   Wife   49   -   Birmingham
EVANS   Alice   Dau   25   Glass Beveller(Em'ee)   Birmingham
EVANS   Lizzie   Dau   20   Glass Beveller(Em'ee)   Birmingham
EVANS   Maud   Dau   12   Scholar   Birmingham
EVANS   Walter   Son   10   Scholar   Birmingham
EVANS   Marion   Dau   7   -   Birmingham
ROBINSON   George   Lodger   29   Stoker/stationary Eng(Em'ee)   Droitwich

** GRO birth record for Alice states motherís maiden nameas May.


I have just checked on FindMyPast & ancestry, unable to see details but I note one Alexander Forbes married 1767 Middlesex a Large number of ladies named Christian also married in Middlesex same year. Might be worth a look?


Christian Forbes
Birth 1738
Burial 23 September 1816
St Andrew's Church, Chichester, Sussex


I note on family search there were a number of deaths in Middlesex for an Alexander Forbes
1769 - 1788, sadly no detail, might be worth checking the burials on FindMyPast or ancestry.


This seems to be the only one mother Christian.

Margaret Forbes
Christening18 January 1769
Saint Mary Matfelon, Stepney, Middlesex, England
Father: Alexander Forbes
Mother: Christian

As mentioned no marriages in England, I did find one in Scotland in 1753 but no daughter Margaret. Sadly no Margaret Forbes parents Alexander & Christian born in Scotland.

So either the records did not survive. Maybe Christian & Margaret moved to Sussex, as there is no Alexander mentioned on the document Rosie posted.


Eliz FAGE to Edw BALDWIN   Marriage   31 Jul 1796   Bedfordshire   Sandy : St Swithin

Edw & Eliz also had 4 more children in Sandy 1798 & 1810.
Second son Jn 1800 died 1801 & Edw a Labourer was buried 19 Apr 1812, I presume husband of Eliz?.

So I guess not Elizabeth Butcher 1788.


William on 1861 census?

Wm BALDWIN   Baptism   22 Jul 1805   Bedfordshire   Sandy : St Swithin : Other Transcript

Parents Edw Baldwin & Eliz.


Burials Sandy : St Swithin, all noted as children of Sam

Lucy BUTCHER      17 Sep 1784   

BUTCHER   Burial   14 Nov 1784 (Unbaptised)   

Wm BUTCHER   Burial   1 Mar 1800   


Other children of Sam a Labourer & Lucy
Lucy BUTCHER   Baptism   18 Mar 1781   Bedfordshire   Biggleswade : St Andrew

Sandy : St Swithin Bedfordshire
Wm BUTCHER   Baptism   9 Jun 1784
Lucy BUTCHER   Baptism   4 May 1787
Eliz BUTCHER   Baptism   23 Oct 1788
Ann BUTCHER   Baptism   16 Oct 1791
Chas BUTCHER   Baptism   22 Apr 1793


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