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Galway / kelly
« on: Monday 05 January 15 23:36 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to trace my grandfathers roots in Galway all I know is  his name is Patrick Luke Kelly hes on 1901 census aged 42 that makes his birth 1858ish hes living in Coolagraffy married to a Katie Kelly and has twin daughters  Catherine Elizabeth and Mary Bridget born dec 1898 it says on census place of birth Galway but thats all I have  hes not on 1912 census as head of household his second wife Bridget is hes down as landlord though dont know anything after that or before any help apprieciated x

Galway / Re: kelly
« on: Sunday 19 September 10 00:35 BST (UK)  »
Hello Shane ,maybe it is a different Bridget just presumed it was Gallagher with her living with them in 1901 and the same name coming up in 1911 shouldnt jump to conclusions should I lol just being impatient .What info did you get is any of mention Patrick being married to anyone in 1905 .Thanks for your help .Rosie xx  :D

Galway / Re: kelly
« on: Monday 30 August 10 20:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi I already have this info thanks what I am looking for is any info on Patrick from when he was born to in Galway and who his family where and where they came from and his life and his family after 1911 as I can,t seem to find anything about any of them not even my father John Luke Kelly dob 22/9/1902 I know he came to england in his  20s but didnt marry till he was in his 50s when he had my brother and me ,unless he had a family before that he never mentioned  ??? I am following up a lead now of a Patrick Luke Kelly who emmigrated to America in 1920 aged 58/59 who had daughters in Sligo dont know if Im on the right path or not but will keep looking  :) regards Rosie

Galway / Re: kelly
« on: Monday 30 August 10 18:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi still can,t find any info for marriages for Patrick Luke Kelly and Kate Gallagher 1890s or Bridget Annie Gallagher 1905.The only info I have is from the 1901 and 1911 census where he is living at Coolagraffy Rossinver  Sligo and is a farmer although he is not at the address on 1911 census he is still down as landlord . :)

Galway / Re: kelly
« on: Friday 23 July 10 20:35 BST (UK)  »
Yes he did marry 1890s and 1905ish where would i look for marriage I have been on a few site but with no luck finding have tried both his wives his children but the only info I have found is the census forms its so frustrating  :'( but not going to give up  :) thanks for your help

Galway / kelly
« on: Friday 23 July 10 20:15 BST (UK)  »
Trying to find any info for birth of Patrick Luke Kelly  on 1901/1911 census it has his birth place as Galway but cant find any more info about him by his age on census he was born 1870s he was in Sligo in 1898 as thats when his twins were born in Sligo and he was there up to 1911 but cant find out anything after that does anyone know I can look to find his town or parish or birth certificate   ???  :)

Sligo / gallaghers rossinver sligo
« on: Friday 23 July 10 20:05 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to trace my fathers family my research so far is I have found names of his father Patrick Luke Kelly born Galway 1870s and his mother Kate/Katherine Gallagher born 1870s Sligo they had 2 sets of twins Mary Bridget and Katherine Elizabeth dob 2/12/1898 .John Luke and Margaret Teresa dob 22/9/1902 .Margaret and her mother died in 1904 Patrick went on to marry his sister in law Bridget Annie Gallagher .Would like to know what happened to my fathers sisters and his father after 1911 and where would I find BDM for them as I seem to have hit a brick wall any help appreciated     ???  :)

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